'Canabalt' - Run For Your Life!

'Canabalt' - Run For Your Life!

October 2nd, 2009 2:38 AM EDT by Eli Hodapp in $2.99, 5 stars, Action, iPhone games, iPod touch games, Reviews

I got a first look at Semi Secret Software's Canabalt [App Store] back at GDC Austin, received a preview build a few days later, and since then the game has soaked up an extraordinary amount of my free time...

GDC Austin: 'Canabalt' Hands-On Preview with Video

Semi Secret Software had a major hit on their hands with Wurdle [App Store], a Bookworm-like word searching game. It was released early in the life of the App Store and saw a positive reception both from review sites online and actual newspapers. Wurdle went on to sell close to a quarter of a million copies, and has since been Semi Secret Software's only entry on the App Store...

'Pigeon Wings' is an EXTREMELY Fast Side-Scrolling Racer with Pigeons that's Coming Soon

Way back in July of 2015, indie developer Ignacio Schiefelbein in collaboration with Kris Hattori announced a fast-paced side-scrolling pigeon racing game called Pigeon Wings on our forums that he intended to finish up and release in about two months' time. Well, you know what they say about best laid plans. The game did not in fact launch in two months but Ignacio popped back into the forum thread in May of last year to let folks know that Pigeon Wings was still in the works. Fast forward another year to another forum update stating that the game was basically finished and just needed some quick beta testing from any volunteers. That testing seemed to go off quite well and at long last Pigeon Wings is about a month away from finally launching. ..

Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It's time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. Some big names and little names alike in this week's round-up, with a bit of fun for everyone. Hopefully, anyway. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself using AppShopper Social [Free], the watchlist in the TouchArcade App [Free], or by participating in the TouchArcade forums, but this weekly summary is here to fill in the things you might have missed. Let's dig in!..

Taco Illuminati's Looty Dungeon [Free] can be descridbed in shorthand as a Crossy Road [Free] dungeon crawler, but with the game's 2.1 Indie Heroes update, that description just became literal. The Crossy Chicken is now a playable character in Looty Dungeon. There are a bunch of other heroes in the update, including Flux and JuiceBox from Crashlands [$6.99], who can build over pits. Check out a trailer with all the heroes:..

When it initially launched in early 2015, Alto's Adventure [$4.99] proved to be the antithesis to the adrenaline-pumping auto runner games such as Canabalt [$2.99] that were so prominent in the early years of the App Store. With an atmospheric backdrop and soothing piano music you were free to descend the mountain on your skis at your pleasure, until the occasional pesky rock or gaping abyss brought your run to a sudden halt...

It seems crazy that the release of Jack B. Nimble [$1.99] was well over a year ago, back in September of 2014. This plucky little runner combined the simplistic running and jumping of a typical runner but added in an extra dimension with the ability to crack a whip mid-jump, making it feel like the lovechild of Canabalt [$2.99] and Castlevania. We really enjoyed it in our review, and two post-release updates sweetened the pot by adding in two extra environments, two new color palettes, Game Center integration, and an extra playable character. Since its last update in December of 2014, Jack B. Nimble hasn't seen a whole lot of love, mostly due to it being the passion project of sole developer Sean Noonan. There have been big plans in the works for the game, they just haven't had a chance to come to fruition. ..

New Apple TV First Impressions: A Discoverability Nightmare, Zany Controls, and Loads of Potential

I unboxed my Apple TV a little over an hour ago, and my initial impressions of the device are incredibly mixed. I'm happy that I got a lot of my predictions right when I posted about the Nvidia Shield, but at the same time, that isn't a great thing. The Apple TV is going to have a long way to go before it's a serious contender in the gaming space, as crazy controls and a baffling lack of discoverability are holding it back. Of course, there's loads of potential here, but, will Apple realize that potential?..

Adam Saltsman's 'Overland' Still Chugging Along, with New Explainer Video Released

Adam Saltsman, known for the influential endless runner Canabalt [$2.99] among a bunch of other cool games like Hundreds [$2.99], is working on Overland with his studio Finji Games. This survival game with elements of isometric-view turn-based strategy is still in development, aiming now for a 2016 release, but if you're interested in finding out more about how the game is playing right now, well, Saltsman has uploaded a short video talking about the game and how it works:..

In early July a simple little endless runner named Samurai Blitz [Free] caught me by surprise. I know, I know, endless runners are SO blasé nowadays, but something about this one was different. The jumping mechanic felt really good, and there was the ability to attack with your sword and you could actually chain together combos by slashing enemies in succession while in the air. It was so cool! Something about playing Samurai Blitz just clicked in all the right ways, and on top of that it had excellent pixel art and animations which gave the whole game a lot of personality. It brought me back to the days of when Monster Dash [Free] and even Canabalt [$2.99] were the hot new thing. ..

Remember the guy who made Canabalt [$2.99] run on the Apple Watch? Well, Adam Bell has hacked together a demo of Doom [$4.99] running on an iPad in picture-in-picture mode, with the game playing in the PIP window. And apparently he did it through just public APIs, so pretty much the only thing stopping something like this is Apple approvals:..

Watch Adam Saltsman Talk About His New Tactical Survival Game, 'Overland'

At last week's Juegos Rancheros event in Austin, Texas, Adam Saltsman—best known for his work on Canabalt [$2.99] and Hundreds [$2.99]—gave a short presentation introducing his new game, a survival tactics game called Overland...

There are a lot of great things about living in the totally digital world of the App Store. For one, you can magically beam new games and apps right out of thin air and onto your device without having to get off your lazy butt and drive to some store. However, while being lazy is great, an even bigger bonus to the App Store is the ability for developers to offer content and bug fix updates for months and even years after a game is initially released. Back in the day if you bought a game for your console that had a critical bug in it, you were pretty much stuck with it, and new content typically meant waiting for a sequel. That's not how we roll anymore. With that, here's a look at some of the best updates we saw this year...

Update Mondays: 'Angry Birds Seasons', 'Siralim', 'Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff', 'Injustice', And More

Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It's time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. It's been another big week of updates, with the expected tons of holiday stuff and a few major updates that have nothing to do with the season. Warm up the cocoa, this is another big list like last week. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself using AppShopper Social [Free], the watchlist in the TouchArcade app [Free], or by participating in the TouchArcade forums, but this weekly summary is here to fill in the things you might have missed. Let's dig in!..

Today is Halloween, and as is usual with holidays or seasonal events, there's no shortage of iOS games that have updated with special content to commemorate the occasion. There are far too many Halloween updates to list them all individually, and even Apple themselves have reserved a special Halloween section in the App Store to highlight many of them. Be sure to check that out, but for this particular feature I've focused on three Halloween updates to games that are personal favorites of mine, and might otherwise have flown under the radar. Check 'em out, and if there are any other Halloween updates that have caught your eye be sure to shout them out in the comment section. Have a safe and happy Halloween!..

As a developer, if you're going to wade neck-deep into a crowded genre, especially one in a very crowded marketplace in general, you have to have some kind of means of standing out from the crowd. When it comes to side-scrolling running games, it's getting harder and harder to find something that can actually accomplish that job. Jack B. Nimble [$1.99], from developer Sean Noonan, opts to take the approach of a double-barreled appeal to nostalgia, with graphics that look like they came off a torqued-up Game Boy and a theme that will be instantly recognizable to Castlevania fans. It's got an interestingly familiar cadence to it that I don't see very often in this kind of game, and it will certainly have strong appeal for those who appreciate streamlined runners like Canabalt [$2.99] or Boson X [$2.99]...

Best iPhone and iPad Games of the Week: 9/5/14 - 'Mikey Boots' and 'Alone'

Another wild week of iOS game reviews this week, and the games that scored the highest were both titles that were highly anticipated by our community since we first caught wind of them. The Mikey games are a staple around here, especially since they were created on the TouchArcade forums. Somewhat similarly, Alone is something I've had my eye on since we first posted the trailer. There was a bunch of other stuff we reviewed this week, so be sure to check the other scores at the bottom of this post...

'ALONE' Review - Forever Alone

With all the gimmicks endless runners tend to have bolted on them these days, it's sometimes easy to forget that it all started with just a simple score attack. No IAPs, no coins, no cosmetic upgrades, no power-ups, just an endless, increasingly difficult, randomized stage and a challenge to see how far you can go before inevitably failing. That's not to say gimmicks are bad, as they can be quite a lot of fun. Just look at Jetpack Joyride [Free], which is so loaded with stuff you could almost forget about the goal of going farther in favor of collecting things and still have tons of fun. There's something about that pure experience, however. It's something I greatly appreciated in Boson X [$2.99], and it's something I very much enjoy here in ALONE [$1.99]...

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