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'Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade' WIll Release Sometime This Month

Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade, one of the more notable of the bevy of Games Workshop licensed titles thanks to its prominence at the big Apple fall 2015 presentation, is currently in soft launch. But for those of y'all just waiting to check out this game of giant stomping mechs shooting stuff, Pixel Toys has confirmed that Freeblade is going worldwide later this month. While they haven't locked up a date yet, be sure to keep an eye out next week on the 19th or 26th, as the game is sure to launch by one of those dates. Here's a brief new "Allies and Abominations" trailer to mark the ocasion...

'Kill Shot Bravo' is the Sequel to Hothead's Hit Sniper Game

Hothead Games' biggest release so far, Kill Shot [Free], has been one of the most successful sniper games on mobile, and they're about to deliver a sequel to the game, delivering more sniper action with new features, new weapons, and new missions to take on in Kill Shot Bravo, releasing next week, November 19th, on to the App Store. Here's the first trailer for the game:..

Untangle Weird, Tangled Worms in 'Knotmania'

2 Think, an Italian game developer, is working on a unique puzzle game called Knotmania, releasing early next year, which is worth keeping an eye out for. The game gives you a tangled mass of worm-like creatures called Strings that you need to untangle from the knots they've invariably found themselves in. These Strings are alive, though, and they won't necessarily make untangling them an easy experience, as they interact with the other half of their body, so getting the two ends away from each other is key to clearing each level...

'Uridium'-Inspired 'Hyper Sentinel' Gets New Trailer and Music

Fans of 80's style shoot 'em ups have two games to keep an eye on: Z-Exemplar, which boasts a Spectrum ZX influence, and Hyper Sentinel, which borrows influence from Commodore 64 game Uridium. Hyper Sentinel's speedy, flip-flopping gameplay in a mobile-friendly, tweaked for modern devices style, could prove to be some fun. And we'll apparently get to see if it lives up to its look and the hype I've given it, as a beta might be rolling out really soon, according to the developer in the forum thread. But also, there's a new trailer, and it features music by Fractures, the UK artist who's done some banging tracks for games like Starseed: Origin [$1.99] and the upcoming Knotmania...

Gorgeous and Speedy On-Rails Shooter 'Dark Star' Releases Soon

That Wonderful Lemon Co.'s Dark Star has looked mightily impressive since its first trailer was released, and after the TouchArcade forums community helped beta test the game, this on-rails space shooter is close to release. So close, that its release is next week: November 19th. Check out the new trailer for the upcoming on-rails space shooter:..

'Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures' Uses Hex Grids to Turn the Social RPG into a Real Game

Sure, there are plenty of hero-battling RPG/strategy games on the App Store. Ones where you get to level up a team of heroes, do huge amounts of battle damage, and so on. But how many of them are real games? By which I mean, they have hex grids, because we all know if the game ain't hexagonal, it ain't a real game. It's just the truth. Well, Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures is here to deliver you strategy-based hero-battling...on hex grids. Check out the trailer with all them hexagons:..

'Infinity Blade' Developers Chair Entertainment Announce 'Spyjinx' with JJ Abrams

Chair Entertainment, the studio that is most known on mobile for doing the Infinity Blade [$5.99] series, which hasn't seen much action since Infinity Blade 3 [$6.99] concluded. But what was to come next for Chair? Well, we had no clue until now, as they've announced that they're working on a new game called Spyjinx, and they're bringing a heavy hitter with them: JJ Abrams, out generation's most prominent figure in the field of sci-fi entertainment, what with him being the co-creator of noted TV sci-fi series Felicity, Lost, and Fringe, and as the director of two Star Trek movies, Super 8, and a little upcoming project known as Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His production company Bad Robot is involved with Chair Entertainment to work on Spyjinx, which they aren't really talking much about at this point, but Chair's Donald Mustard and Abrams sit down with Geoff Keighley to talk about the game:..

'Durango', an Upcoming  Gorgeous-looking MMORPG, Teaches You How to Kill Your Dinosaur

Are dinosaurs the new zombies? I have a hunch they might be after the (not very deserved) success of Jurassic World and of the PC game ARK: Survival Evolved. Now, we are getting what looks like a very cool dinosaur game on mobile. Nexon's Durango is all about contemporary people traveling back into prehistoric times to do I have no idea what. Perhaps they heard that dinosaur-skin shoes are the new big thing and are looking to make a quick buck. This multiplayer game will force players to work together to survive the hostile, dinosaur-infested world, and to do so they'll have to explore, hunt, and build a new society that will have what it takes to make it. Nexon promises a "pioneering open-world MMORPG" that offers an experience unlike anything else on mobile. While those are promises we've heard a billion and a half times, the game's setting definitely sets it apart from most other MMORPG games on mobile...

Another Day, Another Board Game - Martin Wallace's 'Brass' Releases This Thursday

I think it's officially true; the board game flood has drenched the App Store. A week ago we got Steam: Rails to Riches (which has had some major hiccups upon release), and just today we got Le Havre: The Inland Port [$4.99]. This Thursday we are getting another great digital port, Martin Wallace's Brass. ..

Job J Stauffer, Head of Creative Communications for Telltale Games, populated his twitter feed today with hints on the release dates of various Telltale properties. First and foremost, he talked about the upcoming mini-series The Walking Dead: Michonne, based on the TV show's resident ninja. Apparently, he has played it today and from his comments, it looks like it should sneak up on us soon just like Michonne does on those unfortunate zombies (I mean, it's pretty unfair for them since they are unarmed and all). He didn't give any updates on The Walking Dead: Season 3 release date other than to say that at the earliest, it will be after the Michonne series concludes. So, it's a bit of a bad-news good-news situation; if you like Michonne's character, she should be slashing your way soon, if you don't, you'll have to wait a bit for Season 3...

Much-Awaited 'Crashlands' Closing Beta Applications Today and (Hopefully) Going Into Beta Soon

I know we haven't talked about Crashlands much recently, but we didn't really have much to report. Ever since the story we ran back when we got the game's first gameplay trailer, we stopped hearing anything about the game as the developers decided to run on silent mode. Well, just the other day they finally came up to periscope depth to explain how the game is coming along. Apparently, they jumped on the hype train a bit too early before realizing all the work still needing to be done. Their launch window was too optimistic given the game's ambitions, so they dove deep down and silently kept working on the game. The bad news is, of course, that the game isn't out yet, but the good news is that the development has been going splendidly, and we should get a better game in the end...

'Aralon: Forge and Flame' Gets First Teaser Trailer, Launch Planned for December

The original Aralon: Sword and Shadow [$4.99] was a defining game for the young iOS platform when it released back in December of 2010 (Wow has it really been that long?). Now, almost 5 years later exactly, the follow-up Aralon: Forge and Flame is finally nearing completion. Crescent Moon Games has sent word that the new Aralon will be submitted to Apple this week, and they're looking to have it out sometime in December. There's also a brand new teaser trailer...

'Krosmaster: Arena' is Out for PC, Mobile Version Should Follow Soon

Okay, I'm actually excited about this one, and hopefully I won't be proven wrong. Krosmaster: Arena is now officially on Steam, and the mobile version should follow in the (hopefully) near future. If you don't know anything about Krosmaster: Arena, it's a tactical card game with anime-style miniatures that has been quite popular recently. The online version of the game offers more than 130 figurines, from which you can pick your team, and 4 game modes including PvE, PvP, and international tournament. I've seen the board game played and it looked both gorgeous and a lot of fun, so I have been waiting to get the digital version on my tablet. Well, it seems the wait has almost come to an end and that the game will be worth the wait. Developer Ankama announced yesterday that the game is now officially out of beta, and it's ready to test your strategic skills...

Diminutive Dungeon Crawler 'Tiny Rogue' Coming this Thursday, New Trailer Released

A few weeks back we learned that Ravenous Games was working on something called Tiny Rogue, which as the name alludes to is a tiny turn-based roguelike dungeon crawler crafted in their trademark pixel art style. Well if you like the look of it then here's some good news: Tiny Rogue is coming really soon, this Thursday November 12th in fact. I love when games come out super quickly after being announced! Check out the brand new trailer for Tiny Rogue...

'Element' is a Gorgeous Singleplayer RTS

New Zealand studio Flightless has announced their game Element, which they're calling "a realtime strategy space game for people who don't have time to play realtime strategy space games." As a busy man about town, I must say, this sounds most enticing, chap. While the actual mechanics will perhaps make more sense once we get to go hands-on, it seems as if you're building out on a giant low-poly planet, competing with other computerized opponents to defend your bases and resources while trying to go after theirs, sending different attack units out at them, eventually making it from planet to planet to escape a decaying solar system. Here's the stylistic trailer:..

'Army Antz' an Upcoming Real-time Strategy Game, Looks Buggy in a Good Way

When I first started gaming on a tablet, I thought that one of the genres that would look great on a touchscreen was real-time strategy games because dragging units around feels like a perfect fit for the interface. While we've had some very good real-time strategy games on mobile (like the gorgeous Autumn Dynasty), I'm always on the lookout for more. Army Antz, an upcoming strategy game by Digital World Studio, looks like another good addition to the genre and could be a fun game to play with friends. The game is all about 5 Vs 5 Arena battles over 19 levels of single player action. The game offers 13 different playable classes (some of which you can see in the video below), and a pretty whimsical art style and theme (though not that original in the age of games like Bug Heroes 2). Still, if the units are different enough and the levels designed well, the theme might come into its own...

'Flip Champs' is a High Score Chaser Crossed with Fighting Games

While Flip Champs initially appealed to me because of its chunky pixel art look, the actual gameplay is something cool to behold. It's a kind of fighting game, where you and an AI opponent are jumping between 4 different platforms, trying to collect the energy balls that continuously spawn. Collect enough to fill up your meter, and you can fire your weapon of choice. Hit your enemy, and you get a point in the game's normal mode. In survival mode, you each have health, and the battles are more drawn out. It's a really cool concept to play with, because there's that head-to-head aspect, trying to act and react, and playing smart when your opponent has their weapon and you don't yet. It's not quite an orthodox fighting game, but it has a lot of the feel of one...

'Super Dangerous Dungeons' Will Put Your Platforming to the Test This Month

Jussi Simpanen, aka Adventure Islands, an artist and developer who's done some fantastic work doing the art for SwapQuest [$2.99], and creating the games Duke Dashington [$0.99] and Tiny Dangerous Dungeons [$0.99], is set to release another pixel art platformer in Super Dangerous Dungeons. Formerly just titled Dangerous Dungeons and now Super-ified, this is a remake of the original Dangerous Dungeons Flash game, a platformer you make it through, uh, calamity-centric catacombs. The game's been redesigned for mobile and widescreen, with improved visuals, a Super NES-style soundtrack, and 48 total levels to test you:..

Mooff Games Enters the World of 3D Dungeon Crawlers with 'Dungeon Time'

Mooff Games just dropped Super Boys [Free], which won our coveted Game of the Week award, but they're far from done releasing games. In fact, they're hard at work on Dungeon Time, which looks like some fast-paced, sword-shooting, dungeon-crawling chaos. Get you and 3 of your closest friends – or none, if you're more of a solo traveler, I get it – and shoot dozens of enemies, 10 bosses, all across 11 stages with randomly generated maps. This is Mooff's first 3D game, and you can check it out in action:..

'Heavy Rockets' is the Rare Soft-Launched Indie Game

I've previewed Heavy Rockets in the past when it was in beta, and now a large audience can play the game. But not everyone. Usually, when an indie game comes out, it's just released worldwide. But not Heavy Rockets. It's actually currently only out in New Zealand. It's the rare indie soft launch! So, if you're a Kiwi or have the knowhow, you can check this out right now before it goes global at some point...

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