Urgent Price Drop Alert – ‘World of Goo’ for iPad is 99¢ for One Day Only

Drop whatever you are doing and head over to the App Store right now. This is not a drill. There are some pretty crazy Valentine’s Day sales going on right now, but this… this is beyond crazy. World of Goo HD [Link] for the iPad, the same World of Goo HD that we gave a glowing five star review to and chose as our 2010 iPad Game of the Year, is currently being sold for just under a dollar. We thought World of Goo HD was a bargain at its original price of $9.99, and a must buy when it dropped to $4.99 last month, but at 99¢ you should basically just shift into “click buy button" mode.

If you still need convincing, there is a forum thread full of positive impressions from our members. Honestly though, when a game that is the caliber of World of Goo HD can be purchased for money that is likely swimming around in your couch cushions, it should be a no-brainer. If you own an iPad and don’t own World of Goo HD, buy it immediately. If you don’t own an iPad buy it anyway, so that in the event that you do get an iPad sometime in the future you’ll be prepared. Better hurry though, as the sale will only last for one day and the clock is already ticking. Now, go!

App Store Link: World of Goo HD, $0.99 (iPad Only)