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Rocketcat Games to "Focus Entirely on iOS" Version of 'Death Road to Canada' After Completion of Latest Update

There are two PC games that everybody has been getting on about as to their potential iOS release: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Death Road to Canada. Isaac is a whole other animal, but at least Rocketcat Games is putting the hammer down and finishing up Death Road to Canada for iOS. Kepa Auwae of Rocketcat Games went on our forums to talk about the plans for the iOS game:..

'Death Road to Canada' Preview - Does It Surprise Anyone Anymore That Rocketcat and Madgarden Make Incredible Games?

Last Friday I got a build of Rocketcat and Madgarden's Death Road to Canada on my iPhone. Since then, I've been completely obsessed. After hours, and hours, and hours of playing, I'm ready to say it: As far as my own personal game of the year is concerned, Death Road to Canada is currently the game to beat. It combines Rocketcat humor, great pixel art, fantastic music, randomized gameplay, playable dogs capable of shooting guns, spooky stories about menacing goblins, Madgarden freakishly small file sized and so much more to create an experience that's not only super fun but also surprisingly deep with new things I'm still discovering while I play...

'Death Road to Canada' Hits PC on Friday, Mobile Version Coming "Roughly a Month After"

Rocketcat Games and Madgarden's collaborative "randomized permadeath road trip simulator" Death Road to Canada is finally releasing on desktop this Friday after a very long road of development that started with its initial announcement way back in August of 2013. Death Road to Canada is a simulation-style game similar to Oregon Trail where your goal is to make it from Florida to Canada during a zombie apocalypse. You'll need to harvest resources and collect new party members along the way, as well as fight off the hordes of zombies who are anxious to chomp on your brains. In celebration of this momentous occasion, Kepa from Rocketcat is posting playthrough videos of Death Road to Canada leading up to its release this Friday. Below you can see the first three parts of a "Familiar Faces Extreme Mode" playthrough...

New 'Death Road to Canada' Live Action Trailer Features Zombies, Explosions, and a Driving Dog

It's been, like, two and a half years since Rocketcat Games and Madgarden announced their collaborative project Death Road to Canada, a "Randomized Permadeath Road Trip Simulator" in their own words. Since that announcement, Death Road to Canada has shot right to the top of many gamers' most anticipated lists, myself included. Unfortunately, progress on Death Road's development has been slow going, to put it lightly. ..

PAX Prime 2015: Rocketcat Games is Closer to Finishing 'Death Road to Canada', 'Dad by the Sword', and 'Five Card Quest'

Death Road to Canada is coming! It seriously is still happening despite extensive delays; I played it at the Rocketcat booth at PAX Prime 2015! This was another game that was demoed on PC with a controller, but as it's running on the Punch Quest [Free] engine and uses just movement and 3 action buttons, it should be an ideal mobile fit – Kepa Auwae says that you can expect Wayward Souls [$6.99] style controls. And speaking of that, expect an update with new stuff like the Paladin character class (with a brutal new mode) along with the PC version of Wayward Souls in January or so. ..

'Death Road to Canada' Gets a New Gameplay Video, Expect More of Them in the Future

In August of last year, Rocketcat Games and Madgarden announced their latest collaboration project called Death Road to Canada, a "Randomized Permadeath Road Trip Simulator." Basically, the goal of the game was to make it from Florida to Canada during a zombie apocalypse, making "choose-your-own-adventure" style choices along the way and interspersed with real-time action sequences where you'd fight off zombies and collect resources. It sounded incredibly awesome, and being that this was the same developer collaboration that brought us Punch Quest, there was every reason to be very excited for Death Road to Canada...

RocketCat and Madgarden Tease 'Death Road to Canada', a "Randomized Permadeath Road Trip Simulator"

While the App Store as a whole seems to be swirling down the free to play storm drain, Rocketcat and Madgarden are holding fast with the idea of premium games- And their new one sounds incredibly awesome. It's called Death Road to Canada, and per the tag line in the trailer, it's a "Randomized Permadeath Road Trip Simulator". Sure, it's a zombie game, which normally would make us groan pretty hard, but if anyone can do a zombie game right, it's the collaboration of these two studios. Per the thread in our forums, players will make their way from Florida to Canada, with all sorts of highly randomized experiences hinging around Choose Your Own Adventure-style decisions...