‘Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour’ Gets Lots of New Multiplayer Content in Latest “Meltdown” Update

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mc4meltdownHey mobile shooter fans, Gameloft’s first-person shooting opus Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour ($6.99) has just received a major update to its already robust multiplayer offering. Dubbed the Meltdown update, it brings three brand new multiplayer maps into the mix. Fracture, set in a Barcelona train station; Extraction set in an Antarctic research facility; and Backfire which is in the streets of Barcelona.

There’s also a new “Demolition" specialization with seven new perks to equip your character with, like carrying more ammo, quicker reloading, and more. Along with the new class is two new weapons – an SFS CTK-12 which seems like a bad-ass sniper rifle, and the 40mm Thor GLP which stands for Grenade Launcher Pistol. So a pistol that shoots grenades? I can get down with that.

In addition to the new maps, weapons and specialization there are also two new multiplayer game types. Bomb Squad has you planting a bomb and protecting it until it goes off while your opponents try desperately to defuse it, and Destruction sees you sabotaging a series of devices while your opponents try to stop you. If you’ve played any Call of Duty game in the past 5 years then chances are these game types will feel familiar.

Finally, some smaller tweaks are in this update which include things like the ability to edit your signature to show your clan prefix and a quick match option for ranked game matchmaking, among other balances and fixes. We thought the single player portion of Modern Combat 4 was pretty good, but the fantastic online multiplayer suite is really this title’s bread and butter. The Meltdown update improves upon that, so check it out and get to fragging some fools on the go.

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