Beeline Releases A Free-To-Play Ghostbusters Game

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Heads up: Beeline Interactive’s Ghostbusters (Free) game is now available on the App Store. Set in the universe of the films, it’s a simulation game tasks you with building up your own Ghostbusters HQ by, uh, making money busting ghosts and researching said ghosts. Chances are if you’ve played one or two free-to-play games over the last couple of years, you’ll feel right at home with this one as it seems to rock basically the same mechanics.

This isn’t the first official Ghostbusters bit of media we’ve seen on mobile, but it’s certainly the first one that really has nailed Spengler’s hair. So, that’s something it has going for it. Jury’s still out if the free-to-play busting is making us feel good.

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    “If you ain’t afraid of no ghost, give Ghostbusters a try.” – Gamezebo

    “Offers a ton of play value. 
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