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‘Colorbind’ – Will Twist Your Mind

Easily one of the more stylish games to grace the AppStore, Colorbind brings to the platform the fresh concept of puzzle-oriented ribbon weaving. Your objective each level is to match all the circles on screen with their respective colored ribbons and you do so by simply dragging your finger across the screen.

What makes Colorbind challenging is that each ribbon cannot intersect with another on the same plane– they must be folded either under or over the other by creating a right angle. The concept sounds difficult in text but soon becomes second nature after seeing the ribbons interact first hand, revealing a simple elegance to Colorbind that looks incredible.

That’s not to say the game isn’t challenging though as Colorbind has some of the more difficult puzzles we’ve seen yet on the AppStore. Some levels will have you at wits end trying to unravel (pun very much intended) the correct maze of ribbon needed to collect all the various colored circles. Certainly not one for the faint of heart, but all ye puzzle fans and lateral thinkers will definitely get a kick out of Colorbind.

In any case, be sure to check out the free Lite Version for a hands-on with the gameplay.

App Store Link: Colorbind, $0.99, Colorbind Lite, Free.