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'Rex Rocket' for iPad Submitted to Apple, with Crazy Virtual Controls

It's been a while since we last heard about Rex Rocket coming to iOS. The game released on Steam last August, but the iOS version was kind of quiet since the last we really heard of it was back in April. Well, the folks at Castle Pixel have been working on it while they also develop their next game Blossom Tales, which FDG is publishing for desktop and mobile, and word is spreading that the iOS version has been submitted to Apple. It's specifically going to be for iPad, which makes sense as this was a game originally built for a gamepad. And the HUD only covers up part of the bottom of the floor in a screen from January:..

'Rex Rocket' is an Upcoming "Metroidvania"-Style Platformer that I Need in My Life

An upcoming game that was recently posted to our forums has caught my attention, and I don't think I'm alone in being incredibly excited for it. The game is called Rex Rocket from developer Castle Pixel, and it's an action platformer inspired by such classics as the Mario series, Mega Man and Metroid. In fact, it's a "Metroidvania" style game, which means you'll be exploring a series of interconnected levels on a huge spaceship. The story follows a typical space calamity: You play as Rex Rocket, former war hero and current transport ship captain, and during a routine mission transporting slimy Terra-Oozling creatures something goes awry and "all heck breaks loose." While the ship's entire crew was in cryo-sleep, the Terra-Oozlings escaped and corrupted the ship's AI. It's up to you to battle back against this slimy enemy, rescue your crew and regain control of your ship...