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Yesterday we posted about news of Apple cracking down on ads that reward players for viewing advertisements. NimbleBit has fully embraced this sort of thing, and if you've played Disco Zoo you've no doubt watched a few Vungle ads to get some free bux. NimbleBit and other developers would potentially be hit pretty hard, or need to make substantial changes to their games, assuming Apple goes forward with mass-rejecting games that incentivize players sharing their game or viewing in-game ads. NimbleBit's David Marsh writes the following guest editorial:..

I created my Yelp profile in early 2010. I'd used the site for years before then, but for whatever reason, I didn't feel compelled to start writing reviews until a few years ago. Yelp, in the off chance you've never heard of it, is a massive community-driven site which primarily focuses on offering honest customer reviews for all sorts of businesses. It's equally useful to find a place to get lunch, somewhere to get your hair cut, a cool shoe store, or a million other things. Taking a step back, there's tons of similarities between Yelp and the App Store, but Yelp does two things that make a massive difference...

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