‘Great Little War Game’ Receives New Campaign Via Update

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Rubicon’s Great Little War Game [$.99 / UHD / UHD Lite], a turn-based delight that marries conventional micro-based troop management and action with over-the-top art direction and style, can now boast a new campaign and more skirmish maps thanks to a recent update. Dubbed “Call of Booty,” the free campaign adds ten additional levels to an already packed core offering. The skirmish levels number exactly five, which seems like a lot to us.

While that stuff is definitely the most important part of the update, it does also do this: it strips the IAP from the additional voice packages. From now until “forever,” you can grab the additional voice packs for no cost. That’s cool, right?

If you want to know a little bit more about Great Little War Game, there’s no better place than our review, which also highlighted update 1.4. In short, we liked what we played and think that this is a game for anyone who’s into turn-based strategy.

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