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A few games have snuck into the App Store that weren't included in the typical weekly release roundup, so here we thought we'd quickly round them up with a short description and link to buy them just in case you still have some money left over from buying all the new releases last night. Oh wait, you don't even NEED money as all of these games are at least initially free to download and try out for yourself. Score!..

'Middle Manager of Justice' Hits Canadian App Store Again, Will See Wide Release Soon

Middle Manager of Justice, Double Fine's upcoming free-to-play simulation strategy game, is back on the Canadian App Store. Unlike the last time the game appeared in the App Store, this is a totally official release, signaling Double Fine is about to drop the game wide across the globe...

'Middle Manager of Justice' Pulled, Release Was An Accident

The release of Middle Manager of Justice was just as much of a surprise to us as it was to its creator Double Fine, it appears. Earlier this morning, the strategy-sim appeared on the App Store and was yanked shortly after because, well, it isn't a finished video game yet. ..

Double Fine's 'Middle Manager of Justice' Hits the App Store

Just last week the hardest working(out) man in video games Brad Nicholson went hands-on with Double Fine’s first full-fledged iOS gaming project titled Middle Manager of Justice [Free], a free-to-play simulation game that has you playing office manager for a group of superheroes at the local Justice Corporation. Today the game has officially launched in the App Store...