Oh Hey, ‘Shadowgun’ is Out Now

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When Madfinger Games said that Shadowgun [$7.99] was going to be available on the 28th, I think most of us assumed that they meant at 11:00 PM Eastern like most iPhone games with planned release times. If you were planning on spending the day jealously cursing New Zealanders who have been able to get their hands on the game nearly a day before you, I’ve got a better plan: Just go download it now.

While we prepare our review, the best place to head is our forums where initial impressions and comments are rolling in. It seems the main criticism is lack of multiplayer, but Madfinger says they have “a lot of plans" for it. Some have even already beaten the game, and are reporting back that completing Shadowgun’s single player campaign on medium takes around 5-6 hours.


    SHADOWGUN, enhanced MADFINGER Games 4th anniversary edition Madfinger game classic polished and ready to rumble. ****…
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