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‘Dragon Age’ is Coming to Mobile… But Not In The Way You Were Expecting (or Hoping For)


Per Eurogamer, EA just announced a brand new entry into the BioWare RPG series Dragon Age that’s going to be released on mobile devices. It’s called Heroes of Dragon Age, and it’s going to be a “combat-focused free-to-play mobile-spinoff."

Details are few and far between at this time, with gameplay centralized around familiar characters from the Dragon Age world. Sure, it’s easy to get worked up over the fact that we’re getting a free to play game instead of some sort of port of a Dragon Age game… But, keep in mind, EA was surprisingly generous with the free to play model in Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free) so it might not be that far out there to think that Heroes of Dragon Age might be similar.

Either way, stay tuned.

[via Eurogamer]