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'NBA 2K15' Review - Technical Foul

October 22nd, 2014 3:03 PM EDT by Eric Ford in $7.99, 2.5 stars, Games, iPad Games, iPhone games, Reviews, Sports, Universal
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2K has been experimenting with sports games on the iOS for a while, with NBA 2K15 [$7.99] being its latest attempt to bring its 2K Sports brand to the platform. In some regards, 2K15 does a great job of bringing that experience to iOS, with a full featured Career Mode, great graphics, and a look and feel that excels beyond most of the iOS competition. Unfortunately, some significant technical issues remove a good deal of the enjoyment that should be had with the game...

'Galactic Keep: Dice Battles' Development Update Indicates Game May be Near Completion

Galactic Keep: Dice Battles is still in the works, and Gilded Skull has just posted a development update on our forums about the latest addition to the upcoming game. The first 'core' module of the game has been done, with scripted events completed, maps balanced out and all that good stuff. They're working on mid-battle saving as well, before getting to final bug fixes and play balancing. The light's at the end of the tunnel for this game to finally see the light of day!..

Rovio's got a curious new title out today from their new LVL11 publishing initiative, called Retry [Free]. It's seemingly their take on the whole Flappy Bird craze, asking, can we make a challenging arcade-style game with pixel art...but also make it free-to-play friendly, and with a three star system? Sure! Players control a plane with a single tap-and-hold, which allows it fly upwards and spin backwards. This is a problem as the goal is generally to fly forwards to the end goal. So, light tapping is needed to stay on the straight and narrow, with coins to collect and even secret paths to find in the game's levels. ..

Check Out the Alpha Trailer for 'Crashlands' from the Creators of 'Quadropus Rampage'

Butterscotch Shenanigans, creators of one of the isometric roguelike-inspired Quadropus Rampage [Free], have been hard at work on Crashlands, their next full game. This is agenre-crossing game that will mix together survival gameplay, collecting and managing resources in harsh environments, with RPG hack 'n slash action, with Minecraft-style crafting and building elements. There will also be the ability to tame all the creatures you meet in the world, with narrative elements to help tie everything together. It's not quite a sandbox game – there's an actual story traveling through here...

New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: 'NHL 2K', 'Puzzle to the Center of the Earth', 'Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge' and Tons More

It's Wednesday again, and as expected, barreling through Q4 we're seeing even better and better games hitting the US App Store. NHL 2K leads the pack in what actually seems like a full fledged branded sports game without any free to play garbage which is a real rarity these days. I've been looking forward to the new Tilt to Live, Rival Stars Basketball is the new PikPok game and I seem to love everything they make. SAS: Zombie Assault 4 looks cool too, as multiplayer top-down shooters always seem to be fun:..

Khans of Tarkir Pro Tour: 'Magic 2015' is Getting an Expansion, a Payment Model Adjustment, and 'Magic Online' (Still) Could be Coming to iPad

The weekend before last I attended the Khans of Tarkir Pro Tour in Honolulu, Hawaii, which as a life-long Magic player was an incredible experience by every measure. A lot of what I talked about with Wizards while I was there was under embargo, so instead of teasing what I was doing or why I was there, I figured I'd just wait until I can talk about everything. Let's get on with the actual concrete news first, then we'll wander down speculation alley before taking a turn down Pro Tour road...

'Puzzle to the Center of the Earth' from Foursaken Media Drops on Thursday

Foursaken Media's Puzzle to the Center of the Earth is coming out this Thursday, October 23rd. You've played puzzle platformers before, but this is quite literally a puzzle platformer, where making matches of at least three blocks is necessary to move the protagonist around the levels, with a limited number of matches able to be made per level, and secrets to help dig up. As well, certain formulas of matches can be made in order to do things like blow up a whole heap of blocks at once. And all this is in order to find secrets and get to the bottom of the level in one piece...

'Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge' Releases on Thursday

Tired of being teased by Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge these past few months, and are finally ready to play it yourself? Well, you don't have to wait much longer, as the game is finally releasing this Thursday, October 23rd. The plan is for it to be $2.99 with no IAP, and will be an iOS exclusive, so you can tell your Android nerd friends to just go and deal with that. ..

'Hearthstone' Set to Hit iPhone "Early Next Year"

October 21st, 2014 3:20 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News
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If you're one of the many people who always races to the comments of any Hearthstone [Free (HD)] story to post the requisite "WTF BLIZZ" in regards to when in the world the game is coming to the iPhone, we got a half-answer today in part of a development update by Blizzard. There's a pretty slick infographic and the following relevant tidbit:..

Game 1 of the MLB World Series between the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants kicks off today, and to celebrate the MLB-developed R.B.I. Baseball 14 [$1.99] is on sale for the first time since its release back in April, down to just $1.99. The original R.B.I. Baseball series was a mainstay of the sports genre on 8- and 16-bit game systems, but had laid dormant since its last entry in 1995. This year, MLB's in-house development studio Major League Baseball Advanced Media looked to resurrect the series with a modern coat of paint, while keeping the gameplay simple and arcadey as a throwback to the series' origins...

A Real, Official Pokemon Game Just Hit the App Store... But It's for Kids

This headline starts out as the greatest thing ever then quickly wanders into "Oh... ok. :(" territory. Camp Pokemon [Free] is the real deal, it's a Pokemon game by The Pokemon Company featuring actual real Pokemon and interacting with them in various ways. Problem is, it's aimed at kids 6-8 and is going to be a total snooze-fest for any adult Poke-fan. Check out the trailer:..

'Broken Age' Act 1 on Sale for $4.99

October 21st, 2014 12:43 PM EDT by Carter Dotson in News
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If you've been curious about Broken Age [$4.99 (HD)], Double Fine's point-and-click adventure game that set off a whole Kickstarter furor that rages on to this day, well, now is a good time, as the first episode is on sale right now for $4.99. The second episode is still in the works, and will be available as a separate in-app purchase, but you can nab the first episode for half-off the normal price right now – and the game as a whole is $24.99 for the whole shebang on desktop, so hey, you're saving more money...

We have seen a pretty big surge of board game ports recently, and I am loving the amount of developer support this genre has been garnering. Handelabra Studio released the latest of these ports recently with Sentinels of the Multiverse[$9.99 (HD)]. With an entire universe of lore,Sentinels seems like it could be a very strong platform to build expansions off of. Very rarely do we get to see a true co-op game that can challenge the competitive culture that has become a stigma for many would be gamers. I think it is important to point out, however, that lore and style are not the weak link of this board game. It is gameplay itself that has me concerned about the future of this franchise. ..

'Godville' Update Adds Today Screen Widget

October 21st, 2014 10:35 AM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News
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If you don't have Godville [Free] installed right now, you're already losing progress on your temple. It's a "zero player game" that is basically a modern day version of the classic faux-RPG Progress Quest. I've been "playing" it for 51 months now, and the game has only gotten better with improvements, which typically coincide with new features of iOS. When push notifications became a thing, suddenly you were getting alerted when cool stuff happened to your dude. Since then the Today screen and third party widgets have become popular, and with last night's update Godville is there too...

Say whatever else you will about Angry Birds [$0.99] creators Rovio, they know how to make fun, accessible games that have a lot of personality. There's no question that they've done just that, once again, in Angry Birds Transformers [Free]. It's not terribly deep, but it's enjoyable to play and its sense of humor is in exactly the right place, paying respect to the Transformers license while still gently poking fun at it. I walked away from Optimus and company a while back because sometimes it's not a good idea to revisit your childhood favorites, but playing this game brought back a lot of good memories for me. So, congratulations to Rovio, it's a nice game that uses its admittedly strangely-matched license well, and does so without retreading the default Angry Birds template, as tempting as that likely was...

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