Huge Universal Update for ‘Junk Jack’ Now Available

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It was just last Wednesday that we expected a huge update for Junk Jack ($0.99) to be hitting soon, and in this case soon meant over the weekend. This massive content update gives the game long-awaited Universal support, and let me tell you it is a dream playing on the larger screen of the iPad. Unfortunately though, there’s no Retina support, but it still looks quite good with its simplistic pixel art style. Check out the new trailer showcasing the version 1.1 update features.

Universal support is just one of the many, many new things in this latest Junk Jack update though. More enemies, items, an entire farming system, tons of food recipes and a ridiculous amount of tweaks also grace the game. You can check out the exhaustive list (literally eye-tiring) in the App Store description, but all you really need to know is that Junk Jack continues to significantly improve with each new iteration and looks to continue that trend well into the future.

Note: For some reason the lite version of the game is no longer in the App Store. We’ll get to the bottom of this and update the post with a link or a reason for its disappearance as soon as we find out.

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