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‘Super Hexagon’-Inspired Runner ‘Boson X’ Looks Really Rad

iconI’m not even going to pretend like I understand the fundamentals of a particle collider, so maybe they do have little men jumping around inside them. But, I do know that Boson X looks great. Described as a “rotational runner," it’s a runner that stars a tiny man running and jumping around in a particle collider’s ever-shifting landscape. With a touch of Super Hexagon‘s style and a brilliant art direction, too, it definitely seems like a game we should keep our eye on.

We’ve got a look at the game just below, courtesy a trailer. The game’s creators say it will ship at the end of the month as a free-to-play game on PC, Mac, and Linux, while a paid iOS version will follow soon after that.

We’ll definitely keep you in the loop on this, as it looks pretty good right? Now excuse us while I try to figure out what this particle collider thing is all about.

[via PocketGamer]