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Even though Fez 2 is canned and Phil Fish has supposedly quit the gaming industry, ports of the original Fez are still coming along. At least, that's what we're gathering from a tweet sent out from the studio's account that says the studio "isn't going anywhere" and there is "still much porting to do." And, yeah, no mention of Fez by name, but what else does the studio have to port?..

Yesterday, Fez designer Phil Fish took to Reddit for an "Ask Me Anything" question-and-answer session where he just about confirmed that his popular Polytron's critically acclaimed Xbox Live puzzle platformer would be heading to iOS, as reported by Joystiq. ..

Polytron's indie puzzle platformer Fez launched back in April on Xbox Live Arcade, and was featured prominently in the film Indie Game: The Movie. Shortly after it came out, we pondered on our podcast about if it would be possible to put Fez on the iOS platform, and a few months later we learned that Zynga had actually approached Polytron about porting the game to mobile platforms. Spoiler alert: Polytron declined...