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Upcoming ‘Jones On Fire’ is Basically “Jared Nelson: The Video Game”

Winding the clocks back to August of last year revealed Infinite Warrior ($0.99), or, as we called it, Brad Nicholson: The Video Game. Infinite Warrior is/was basically the result of taking the life of our own Brad Nicholson and game it gameplay mechanics. Similarly, Glass Bottom Games is providing the same treatment for the grand master of the Kitty Korner, Jared Nelson. Check out the trailer:

Essentially, it’s an auto-runner that seems to be all about collecting cats, which consequently also happens to be Jared’s main hobby. There’s also the twist that you’re a fireman, but I’m going to assume that was thrown in there to add a more universal appeal than any factual accuracy in portraying Jared Nelson in Jared Nelson: The Video Game. Also, according to the developer, “It’s also built around levels and progression, rather than straight-up high scores. I’m trying to hit a middle ground between static levels and endless."

Glass Bottom games is also responsible for two other projects, Gravitaz, a racer that didn’t get off the ground from a funding perspective and The Savage Garden which was put together for the 2012 Independent Games Festival. Jones on Fire is scheduled for a 2013 release and is currently in the tweaking and play testing phases of development.