Gameloft Sale Sees Five Games Reduced To Under A Buck

EA isn’t the only publisher in the biz who can throw a sale on the eve of the iPhone 4S’ big debut. Gameloft can, and it is. Starting this afternoon and rolling until Gameloft feels like it’s time to shut down the price-slashery, you can grab five of its more kinetic titles for $.99 across the iPad 2 and the iPhone. As far as we know, there’s no connection between these deals and the 4S’ arrival… but we imagine that it wouldn’t mind the better chart positions as people unwrap their new devices and go hog wild on the App Store.

Here’s the list:

NOVA 2, if you’re looking for a suggestion, is probably your best bet for a good time on a budget. It’s pretty sharp as far as first-person shooters on touch devices go and it benefits from its solid production value.