‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour’ Drops to 99¢, Likely in Anticipation of ‘Tiger 12’

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Earlier this week we posted about Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12’s immanent arrival on the App Store. EA is saying it will be released in March, and it obviously didn’t appear on the App Store last night, which means it will likely be released next Thursday. The existing Tiger Woods PGA Tour [99¢] recently dropped to a buck, so if you’re really looking to get a taste of Tiger, now is your chance. We reviewed it when it was first released, and it’s a very solid iOS golf game.

It’s hard to say how long this sale will last, but I doubt it will persist past the actual release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. If you don’t necessarily care about having the latest and greatest installment in the series, this is totally worth snagging while it’s on sale. Alternatively, you could wait a week for Tiger 12, but just keep in mind it will likely launch at one of the standard EA price points somewhere around $10.

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