‘Flight Control Rocket’ Gets New Mode, More Landing Pads

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Flight Control Rocket [99¢] now boasts more content courtesy a content update that hit this morning. Ten new “motherships" (or landing pads) have been added, subtly changing up the action by offering groovier ways to park your spaceships. Four new bots and a fresh game mode called “Rescue" fill out the rest of the meaningful offerings.

Rescue is probably the most interesting add: in it, you’re tasked with saving floating astronauts by ramming similarly colored ships into them. After you guide a ship and a victim back to the space harbor, you’re awarded with points. We would be equally stoked about the ten new motherships, but most of them require some major in-game scratch in order to use. We’re not too sure why this basic feature add has been tied to the game’s financial model either, but that’s kind of the story of Flight Control Rocket in a nutshell — beautiful, but weird.

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