‘Order & Chaos Online’s’ First Major Content Patch On The Way

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The first major content update to Order & Chaos Online [$6.99] is coming down the pipe, so says a new thread on the World of Warcraft-like MMO’s official message board.

Details on the complete patch and its eventual release are still cloudy, but we do know a number of key fixes, tweaks, and enhancements that it’ll package in. Foremost, expect to see a number of new quests in “the last two high-level regions” and a new teleport in the Greenmont region of world. Also, forget about killing dudes in cemeteries — with the arrival of this patch, these zones are to become hands-off, non-PVP areas.

Of course, there’s more. The ever descriptive “additional content and … fixes” has been promised and game creator Gameloft is still teasing new dungeon, PVP arena, and level cap add-ons.

“We’ll notify you as soon as possible about the complete details of this update and its timing,” the post reads. “Be sure to check back regularly if you want more info about the progress that our development team has made.”

Sure, I’ll check back regularly, but only if there’s a new mount in it for me. Gameloft gives out mounts, right? It should. For the record, I want a space snapping turtle with rocket boots. Make it happen, Gameloft. Make it happen.

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