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Unique Puzzler 'Shadowmatic' Still in the Works, Gains New Hint System

Back in December we posted the trailer for an interesting looking puzzle game called Shadowmatic from Triada Studio Games. The idea is that you are manipulating an abstract object or objects that are suspended in the air where a light source is casting a shadow of them on the wall. You need to spin and turn the object until the shadow creates a silhouette of a particular thing, like an animal or recognizable item. Ok, so it's not so easy to explain, but you'll get it if you check out the trailer...

'Shadowmatic' is Already Making My Brain Hurt and Its Not Even Out Yet

Zen Bound [$2.99] and Zen Bound II [$2.99] kept me busy for weeks with puzzles that involved endlessly manipulating 3D objects to accomplish the goal of "painting" the whole thing with rope. Well, next year Triada Studio Games is taking the 3D object rotating game to all new levels with Shadowmatic, a game of creating shadows that make some semblance of sense with curiously shaped objects. It's probably best to just watch the trailer:..