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GDC 2017 - Hands-On with Manic Combat Racer 'Road Warriors' from Lucky Kat and TurtleBlaze

A month ago, we caught the news that TurtleBlaze Games would be bringing their side-scrolling combat racer Intergalactic Road Warriors to mobile after launching it on Steam Early Access last year. Since then, we've learned that Lucky Kat Studios, of Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever [Free] and Combo Critters [Free] fame, would be publishing the game on mobile, retitled as simply Road Warriors. Today at GDC, we were able to sit down with Lucky Kat to get a hands-on demo of Road Warriors on iPhone, and it's looking awesome so far. ..

While it's not totally surprising, our GDC schedule is almost full. We're limited to (as of this writing) only a couple open time slots on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with a decent chunk of time on both Thursday and Friday available. If you want to meet up with us at GDC and have a new and unreleased game or update to an existing game that we can shoot some video of and post on the site, please book an appointment with us!..

Once again we'll be attending GDC in San Francisco, which takes place on the week of February 27th at Moscone Center. If you're a developer, Patreon backer, or local TouchArcade fan, this post is for you! If you're none of those things, but like reading about brand spankin' new iPhone games (and updates), you'll still be in for a treat that week as we basically spend five days meeting with tons of developers and recording footage of upcoming stuff. To get an idea of what I'm talking about, take a look at last year's coverage which was our busiest GDC yet. It's entirely possible that 2017 will be even crazier, actually, that's almost guaranteed because as I'll be at Train Jam the days leading up to GDC...

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