Rovio Teases New ‘Bad Piggies’ Content

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Something new, and maybe interesting, is coming to Bad Piggies (Free). Earlier this week, the official Bad Piggies Twitter account dished out a bit of promotional art showing a bad piggy racing while clutching a checkered flag. The words “Road Hogs" and “coming soon" appear on the image, too, clearly indicating some sort of DLC is in the works.

What Road Hogs is exactly, Rovio isn’t saying. It might be just another level pack. But it might also be a new type of build for vehicles, a new mode, or even a new theme. It’s hard to tell from the little bit we’ve seen so far. Here’s the image if you’d like to take a crack at the mystery:

Regardless, we certainly welcome any new content. Bad Piggies is a tremendous game with some really rad mechanics and physics. We’ll take any excuse to jump back in, you know?

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