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Heads up: an iPad-specific version of Riven is still on the way, and it's going to include some key improvements over the original game, CEO of Cyan Worlds Rand Miller revealed in an awesome interview with Modojo. ..

I've never been a fan of hardware reviews. A device could have everything -- a great screen, fantastic speed, perfect form factor, superb build quality -- and it still could be worthless if its ecosystem is flat or nonexistent. Content creators need to be around. If they aren't, a new feature is just that; a feature. Who wants a tablet that has a crazy good GPU but no games that actually take advantage of it?..

There's a couple of reasons to want a new iPad 4. Either you've yet to own an iPad with a gorgeous retina display, or you just really dig the latest in technology. Regardless, this is a powerful device fitted with a brand new GPU that can push out major graphics without seriously taxing the important stuff, like say, battery power. ..

Screen resolutions are getting a little bonkers. There's a lot. New iPad and iPad with Retina display both support retina; iPhone 5 rocks a wide-screen retina display; older phones and iPod touches support a mixture of retina standard high-resolution; And now there's the iPad mini screen, which sits in the middle. Its screen isn't retina level, but the pixel density is quite high considering...

Even before today's launch of iPad mini and iPad with Retina Display, there were a lot of different kinds of iPod touches, iPads, and iPhones out in the wild. Each has their own technical highs and lows. Game creators, for the most part, do a fantastic job with supporting just about everything with their games. ..

When the new iPad, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 hit store shelves, so did some awesome games that took advantage of the much beefier hardware. Infinity Blade 2, Sky Gamblers, and Lili (to name a few) are solid examples of good release day games that also operated as showpieces. We've yet to see this kind of game for iPad with Retina Display, or "iPad 4," but don't sleep on the device -- a lot of game makers are telling us that they're looking to capitalize on the beefier, more powerful GPU...

Apple Announces New 4th Generation iPad

October 23rd, 2012 2:06 PM EDT by Jared Nelson in iPad 4, News

During the Apple keynote this afternoon, Apple announced a brand new iPad (4th generation) model. Yes, just over 6 months after the release of "the new iPad" with Retina Display, we have a new new iPad...

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