Free Game Alert – ‘Fastar!’ from Cat in a Box Games

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Last month, we were treated to the fun and fast-paced Fastar! from developer John Kooistra and Cat in a Box Games. Fastar! is a sarcastic take on action-RPGs that has you blazing through side-scrolling levels as fast as possible, all while collecting coins and upgrading your character as you defeat the game’s many square enemies. The funny thing about Fastar! is while it’s technically taking jabs at the many action-RPG games out there and the genericness of their enemies and gameplay, it actually accomplishes being an incredibly fun game while doing so.

You can read all about Fastar! in our in-depth review of the game and get a good idea of the gameplay from the trailer:

If you have yet to pick up Fastar! you’re in luck as the game has just gone free for a day. We really liked the game, and found it to be a great fit for the iPhone. Players in our forums are also loving the game, and if you’ve been on the fence about it since its release there’s now no reason not to check out Fastar! while it’s free for the day.

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