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'Exiles: Far Colony' Trailer Released by Crescent Moon Games

Crescent Moon Games' next big self-developed title is Exiles: Far Colony, and it's expected to land later this year. The studio has been working on this game over the past year, an open-world action-RPG in the vein of something like Mass Effect meets Ravensword: Shadowlands [$6.99]. Players will be tasked with exploring an alien planet, discovering secrets witin the colony, and just doing general open-world shenanigans. Hop on an airbike and check out the landscape? Go for it. Want to see what's going on in some of the structures in the world? That's possible too. And there will be weird alien creatures to discover and defeat. Check out the new trailer for the game:..

Character action games are a genre that feels underrepresented on iOS, perhaps because they inherently rely on complex button combinations for combat that just don't translate very well to the touchscreen. Well, about a month ago, Ghost Blade [$4.99] launched on the App Store seemingly out of nowhere, and set a standard for how these types of games should be built for the touchscreen. Rather than rely on a set of virtual buttons, Ghost Blade uses intuitive touchscreen gestures for its combat mechanics, and it works incredibly well, creating a very satisfying experience. ..

First Trailer and Details Revealed for 'Need for Speed No Limits'

EA Mobile has just put out the first details and footage of the upcoming Need for Speed No Limits. We first heard about the game in conjunction with promotion for Ken Block's "Gymkhana Seven" which came out recently. Well, today we have the first concrete details on the game. The game is centered around street racing, with cops to avoid along the way. A trailer was released today, and it shows off a snippet of game footage – it could be lane-based like Asphalt Overdrive [Free], but that's unclear. Check the teaser below:..

Telltale and HBO Reveal First 'Game of Thrones' Trailer

I've just been increasingly impressed by the quality of the games that Telltale has been putting out lately. Walking Dead [Free] was a major turning point it felt like, as it was a definite departure from the good but distinctly janky games like Jurassic Park [$2.99 (HD)]. Walking Dead Season Two [Free] was fabulous, and The Wolf Among Us [Free] proved that Telltale could duplicate these incredible experiences with non-Walking Dead IP. So, that brings us to the Game of Thrones trailer:..

As one of my favorite bands Iron Chic points out in the song "Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?", we're all on a giant blue rock that's spinning through space, falling in circles forever into the sun. It's a pretty morbid way to view human existence, and kind of depressing, but the one lyric that makes me feel better is "This once we all fall together." Hey, we're hurtling towards a giant fireball in space, but at least we're in it together, right? That's similar to the premise behind Sunburn! [$2.99], the debut title from developer Secret Crush that just hit the App Store this morning...

Widget Mania Hits Its Peak With Inevitable '2048' Widget

November 20th, 2014 12:57 PM EST by Eli Hodapp in News
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The release of iOS 8 allows for 3rd party widgets to live a happy life right on your today screen. Some of these widgets do useful things like adding detailed weather information via Weather Underground [Free], send quick notes to Evernote in Neato [$0.99] or add a calculator with PCCalc [$9.99]. Others do silly things like checking up on your character in Godville [Free], fiddle around playing the Flappy-like Overglide [$0.99]... And now, of course, play the ultra-popular Threes! [$1.99] clone 2048 with the just-released 2048 in Widget! [$0.99]...

Get ready to return to the night shift at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, as the indie horror sensation Five Nights at Freddy's [$2.99], which is still number one on the iPhone paid charts, has just had its sequel released to the App Store, Five Nights at Freddy's 2 [$2.99]. The sequel promises more of the same paranoia-driven gameplay, where hte goal is to monitor security cameras and to use the few protective tools at your disposal to survive the night and keep the walking animatronic characters out of your office, all without running out of power. There's a new flashlight, music box, and mask to use to deal with the new and upgraded animatronic characters...

'Vainglory' Review - Portable MOBA Magic

'Vainglory' Review - Portable MOBA Magic

November 20th, 2014 11:00 AM EST by Eric Ford in 5 stars, Free, Games, iPad Games, iPhone games, iPod touch games, MOBA, Reviews
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While soft-launched for nearly half a year, it really wasn’t until we saw Vainglory [Free / Free (HD)] during Apple’s September event that we’ve been keeping a close eye on it. Super Evil Megacorp’s keynote presentation was more than just a cool demonstration of Metal — it was also a pretty damn cool looking MOBA in its own right. With its recent end of its lengthy soft launch period and subsequent debut in the US Apple Store, we thought we’d take it for a spin and see how it compares to other iOS MOBAs. Suffice to say, I think Vainglory is one of the best genre offerings available and sets the bar in terms of visuals, balance and controls...

Coming into iOS gaming from a background in consoles, dedicated handhelds, and old computers, my first steps into the already-massive catalog were cautious ones. I stuck to familiar brands and the odd breakthrough that had made waves in the traditional media, such as Game Dev Story [$4.99]. One of the first real iOS originals that I fell absolutely in love with was League Of Evil [$1.99], from Ravenous Games. The game will always hold a special place in my heart for hammering it into me that, yes, virtual controls could work marvelously for an action game if they're handled correctly. These guys had their stuff together, I decided, and I began to follow them closely, anxiously awaiting their next big title. By all accounts, that game looked to be Random Heroes [Free], and I bought it pretty much the second it became available...

Out Now: 'Kingdom Rush Origins', 'Earn to Die 2', 'Football Manager Handheld 2015', 'Checkpoint Champion', 'The Last Door: Collector's Edition', 'Offroad Legends 2' and More

Alright folks, strap in for a pretty epic night of new iOS game releases. Well, I guess one man's epic night is another's "weak week", but personally there are a ton of games I'm excited for tonight. New Kingdom Rush, new Earn to Die, Checkpoint Champion, Crossy Road, One More Line… the list goes on for games that are total insta-downloads for me. I even threw Vainglory in on this list even though it came out a few days ago, just in case anybody missed it. What are you excited for? Let us know in the comments which games you'll be going for tonight...

Gobble Up These Pre-Thanksgiving Game Sales

November 19th, 2014 7:00 PM EST by Carter Dotson in News, Sales
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We're nearing Thanksgiving, and pretty much any significant US holiday means that it's time for paid apps to go on sale. And now, about a week ahead of the day where Americans eat turkey, watch football, and maybe give thanks for stuff, like turkey and football, apps are going on sale. We've posted about some of the more notable sales throughout the day, but here's a grand list of the games on sale:..

Upcoming Hack 'n Slash 'Taichi Panda' Gets a New Trailer, Release Set for December

You may remember when we were at E3 back in June we briefly checked out a new hack 'n slash game from Snail Games called Taichi Panda. Even with our short hands-on time with Taichi Panda, we found it to be a lot of fun, with three unique playable characters and fast, satisfying combat. Snail Games has been using our forums for beta testers for the game, with a planned release date sometime before the end of the year. Today they've sent along a sort of more specific release date, which will be sometime in December, along with a brand new trailer...

The Artsy 'Duet' and 'Blek' on Sale for $0.99 Each

November 19th, 2014 5:49 PM EST by Carter Dotson in News, Sales
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Want a couple of minimalist, artsy, and enjoyable games on the cheap? Well, here's a couple to check out: Blek [$0.99] and Duet [$0.99] are both on sale for $0.99 right now. Both are great games well worth playing. Duet is a challenging survival game from Kumobius that Pivvot [$2.99] fans might enjoy, as both are about spinning around a fixed point, but both games go in different directions from there. Duet has been frequently updated since release, adding in narration, and new level packs including the most recent "Epilogue" level pack...

Yes, believe me, I am fully aware this is an iOS games site, so before you read the headline and race to the comments, I know. With that being said, there's a lot of people out there, including a few real life friends of mine who might have an Android phone but an Apple tablet... Or the other way around. Regardless, there's people reading TouchArcade who this news is useful for. I promise you...

Badland [$0.99] was one of 2013's best games, and it's currently dirt cheap: on sale for $0.99, down from its regular $3.99 price, with only one in-app purchase for $0.99, for the ten-level Doomsday Level Pack. Our opinion on paying for DLC was well established last week. The game goes on sale occasionally, but $0.99 is as good a price as any to pick up this gorgeous, critically-acclaimed platformer, which features both a singleplayer campaign along with same-device multiplayer for up to four people...

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