Beyond Frustrated with the Difficulty of ‘Beyond Ynth’? Upcoming Update 1.1 Adds Rewinds

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We loved Beyond Ynth [$3.99 / HD] in our review, but went as far as to mention the fact that the game can be frustrating in the review title. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good puzzle game that can leave me stumped at times, but needing to redo entire levels due to minor errors in execution caused my shiny new iPhone 4 to nearly become an airborne projectile more times than I’d care to admit. Before I get ahead of myself, here is a brief overview of the gameplay poached from our review:

Kribl (the bug you play as) will start at one side of a level and use a series of boxes to get to the exit on the other side. Boxes come in various shapes and sizes, and once you crawl inside of one you can tilt the box over by pushing on one of the inner walls. You’ll “roll” these boxes by tilting them over and over to progress through the level. The puzzle element in Beyond Ynth comes from being able to align the openings of the boxes together so you can make your way from one to the other without accidentally getting yourself stuck. You must also think ahead in order to properly deal with the environmental hazards and other various objects present in each of the levels.

The gameplay mechanics work well, but later levels are incredibly brutal, and to say they test your patience is an understatement. FDG Entertainment thankfully came to the realization that the game could still be fun and difficult without being frustrating by introducing a new rewind system. When the upcoming 1.1 update lands, players will be able to rewind back up to a minute of play. Fall in some lava? No big deal, just hit rewind. They even have an awesome VHS-style effect when you do it:

The only catch? Your score gets reset to 0 as soon as you tap the rewind button. Otherwise, you can rewind whenever you want, as much as you want, with the only limit being that you can only go back up to a minute. I think this is a great compromise, because hardcore types shooting for high scores can still do that, and people like me, who just want to have fun playing through the game don’t need to shout a series of expletives when I fall in lava inches from the level goal. In addition, 1.1 will come with Game Center support and onboard videos that show the solutions to the levels if you find yourself really stumped.

1.1 has already been submitted, and according to FDG, its release is “imminent".

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