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Amanita Design Unveils the First Trailer for 'CHUCHEL', Releasing in 2018

Amanita Design have finally revealed the first trailer for their newest game called Chuchel. If you aren’t familiar with Amanita Design, they’ve made some of my favourite games in recent times with Botanicula [$4.99] and Machinarium [$4.99]. They recently released Samorost 3 [$4.99] on iOS and Android. Their games not only look and sound great but also play brilliantly on touch and are a dream on iOS. Earlier this week, they started teasing news for their latest project and it has fully been unveiled with a new trailer today. CHUCHEL is an adventure game and it has been revealed for iOS and Android in addition to PC platforms. Watch the trailer below:..

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series [$4.99] will see the fourth of five episodes release next week across iOS and Android. If you aren’t familiar with this series, read Tasos’ review here. Episode 4 is titled ‘Who Needs You’ and is included in the season pass or available a la carte for $4.99. Episode 4 sees the Guardians left divided with growing tension. Things can be stabilised but at a great cost. Just remember that this series from Telltale Games has the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 as minimum hardware requirements. Watch the trailer for Episode 4 ‘Who Needs You’ below:..

Game of Thrones: Conquest Releases on October 19th, New Trailer Released

Warner Brothers finally announced the release date for Game of Thrones: Conquest. Developed by Turbine, the MMO strategy game will hit the App Store and Google Play on October 19th. Pre-registrations are live and doing so nets you $50 of in game goodies with exclusive Night’s Watch training gear and more. Get ready to play as the head of your own house in Turbine’s new MMO strategy experience which will feature characters from the HBO TV show. In addition to revealing the release date we have a new teaser trailer for Game of Thrones: Conquest that you can view below:..

Batman: The Enemy Within [Free] from Telltale Games is finally available on iOS and Android. Having originally been announced for late September, Batman: The Enemy Within was delayed until today. The Enemy Within is accessible for both fans who played Batman: The Telltale Series [Free] and newcomers to Telltale Games’ releases. If you missed the original season, it got a performance update recently and you can play the first episode there for free as well. Watch the trailers for both episodes below:..

Thomas Was Alone [$4.99], the BAFTA Award winning game from Mike Bithell has finally been updated with 64-bit support. Bossa Studios has handled the iOS release and while I was originally very pleased to be able to play this on another platform, the port could be better. It was updated after launch with DLC and also became a Universal release to work on both iPhones and iPads. Now that it has been updated with iOS 11 support, I hope the team works on a performance update. Watch the original launch trailer below: ..

Severed [$6.99] from Drinkbox is another game in the "I released on console but play best on mobile" club. Read our glowing review of it from Carter here. Severed is a dungeon crawler with a fantastic art style and gameplay that matches the quality of the art. I own it on 3 different consoles and iOS and it plays like a dream on touch. It originally launched last year on iOS and then had an update that added 3D Touch and iMessage stickers. It is now down to just $1.99 which is a historic low for the game. Watch the trailer for it below:..

Pocket Mine 3 [Free] from Roofdog Games is the best Pocket Mine yet. The franchise has done really well for them with Pocket Mine [Free] and Pocket Mine 2 [Free] crossing 9 million downloads when Pocket Mine 3 released. There's a lot to like and appreciate when it comes to QOL changes and general polish here. There are a lot of games on the App Store that allow for sharing friend codes and the likes to get more social and we have a dedicated section in our forum just for that. Check it out here. Watch the trailer showcasing how much better this game is compared to the previous entries below:..

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition [$9.99] launched on the App Store a few years ago and it also happens to be the only release from Overhaul Games that was left to be updated for iOS 11. Well the update is here in the form of a massive patch that brings it to version 2.4. This patch has fixes across the board and quite a few useful additions. ..

Capcom's 'Puzzle Fighter' Has Soft Launched in Six Countries

Puzzle Fighter from Capcom has finally soft launched on the App Store. Puzzle Fighter is the sequel to Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo and it was scheduled to hit iOS by the end of the year. It was playable at PAX and has officially soft launched in six countries right now and if you’ve been craving some Ryu and Chun-Li puzzle action, download it today. Match gems to take out your opponents through strategies involving combos and more. Puzzle Fighter has vintage arenas from Capcom games and it is free to play and has a very interesting art style to say the least. Watch the trailer below:..

'Batman: The Enemy Within' Delayed to October 3rd on iOS

After originally announcing Batman: The Enemy Within for September 26th, Telltale Games have announced a slight delay for the iOS and Android launch. This will see both Episodes 1 and 2 launching on the same day for both platforms. If you’ve been following the release, you already know that we’ve waited quite a while for a release date and now that has been pushed by a week. Telltale Games did confirm that after the October 3rd premier on mobile platforms, episodes will release on the same day across all platforms. This should put any fears for more delays to rest. Batman: The Enemy Within will be 5 episodes in total for the season and you can watch the trailers for the full series below:..

'Inside', the Critically Acclaimed Game from the Creators of 'Limbo', Is Coming to iOS

Limbo [$3.99] developers, Playdead, just announced their plans of bringing INSIDE to both iOS and Nintendo Switch. INSIDE is a puzzle platforming adventure game that has earned quite the critical acclaim across all platforms. It initially launched on Xbox One and PC before releasing on PlayStation 4 in 2016. Given how well Limbo did on iOS and how well it controls, I was surprised it took this long to get an announcement for INSIDE. Watch the original launch trailer for it below:..

A Normal Lost Phone [$2.99] from Accidental Queens is one of my favourite games on iOS. It is yet another title to transform the usual text adventures into something memorable and unique. To celebrate the launch of the sequel, Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story [$2.99], Accidental Queens’ debut title is down to just $0.99 right now. This the lowest price it has been since June where it was down to $1.99 from the regular price of $2.99...

'The Witness' for iOS Will Be Releasing Very Soon

Well it looks like we finally will have The Witness on iOS devices. After months of teases, leaks, and more, a new Tweet from Kenzie Paulus, who is a Producer and Team Manager at Thekla inc for The Witness, has given us a new release window. The Witness is coming to both iPhone (as confirmed by the new Apple promo video) and iPad very soon. At first a lot of people including myself thought it would be iPad only given the nature of the game and how intricately the puzzles require your inputs. The Witness from Thekla is a very complex puzzle game that will melt your brain as you play more. I'm not kidding when I say you will start seeing puzzles from the game when you go outside and stare into the sky. It is my favorite puzzle game of all time, and I'm glad we finally will have it on iOS...

'Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story' from Accidental Queens Releases on September 21st

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story from the creators of A Normal Lost Phone [$2.99] finally has a release date. Accidental Queens' original has crossed 100,000 sales worldwide across all platforms. The sequel will feel right at home to fans of the orignal. Laura's Story will again touch on themes not usually seen or themes not seen at all in games. There will be licensed music with songs like "36" by Kwes and "White Gloves" by Khruangbin in addition to more with the original soundtrack that releases on Septmeber 21. Watch the trailer below:..

'Terra Battle 2' Releases in North America and Japan on September 21

Terra Battle 2 from Hironobu Sakaguchi and Silicon Studio finally has a release date. This date isn't just for Japan leaving us all with a big question mark because it is getting a simultaneous release in Japan and North America. No word on Europe or any other region right now though. Having recently done pre-registration the wait to finally play it will soon come to an end. Terra Battle is pretty good and you can check out our review of it here. The sequel promises to be bigger and better and will also release on PC at a later date. Check out the brand new trailer for Terra Battle 2 below:..

It looks like Edmund McMillen is definitely looking into iOS more with another announcement and release month target. After recently reconfirming Super Meat Boy Forever for a 2018 release, we now have a release month for The Legend of Bum-bo. This is a prequel to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [$14.99] which is on iOS from Nicalis. ..

Well it looks like our celebration of Simogo's catalogue and the shiny new 64-bit updates across the board with surprise discounts maybe short lived. Some of the games rarely are discounted and seeing games like Device 6 [$3.99] at $0.99 feels like highway robbery. We've been covering their stuff right from the start so will take any chance to get more people playing these amazing releases. Shaun just wrote about Beat Sneak Bandit [$2.99] for the Classic Reload and it is most definitely one of the early greats on the App Store. I cannot stop praising Year Walk [$3.99] and Device 6 [$3.99]. Simogo have clarified on Twitter today that the sale will end tomorrow (or later today depending on your timezone) and they may never discount their titles again. This isn't new as some developers don't plan on devaluing their releases through discounts in their minds. ..

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] [Free] from Square Enix gets the first of many collaborations with Disney Tsum Tsum. KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] isn't as good as it could've been as Shaun already mentioned in his review but as with every mobile RPG, collaboration events happen and the first of those with Disney Tsum Tsum begins today. The collaboration will take place through September with various events that reward players with medals, Pets, and more...

Atomine [$2.99] from Broken Arms Games is a twin stick shooter which has rogue-lite elements. It released on Steam back in May and has finally made its way to the App Store at a lower price point. The aim is to clear a level and destroy all enemies to unlock a portal to the next one. Drops include XP, energy, or weapons. Atomine has an actual story that takes place in a virtual world where STUXNET is a computer worm that spreads via Windows. Atomine is a virus that needs to grow stronger and compile itself into the target source code. Check out the Steam launch trailer below:..

Monster Loops [Free] from Mad Head Games has looped its way onto the App Store. Speherical monsters in a colourful world await your inputs with arcade gameplay through swiping. The release has been done through a collaboration between Binx Interactive and Mad Head Games under their Indie Accelerator Programme. Gameplay involves forming loops after connecting the same coloured monsters together. Watch the trailer below:..