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Eli as been obsessed with mobile gaming his entire life. Originally starting with Tiger Electronics handhelds, graduating to the original Game Boy, and upgrading to nearly every handheld platform leading up to modern day portables.

'Final Fantasy VII' for iPhone and iPad First Impressions: It's About What You'd Expect

I'm roughly 90 minutes into Final Fantasy VII so far, and I streamed my whole play session over on our Mobcrush channel. Here's part one and part two, a small WiFi SNAFU broke the stream about half way through. Anyway, I guess the supreme tl;dr of my first impressions of FF7 is this is the port you'd expect, and I mean that in both a good and bad way. It appears to be a port of the PC version of the game, which means the graphics are ever-so-slightly better than the original PlayStation version, and on my iPad Air 2 it runs flawlessly. As far as thoroughly stoking the coals of fiery nostalgia for this epic RPG, this port will definitely do the trick, and all the more janky aspects likely won't come as much of a surprise if you've played any of the iOS Final Fantasy ports released on the App Store so far...

New iPhone Games Coming Tonight (or Out Now): 'Pac-Man 256', 'Final Fantasy VII', and 'Galactic Keep'

If you guys haven't seen Vanilla Sky by now, spoiler alert, but I'm pretty sure something similar happened to me. I mean, here's a day where we woke up to Pac-Man 256 [Free] available for download, Galactic Keep allegedly on the horizon somewhere, and Final Fantasy VII slowly making its way across the world's App Store regions. I'm pretty sure I died at some point yesterday, and this is just my cryogenically frozen vastly preferable alternate reality that I'm living in right now. I think I'm going to enjoy it for a bit more before running outside and screaming "TECH SUPPORT!"..

'Final Fantasy VII' Hits the NZ App Store

'Final Fantasy VII' Hits the NZ App Store

August 19th, 2015 10:10 AM EDT by Eli Hodapp in Featured, News

This is not a drill. Final Fantasy VII has hit the New Zealand App Store. It's $19.99 NZD which should translate to around $15 US if my math is correct. Either way, it should be available on the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern tonight...

eLearning seems to be a hit on TouchArcade Deals, so today we're highlighting another bundle: The 'Build 20 Games' iOS Game Developer Bundle, available now for $20. This course bundle will teach you everything you need to know to use Apple's tools to build all different types of games. Starting with simple word games, the eventually building up to complicated action games. Additionally, each subsequent course introduces more auxiliary skills such as using iTunes Connect, how IAP works, making great icons, and other stuff like that...

913168_largerWe had another week with a ton of email, so again the first half of the podcast was dedicated to discussing it. A reader asked us questions about Clash of Clans [Free], then we had a query about the app and t-shirts, along with some other stuff. From there, we shifted gears to discussing a bit of Monsters Ate My Metropolis [Free], a tiny bit of Hearthstone [Free], with the bulk of the time going to the upcoming Pac-Man 256, which is working out to be an amazing game. Oh, and we discuss a couple books along with the crazy parallels between self publishing a book and self publishing a iOS game. The two books discussed as The Martian and Wool.

If you want to be heard on an episode of The TouchArcade Show, don't forget to shoot us emails with any questions, feedback, or anything else relevant or irrelevant to We read 'em all, and love decoding messages written entirely in emoji. As always, you can listen to us with the links below... And if you like what you hear, please subscribe and/or drop us a review in iTunes. Much appreciated!


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Tiny TrackZ, $2.99 - Do you like trains? Then you’ll love Tiny TrackZ!

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'Fallout Shelter' for Android Finally Available, 1.1 Update Arrives on App Store

Every time we post about Bethesda's Fallout Shelter [Free], out Twitter mentions are absolutely ruined for the next week from Android users asking us when the game is going to hit Google Play. Well, finally we can post about Fallout Shelter and say it's here. Here's the Google Play link. It requires Android 4.1 and up, so unless your device is super old, you should be able to run it? I think? Maybe? Either way, it's available!..

We checked out what's getting the most traction on our deals site, and it looks like a lot of people are gravitating towards the various eLearning stuff we're offering. So, today we're highlighting a pay what you want game developer bundle that features three different parts: A set of courses surrounding building games without any programming knowledge required using Stencyl & Construct 2, courses on building HTML5 games using a bunch of different tools, and finally, building both 3D and 2D games in Unity...

It's working up to be another weird Wednesday, with things going sort of backwards from how they usually go. It seems like recently we've seen a bunch of weird games leak out early in the morning, then the "big" games randomly appearing later that evening. Today seems to be the opposite, with Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 leading the pack. Hey, whatever, it wouldn't be the App Store without craziness...

Early last year, Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 [Free] hit the App Store. Excitement was sky high for more proper tycoon games, so when we got word a Rollercoaster Tycoon game was coming, everyone got super excited. When it was revealed that it wasn't a port of, but instead, a gross free to play game, the reaction was something like this:..

Win an iPad Air 2 via TouchArcade Deals

August 10th, 2015 5:33 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in Deals, News

We mentioned on Friday that we've teamed up with StackSocial to provide all sorts of cool deals, and were going to be posting about them throughout the week. Well, to kick things off, how about a giveaway of an iPad Air 2? If you've got an old iPad, or no iPad at all, hit this link and enter the giveaway. Basically all you need to do is get signed up for our deals site so you can log in, then click to enter the contest...

089574_largerThis week's podcast discussion was kicked off by a couple great emails, the first which sent us on a pretty lengthy discussion surrounding graphical fidelity of iOS games sort of feeling like it stopped progressing as quickly following the release of Infinity Blade [$5.99]. From there, we hopped to another email asking about great portrait mode games, which resulted in a real long discussion on Sling Kong [Free] along with a hasty list of other great games. We also fan out over Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon [$4.99] and then briefly discuss some of the news of the week.

If you want to be heard on an episode of The TouchArcade Show, don't forget to shoot us emails with any questions, feedback, or anything else relevant or irrelevant to We read 'em all, and love decoding messages written entirely in emoji. As always, you can listen to us with the links below... And if you like what you hear, please subscribe and/or drop us a review in iTunes. Much appreciated!


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Loot & Legends, Free - Hating on Hearthstone? Down on Duels of the Planeswalkers? Check out Loot & Legends! Co-designed by Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: the Gathering, in conjunction with many of the great minds behind the Bioshock, Plants vs. Zombies, and Peggle series, Loot and Legends is the highly anticipated CCG for iPad, based on the award winning PC game, Card Hunter. Return to the good old days of playing D&D in your parents' basement, go on epic adventures, build your own custom battle deck and collect that sweet, sweet loot. So dust off that musty old iPad and head to the App Store to download Loot & Legends free today!


Whenever we post about hardware stuff on TouchArcade, it always seems to go over really well. Recently, we posted about some chargers, the response was very positive. So, we figured out a way to do way more of that while offering some well-curated deals, freebies, and pay-what-you-want stuff. Thanks to StackSocial, we've now got a storefront set up at Friends of ours who run other web sites covering Apple stuff have done similar stuff, and have had nothing but good things to say about it all, so, hey, why not?..

If your sense of humor gravitates towards appreciating absolute absurdity, you might want to know about this truly terrible game that just popped up on our forums and shot up our hot games list. It's called Tappy Twerk 3D [Free / $0.99] and it's effectively the unholy union of what happens when some maniac decides to combine Flappy Bird with ... twerking. This once again has us on the same page as Jurassic Park's Dr. Ian Malcom:..

The 'Infinity Blade' Trilogy Bundle Drops to $5

August 6th, 2015 1:00 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News, Sales
$5.99 Buy Now

I sort of refuse to believe that anyone reading TouchArcade in mid-2015 might not have played the Infinity Blade series yet, but if you happen to be in the camp of people who still haven't played one of the best series of iOS games available, the Infinity Blade trilogy bundle is now cheaper than it's ever been at five bucks. For the price of a Subway sandwich (Does Subway even do the $5 footlong thing anymore? Mine doesn't.) you get not one, but all three Infinity Blade games...

Check Out this Gameplay Footage of 'PAC-MAN 256'

While everyone else is busy just making Crossy Road [Free] (JEEZ!), the actual Crossy Road developers have been hard at work on what might be the best version of Pac-Man yet. We got a real brief look at a (then) super-secret version of Pac-Man 265 at GDC, and it's amazing. It's sort of crazy too, as Namco has been busy relentlessly trying to reinvent the wheel doing all sorts of real dumb things with the Pac-Man IP, while Hipster Whale comes in from out of left field with a modern Pac-Man game that... Actually makes sense...

A hot topic lately following the release of Angry Birds 2 [Free] is discussing the how's, the why's, and who is to blame for the current situation on the App Store where a game from a series like Angry Birds which very much got its start in the premium priced app world has since shifted gears to a free to play title loaded to the brim with what some people call "cancerous elements." A world map complete with Facebook avatars, a life system which recharges over time, currencies, ads you can watch, a hefty dose of randomization, and other free to play shenanigans has some folks very upset. However, as long-time TouchArcade forum member Sivad points out in a thread posted earlier this week, it's typically the same people who are incredibly upset about free to play who also get worked up over the pricing of premium games as well...

One of my favorite spectator sports lately is keeping an eye on r/fivenightsatfreddys/. The Five Nights at Freddy's community is truly incredible, and I feel like this whole phenomenon is something someone could write a pretty fascinating book on eventually. The fandom is so obsessed with FNAF, anything vaguely negative causes quite a stir. Needless to say, the reaction to this "honest trailer" for Five Nights at Freddy's 4 [$2.99] has been pretty predictably negative...

Just Make 'Crossy Road' T-Shirts, JEEZ.

August 5th, 2015 1:45 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News
Free Buy Now

If you eat, sleep, breathe, and eat Crossy Road [Free] (Well, eat chickens, I guess) and want to proudly display your Crossy Road love to the world in the form of an internationally shipped T-shirt, guess what? Today is your lucky day. Hipster Whale just launched the Crossy Road store, throwing their hat into the ring of one more popular iOS game taking a crack at merchandising...

If you love RNG, the addition of the Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone [Free] has to be like a weekly Christmas morning for you. Every Wednesday we're seeing crazier and crazier game modes, with most of them leaning so heavily on randomization it's insane. Last week's Unstable Portal brawl wasn't much fun for me personally, as it kind of felt like you were just flipping a coin for who was going to win. This week, things are a bit better because you get to build your own deck...

Were you playing Magic: The Gathering in the Lorwyn block? If you weren't here's what you were missing: Bitterblossom, Bitterblossom everywhere. The block of cards, at least in my local meta, was perfect for hyper-aggressive faerie decks which were hard to beat. Aside from faeries punching you in the face, Lorwyn had a cool mechanic called "Clash," and a whole bunch of cards that involved clashing. When you clash, you and your opponent pull the top card off your deck and whoever has the higher converted mana cost wins. Problem was, competitive Magic players really aren't super into the idea of RNG beyond just the randomness of shuffling your deck, so outside of limited, cards with Clash rarely seemed to see much play...