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‘Raging Thunder 2’ Sneak Peek Video

Polarbit has released a gameplay video from their upcoming Raging Thunder 2 racing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apparently undaunted by the massive competition in the racing space on the iPhone, the latest video shows a step up from their original Raging Thunder title that may have been the first racing game for the iPhone.

The original Raging Thunder was actually made available before the App Store launched for jailbroken phones, and finally became official in September, 2008. The franchise clearly falls in the arcade-side of racing games and with a focus on “speed, accessibility and fun". Based on the early video, it appears to hold true. In fact, it looks like it plays almost like a kart racer.

So, for those intimidated by the more hardcore racers, Raging Thunder 2 may be of interest. Of course, the App Store gaming has come a long way since the original was released, so we’ll have to see how this one shapes up.