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Daniel Zandelin, who is apparently a big fan of Mario Kart DS..

'Jet Car Stunts' Exclusive Video Preview and Interview

Last month, we previewed an upcoming iPhone game from True Axis called Jet Car Stunts. ..

It didn't take us long to fall in love with Tiger Style's first game, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor [App Store]. It has a beautiful simplicity to it: you are a spider, and as a spider you spin webs and eat bugs. You can choose to explore the various rooms of Bryce Manor, or you can ignore your surroundings and just go on an insect feeding frenzy...

Carmack: 'Doom Classic' Closing in on Release, 'Quake',  'Wolfenstein RPG' and a Lot More Coming from id

On Monday interviewed id Software's John Carmack and Escalation Studio's Tom Mustaine about their new game Doom Resurrection [App Store] but we also delved into id's future plans for the iPhone, and they are many. ..

Doom Resurrection was released today [App Store] and we had an opportunity to speak with id Software's John Carmack and Escalation Studios' Tom Mustaine about the brand new title today in a telephone interview. We have also had time to play through the final version of the game and will be posting our review momentarily. ..

At WWDC we had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Owen Goss of Streaming Colour Studios. Owen is a 30 year old former console programmer who decided to take a chance at starting his own game company last year. Owen had previously worked at EA as an interface and gameplay programmer as well as Propoganda Games and was most recently involved in the development of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean game for the Xbox and PS3. ..

Digital Chocolate founder and CEO 'Trip' Hawkins recently appeared on CNBC in a CNBC Exclusive interview "Tech: It's All About Apps."..

Exclusive Interview with 'Touch KO' Developer Adam Mechtley

TouchArcade was given the opportunity to speak with Adam Mechtley (pictured in yellow shirt to right) who is one of the developers responsible for the upcoming Touch KO boxing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. ..

After our profile and interview with Firemint about their upcoming Real Racing game, we opened the forum up to followup questions from readers. ..

The iPhone and iPod touch platform has seen numerous racing games hit the App Store in recent months that showcase the devices ability to run graphics at high speed with decent frame rates to boot. ..

An Interview with ng:moco's Neil Young: Rolando and Beyond

Touch Arcade recently had the opportunity to conduct a half-hour interview with ng:moco founder Neil Young regarding the company's recent announcements, the state of iPhone gaming, and what the future holds for this promising iPhone development house...

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