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Animations, Visuals, And Story: ‘Modern Combat 4’ Dev Diary Discusses Changes And Tweaks

If you wanted to see Modern Combat 4: Zero Hero in action, what we’ve got below is a good way to do that. The video is the first in what we imagine will be a long line of developer diaries for the game leading up to its release this fall. This one revolves around the tweaks and other spots of iteration Modern Combat 4 has seen on an engine, animation, and even narrative level.

As the diary explores all of this, it shows off scenes from the game. It also lets loose this tidbit: you won’t just be playing as the good guys in the game’s campaign. You’ll also apparently play some missions as the game’s central villain, which actually sounds like a pretty cool approach to the whole modern war story thing everyone is doing shooters right now. Here’s hoping the execution on the dual perspective pays off.