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GDC 2016: 'Dan the Man' - Save The Empire

Any Empire Records fans out there? No? Well whatever, I thought the title was clever. Halfbrick has a ton of games on deck, and the one they showed us today is based on the webisode series Dan the Man. The game shares the same title, and is a surprisingly great touchscreen platformer that takes place in the Dan the Man-iverse. Check out the brief hands-on:..

GDC 2016: 'Twisty Road' Is the Latest Verby Noun From the Creator of 'Bike Baron'

We're huge fans of Qwiboo stuff around here, as I can't even imagine how much time I've spent endlessly retrying in Bike Baron [$1.99] and shooting hoops in Ball King [Free], so when there's a new Qwiboo game on the horizon... Well, we're excited. For inspiration, they're learning heavily on Cubed Rally Racer [$0.99] which is a very good thing...

GDC 2016: 'The Sandbox 2' - Picking Up Where 'The Sandbox' Left Off

Pixowl's The Sandbox [Free] has been a hit with our community, like most of the world-building crafting games out there, but it's been out for a while and due for a refresh. ...Which is exactly where the upcoming The Sandbox 2 comes in. The Pixowl guys are aiming to make "The Mario Maker of mobile," and it seems like they're on the right track. Check out the brief demo we got:..

GDC 2016: 'Mars Mars' - Jump Jump from Platform to Platform

What do you get when you combine platforms to lunar lander style gameplay? A neat little indie game we saw this afternoon called Mars Mars. In the game, you play as an astronaut on Mars (Surprise!) and you blast off from platform to platform, the tap either side of the screen to blast off thrusters to slow your landing to reach the next platform and then keep going...

GDC 2016: 'Legacy Quest' - It's Out Now!

March 14th, 2016 2:21 PM EST by Eli Hodapp in GDC 2016, News
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Last year we got a look at a very early version of Legacy Quest [Free], and after a year of tweaking and tuning the game is finally out now. It's been a hit in our forums, and we snagged some gameplay video of the launch version for fun:..

GDC 2016: 'Crap! I'm Broke: Out of Pocket...' - A Game of Paying Bills (With an Excellent Demo)

Out first meeting at GDC was with Molly and Erik from Arcane Circus, they're from a city I can't pronounce in The Netherlands, and had one of the best game pitches I've seen in a long time. The game itself is a collection of mini games centralized around the idea of doing everything you can to pay your rent. In their initial demo, players can wash dishes, make burgers, collect change off the street, and make various "investments" that pay off over time. Check it out:..

These GDC announcements almost feel like a formality at this point, but, once again, we will be at GDC in San Francisco. This year it falls on the week of March 14th, and if you're a reader, strap in for what's typically an avalanche of game previews as all sorts of developers pile in to show us their new games. To give you an idea of what to expect, last year we pumped out fifty eight GDC stories covering game previews for things like Crashlands, Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, Space Miner Wars, Does Not Commute and a ton of other stuff. Who knows what we'll see this year, but GDC 2016 has a lot to live up to with how rad GDC 2015 was...

GDC 2015: Hands-On with Impressive Speed MOBA 'Call of Champions'

One of the games we were sworn to secrecy from telling you about at GDC 2015 last week was our hands-on time with Call of Champions, Spacetime Studios' upcoming MOBA. Whenever I hear about a MOBA coming to mobile, I always kind of fret a bit, because while I know that the genre can work as a fun game on mobile, as one that's successful? I just always doubt it, because the games just don't make a lot of money. MOBAs are such a tricky genre, too – they're very complex games in terms of rules to where you can't just change one little thing in order to make the game work – there's a reason why most of these games have just one map. And since half-hour long mobile game sessions are untenable for most folks, there's really no reason to believe that the genre could work. But what I saw of Call of Champions makes me believe that if any game has a shot at being not just fun, but also successful – it might as well be this game...

Best of GDC 2015: 'Crashlands', 'Does Not Commute', 'Sorcery! 3' and 'Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon'

As you all know, last week was GDC 2015 and it was a week-long whirlwind of developer meetings, game demos, walking and Denny's. Everyone is in town all at once and we try to meet with as many people and see as many iOS games as possible. It's exhausting and overwhelming and fun all at the same time, and that's without ever even setting foot on the actual show floor. With all of our GDC coverage finally out there in the open (save for a couple of demos that are held up with embargo silliness) it's time to go back through and highlight the games we found to be our favorite. Here are four games from GDC that you can look forward to playing this year that stood out to us and why...

GDC 2015: Could 'Wild Wastes' Succeed as a Cross-Platform Multiplayer Open-World Zombie Survival Game?

Everplay Interactive (not to be confused with video service Everyplay) and Cookiebit, developers of such games like 1001 Attempts [Free] are hard at work on Wild Wastes, a game that's actually expanding out from the mobile focus that the companies are known for. They're describing this as The Last of Us meets Nuclear Throne as you explore a barren, undead-filled wasteland, dealing with the fact that you have one life. Die, and you'll come back in the world as one of the undead, which you can kill later. So it's roguelike-inspired but with persistent world elements. Kris Jones of Everplay demoed the game for us at GDC on a Surface Pro 3 with a gamepad plugged in, but showed off some of the touch compatibility already implemented...

GDC 2015: 'The Soul' is a Hack 'n Slasher Based on Chinese History

Along with their upcoming Guardian Stone, Toast and NHN Entertainment are working on a hack-and-slash game called The Soul. Here, you control a warrior who uses souls they collect as abilities in battle. Up to four can be equipped and deployed in combat, with different effects and recharge times for each, as you fight through waves of enemies, a la Dynasty Warriors. And the comparison is apt, because the game takes place in the era of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Check out some hands-on video below:..

GDC 2015: First Look at 'Super Stickman Golf 3' and its Level Editor

Noodlecake is about to make their stick golf series into a trilogy. Super Stickman Golf [$2.99] and Super Stickman Golf 2 [Free] were smash hits, but the one feature they've lacked is a solid level editor. That's what they're hoping to change with Super Stickman Golf 3. We got a first look at the level editor, which likely will make for some pretty insane user-created content:..

GDC 2015: 'Brickies' by Noodlecake Puts a Cool Spin on Brick Breakers

In 2015's App Store, it's really hard to try to add something new to genres that have been done so many times. Brick breakers are definitely one of those cases, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the dudes at Noodlecake managed a twist that at least had us saying, "Huh, that's neat." ...Which doesn't happen often in the world of brick breakers...

GDC 2015: It's Not Hard to Compare Noodlecake's 'Tiltagon' to 'Super Hexagon'

I feel like comparing something to Super Hexagon [$2.99] to something is a risky venture, but it's appropriate here. Tiltagon is yet another game on the Noodlecake buffet, and in it you tilt a ball around to a series of increasingly difficult hexagonal platforms. It ticks the checkboxes of a good ultra-difficult game, as evident by the GDC demo where we both fail to survive more than a few seconds, also audio is a little weird, so strap in:..

GDC 2015: 'Slots of Farwater' is Noodlecake's Spin on Slots

Noodlecake had a lot on their plate at GDC, but that just seems to be how they roll. The first thing they showed us was their upcoming Slots of Farwater, which seems to be their spin on combining slot machines with something a little deeper. Add RPG elements to anything and it seems to get better, that definitely seems to be the case here (sorry about the audio):..

GDC 2015: 'Nightmare Guardians' is a... MOBA Defense?

Another game in the rapid-fire onslaught of GDC meetings was Nightmare Guardians, which is sort of difficult to describe as a specific genre. It's got MOBA elements in that you're controlling a hero around, but the goal is defending the dream world in an almost castle-defense kind of way. I dig it, largely because so many games these days are describe so easily as "It's like ____ but ____." Check out the video:..

GDC 2013: 'Warfriends' Lets You Make Friends AND War

Firing rockets is the best way to make friends, or at least, that's what Warfriends is shooting for. In the game, you take sides and dispatch soldiers as well as take shots at the opposing enemy player. Hiding behind shields, popping off a few rounds, and dispatching helicopters is a lot of fun, check it out:..

Rumble's KingsRoad [Free] has been on the App Store for a while, but the weird thing about covering free to play games is we're often focused on the launch of games, when these games just get better over time. We sat down with the developer of KingsRoad at GDC who showed us just how impressive the game has become:..

GDC 2015: 'Conquest: Heroes of Galandria' Combines CCG with Chess-like Strategy

Some of the best games on the App Store take existing popular genres and mash them up in fun ways. Asynchronous multiplayer, CCG elements, and chess-like strategic gameplay seems like a winning combination. Conquest: Heroes of Galandria is pretty complicated, but this hands-on with the developer will walk you through everything you do in game:..

GDC 2015: 'Ski Pirates' is Another Neat iOS Skiing and Snowboarding Game

Dudeski [$1.99] has been my go-to iOS skiing game since its release, but a lot of people really don't dig games with retro flare. If this describes you, or maybe you've just got space in your heart for another really rad skiing game, Ski Pirates is what you'll need on your iPhone as soon as its released. We got a look at it at GDC, and I can't wait...

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