‘Real Racing 2’ And ‘Real Racing 2 HD’ Get More Content In New Update

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We’ve known for about a week or so that Firemint was working on an update to Real Racing 2 [$6.99] and Real Racing 2 HD [$2.99]. That update is now available on the App Store for the generous price of $0. As you’d imagine considering this studio’s track record of solid releases and post-release support, this update is meatier than the traditional fare. A few bug fixes and performance tweaks are present and accounted for, but so are new, solid game-changing features. Firemint has expanded on the campaign in Real Racing 2, as well as introduced a tighter online offering for the HD version.

To get the hardcore specifics, visit the game’s official blog. You’ll see that Firemint has added several latency-squashing features such as visual indicators as well as a “new method” to quash high-latency drivers. IAP cars and upgrades are also now a thing, as well as in-game notifications to alert you when new stuff is available. For Real Racing 2 owners, seven new career events have been added, too.

That’s a lot of new stuff for an aging game, right? If you haven’t seen or read about Real Racing 2 aside from this, definitely give our review a read. Spoiler: it’s really good.

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