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11 bit Studios Bringing 'This War of Mine' and 'Spacecom' to iOS Soon

11 bit Studios is hard at work on a couple of games that are making their way to iOS from desktop. First up, we have This War of Mine, which we saw back at GDC 2015. The game is entering the final stages of development for iPad, with 11 bit saying the game is fully-functional, they're just sorting out some last-minute bugs that have popped up with the game. We should hear about a release date sometime next month once the game is complete...

GDC 2015: 11 bit Studios' 'This War of Mine' iPad Version in Development

11 bit Studios last year announced This War of Mine, an interesting game where you play as civilians in the middle of a war, scrounging for supplies and trying to survive until the war ends. The game came out on PC last year to critical acclaim, but now the tablet version is finally making its way later this year. We got to check out the tablet version and talk a bit about the game in a hands-on demo:..

'Anomaly' Developer 11-bit Studios Reveals 'This War of Mine', a Game About War from a Civilian Perspective

11-bit Studios, creators of the excellent Anomaly series of "tower offense" games, have revealed their latest creation called This War of Mine. This is really unlike any other war game that I've ever seen, as the focus isn't on partaking in the war as a soldier, but rather as a group of civilians trying to survive while a war rages on around them. It's a powerful concept, and is accompanied by this similarly powerful teaser trailer...