TA Plays: ‘Orc: Vengeance’ – A Gorgeous Hack-And-Slash RPG

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Earlier this morning, Eli and I spent some time with Orc: Vengeance [$2.99]. It’s an old-school action RPG that has you hacking and slashing your way through tons of evil dudes across a bunch of evil and dark places. As you play, you’ll level up, find and equip new items, discover devastating special abilities, and earn gold. Boil Vengeance down, and it isn’t so dissimilar to, say, Diablo. However, the scale and scope is much, much smaller.

Eli and I spend a bit of our time discussing the IAP system. Basically, the game lets you use real money to buy its fake money, which in turn lets you buy hardcore weapons without any kind of in-game grind. In the recording, I noted that I was on “the edge" about how necessary IAP felt. Now, I’m sure it’s optional.

Anyway, give this a look. This is definitely a game that makes us happy on the inside:

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