‘Deadlock’ Going Premium Alongside Content Update

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A big, fat content-rich update is coming to Crescent Moon’s Deadlock this Thursday and it’s accompanying a price raise on the (once) free-to-play game. Starting tomorrow, it’ll cost a buck-a-roo, but it’ll also boast the following: two new maps, a total of seven new guns, a latency meter for custom matches, host region information, and a host of bug fixes. This will mark the first time the game has cost anything since its debut earlier this summer.

We’ve covered most of this update in a previous post. The two new maps are the imaginatively titled bangers “Jungle” and “Desert Compound.” And the new guns are the 44 Magnum, the Sawed-Off Shotgun, the Stery Aug A3, the HK-417, the MK-14, and a personal favorite of mine, the MG3.

We’re told that new players of the game will receive “four unlock points” to put towards what they want after purchasing the title, which is an OK offering based on the model switch mid-stride. Obviously, if Deadlock barely even piqued your interest, now would be the best time to download since it’s still $0.

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