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Eli as been obsessed with mobile gaming his entire life. Originally starting with Tiger Electronics handhelds, graduating to the original Game Boy, and upgrading to nearly every handheld platform leading up to modern day portables.

Developers of 'Game of Thrones Ascent' Announce 'Star Trek Timelines'

Alright so maybe the headline and announcement for Game of Thrones Ascent [Free (HD)] was a little too negative as I've actually spent some time with it I've started to really appreciate what developer Disruptor Beam did with the IP. The best way to sum it up is it's a kingdom management free to play game, dripping with themes and fan service from the books and TV show. It's still got all the trimmings of a free to play game like timers and crazy currencies, but it's kept me coming back...

Multiplatform releases are tricky as hell, and Telltale is really upping their game when it comes to how closely they're getting these new episodes of their games to hit on almost every platform at about the same time. Well, The Wolf Among Us [$4.99] is getting its third episode this week for iOS, available in-game via the DLC store like all the other Telltale game episodes...

Yesterday on our Twitch stream I had what inadvertently turned in to one of my best runs so far in FTL [$9.99 (HD)] where I actually managed to make it to the second phase of the last boss, rock a ship with fully powered weapons, and unlock a new ship randomly in the process...

Wrestlemania last night was insane, and I think the only way to follow up a show like that is to find some wrestling games to stream. Unfortunately, most of the ones I've fiddled with haven't been that great, so maybe we can find some good ones today...

865020_largerIn the days leading up to Wrestlemania this Sunday, we recorded a quick podcast with potentially questionable audio quality due to the universally terrible magic of hotel WiFi. Either way, we chat about the hot games of the week, compared FTL to Hodappy Bird, and of course, gave our predictions for what's going to happen to the Yes Movement.

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There's already been AI bots that play Threes!, but this is a real robot that plays the game, live streamed on Twitch. Created by Mathew Wegner, this is something you simply have to see to believe:..

'FTL: Faster Than Light' for iPad Review - Easily The Best Way to Play 'FTL'

Originally released on the Mac, PC, and Linux machines in late 2012, FTL: Faster Than Light [$9.99 (HD)] has seen more positive reviews and won more awards than I can even reasonably list. Rocking a solid 86 on Metacritic, FTL has already proven itself to be a great game. If you missed all the buzz the first time around, here's the gist-..

Just when I was totally ready to say we've officially seen it all when it comes to Flappy Bird clones, spin-offs, and mash-ups something like this has to hit the App Store. Imagine, if you will, the gameplay of Flappy Bird mixed with Street Fighter. When I say mixed, I mean mixed. The sprites and sounds are directly ripped, and you play as one of the classic Street Fighter characters avoiding dhalsim's arms. Yes. Really...

News already hit that Hearhtstone: Heroes of Warcraft is available via a soft launch for the lucky residents (or iTunes account holders) of the New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian iTunes regions. We grabbed it today, and I was effortlessly able to log in and play the game with my US account. If you weren't watching the stream today, you missed me losing pretty bad in it:..

It's Wednesday again, which means it's time for another New Zealand game m-m-m-m-mega stream. I'm changing the way this works around a bit to front-load the "big" games people are most excited for so we can spend the most time with them before moving on to the other games of the week. That way if you want to see everything, you can stick around, or if you're only interested in the big releases you don't need to wait through other games you're not quite as stoked about. So, here's the order that the games will be streamed today:..

Coming Tonight: 'FTL', 'Monument Valley', 'Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance' and More

Awesome. It's Wednesday again, and while the list of games on the New Zealand store that are scheduled to hit there US market at 11:00 PM Eastern tonight is looking a little slim, there's some great stuff in here… And it's pretty early, so it's always possible more stuff leaks out throughout the day. A lot of these very much are premium games with premium price tags, so let's hope that everyone who was mad about news this week that gamers prefer free games with ads put their money where their mouth is and sends these soaring up the charts!..

Best iPhone and iPad Games of March 2014

April is shaping up to be an amazing month for iOS gaming, but March was really awesome and filled with games we'd been anticipating forever as well as a few surprises. March was host to GDC, so things sort of slowed down during that time, but, whatever. There are still were ton of great games to check out regardless...

As mentioned in our post last week, Apple has started a new thing where they release weekly lists of the top most downloaded games on the App Store. Now, keep in mind instead of a near-realtime display like the top charts in iTunes, these are cumulative downloads over the whole week...

FTL is a hell of a game, and hearing that it was coming to the iPad is easily among the best news I've heard surrounding the App Store. It's one of my favorite games for the PC, and while I haven't played it in quite a while, it's been super exciting to pick up the game again on the iPad. It's being released tomorrow for $9.99, but we got the all clear this afternoon to stream the game today...