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'Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story' Launch Trailer Shows a Bit More of That Phone

Accidental Queens' Another Lost Phone [$2.99] was an unexpected hit that resonated with players partly because of its unflinching approach to what some would consider controversial topics, and Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story, releasing on the 21st, is going to give us another chance to delve into someone's phone and personal life. Today, Accidental Queens released the game's launch trailer, and you can get a taste of how the game will look and play and the kinds of questions it raises. The story won't be just more of Another Lost Phone; the developers will explore new themes in the sequel and, of course, also bring us new puzzles and new mysteries...

'Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story' from Accidental Queens Releases on September 21st

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story from the creators of A Normal Lost Phone [$2.99] finally has a release date. Accidental Queens' original has crossed 100,000 sales worldwide across all platforms. The sequel will feel right at home to fans of the orignal. Laura's Story will again touch on themes not usually seen or themes not seen at all in games. There will be licensed music with songs like "36" by Kwes and "White Gloves" by Khruangbin in addition to more with the original soundtrack that releases on Septmeber 21. Watch the trailer below:..

'Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story' Is the Sequel to the Hit 'A Normal Lost Phone'

A Normal Lost Phone [$2.99] got quite a bit of praise when it released a few months ago partly because of how it didn't shy away from "controversial" issues and how it dove into a person's private life. Accidental Queens, the developers of A Normal Lost Phone, revealed today the spiritual successor to the first game, and it's called Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story. The sequel of sorts will use the same kind of basic gameplay—where the whole action takes place in someone's phone—but will bring a completely new mystery with new puzzles and a new storyline...