New ‘Zombie Gunship’ Upgrade Lets You Kill More People

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Earlier this summer, Limbic Software did what I thought couldn’t be done: it created a zombie game with a unique mechanic in its inaugural Zombie Gunship [$.99] [Universal]. Since release, the developer has yet to take its foot off the pedal — it has dropped two updates since July, the latest of which is pretty newsworthy.

Version 1.2 introduces brand new audio commentary to the game, a noteworthy improvement since it mixes up the bland and once-super repetitive speech. It has also dropped in a new inverted controls setting, bug fixes, and a headline-worthy in-game “upgrade” that doubles the amount of friendly fire casualties you can have in a single round. Brad Nicholson doesn’t play when he’s in an AC-130, so people — undead or not — tend to die in droves. No doubt, this will extend his playtime by minutes, if not hours.

We reviewed Zombie Gunship when it hit and, yeah, we dug it quite a bit. If you still haven’t given it a try, check out that write-up and see what you think about it after the fact. It’s definitely worth your time.

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