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TA Plays: ‘Apocalypse Max’ – A Side-Scrolling Zombie Shooter

Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I spent some time with Apocalypse Max, an upcoming side-scrolling shooter that tasks you with slashing, exploding, blasting the undead across a variety of gloomy locations. As you kill zombies and smash crates, you’ll pick up coins that can be used to upgrade your equipment or buy new guns for future use.

We’re digging Max. The production elements are off the wall good, which helps. But more importantly, we’re clicking with its action. Solid pacing keeps you moving, while sharp level design keeps introducing interesting choices. And even though the game uses a ton of virtual buttons to control the action, each one feels pretty responsive. Neat, right?

Apocalypse Max is set to hit this Friday for iPhone and iPad, by the way. We’ll have a lot more then.