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'Age of Empires: World Domination' Announced for iOS, Coming this Summer

It was back in the middle of 2013 that we first heard about Microsoft’s plan to bring the Age of Empires Franchise to iOS. We originally thought it would be a port of the free to play Age of Empires Online but instead they’re creating an entirely new game in the series. Called Age of Empires: World Domination and developed by KLabs Games, it features known world leaders and historical characters. It’s unclear whether this is a true RTS or a Clash of Clans-like strategy game. Make up your own opinion with this trailer that showcases a few seconds of gameplay:..

According to a report from Japanese news outlet the Nikkei, by way of Reuters and MacRumors, Microsoft is gearing up to release some of their classic gaming franchises on iOS and Android devices. This initiative will begin this year and it is said that the first title to grace our touchscreens will be the historical real-time strategy epic Age of Empires...