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‘Real Racing 3’ Gets Stealth Update to Tweak Timers

This morning our eagle-eyed pals across the pond at PocketGamer spotted a silent update that went live in Real Racing 3. In a nutshell, timers across the board have been tweaked. Repairs now happen instantly [See update below] and service wait times have been cut by 2/3. We’ve yet to really sink our teeth into the game in its updated state, but it seems like it’s now going to take way longer to reach the point where you’re hitting a hard wall where you need to wait hours before you can race again.

If nothing else, this has shown that like many other free to play games, The Firemonkeys can tweak things on the fly from their end. Furthermore, this further reinforces the fact that these soft launches are almost always used for tweaking and smashing any last minute issues before the game goes live on the international market. It seems sort of silly to pass judgement on Real Racing 3 before its final release on the 28th, which is when we’ll be posting our review based on whatever the “final" version of these timers ends up being.

It’s been an exciting ride so far though, and it’ll be interesting seeing what (if any) additional tweaks or updates come down the pipe before then.

Update: Welp, that didn’t take long. The instant repairs have been changed back to what looks like their normal wait times, but the service times appear to still remain shorter than before. EA will no doubt continue tweaking the formula during its soft launch period, so expect even more changes before its launch worldwide on February 28th.

New Zealand & Australia App Store Link: Real Racing 3, Free