First Update to ‘Chaos Rings Ω’ Lands on App Store

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Back when Chaos Rings Ω [$11.99 / HD] first launched, Square Enix revealed a surprising schedule of updates to continually up the level cap, add more bosses, and even more loot to collect. These updates should keep rolling out over the course of the year, with level caps and bosses being released all the way through December.

When we reviewed the game, we really thought that Chaos Rings Ω was just more of the same for die-hard fans of the Chaos Rings series that wanted more. These updates don’t change that, but it’s still great to see a company like Square Enix providing so much post-launch support.

If you’ve juiced Ω for all its worth and have been sitting at the level cap waiting for more to do in the game, download this update as soon as you can.


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