TA Plays: ‘Mighty Dungeons’ – A Super Simple Dungeon Crawler

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It might just be something in the air, but most of us over here are starting to really get into rogue-likes. Mighty Dungeons ($1.99) is the latest one we’ve played, and we’re digging it for the usual reasons: the thrill of random loot drops, the high stakes of permanent death, and the satisfaction that comes with killing hundreds and hundreds of skeletons lurking about in crypts, secret rooms, and libraries. What more could you want, right?

In the interest of giving you a solid look at the game, Eli and I gave this a go just the other day. We dived into quite a few dungeons in mad searches for forgotten relics and managed to, somehow, live quite a while. As you’ll notice, the starting difficulty in Mighty Dungeons is maybe a little too … easy, so maybe consider ratcheting it up before you go on your own no-heals MLG no-scope perma-death run.

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