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Eli as been obsessed with mobile gaming his entire life. Originally starting with Tiger Electronics handhelds, graduating to the original Game Boy, and upgrading to nearly every handheld platform leading up to modern day portables.

Best iPhone and iPad Games of the Week: 11/14/14 - 'Candy Crush Soda Saga', 'Icewind Dale', 'Monument Valley' and More

OK so I know I always start these out with "Oh man you guys we reviewed so many good games this week," but it's REALLY TRUE this time. But, wait, does that make the other times... not true? Who the hell even knows, but you should download these games like yesterday...

Love the 'Monument Valley' Totem? You Can Buy One on Etsy

November 14th, 2014 1:53 PM EST by Eli Hodapp in News
$3.99 Buy Now

While some people are mad as hell that the Monument Valley [$3.99] expansion pack costs money, other people are selling really sweet Monument Valley swag on Etsy. If you haven't played the game yet, check out our review and the review of the expansion...

Well this is weird. NimbleBit just launched Golfinity [Free], which is most easily described developers obsessed with Desert Golfing [$1.99] who decided to make their own version of an endless golfing game. It launched free with ads, and the ads were implemented in a way that was totally typical of what you normally see in these sorts of free games: Not obnoxious, but there every once in a while...

Straight out of the "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" department is some amazingly depressing news from the dudes at ustwo following the release of the Monument Valley [$3.99] expansion, Forgotten Shores. Backing things up a bit, Monument Valley is an incredible game. We effortlessly gave it five stars in our review, and it's included in any list of games I tell people to check out when constantly asked "What games should I get?" Its expansion launched this morning, essentially doubling the amount of content in the game for $1.99...

'Candy Crush Soda Saga' Review - Poppin' Bottles in the Ice

'Candy Crush Soda Saga' Review - Poppin' Bottles in the Ice

November 12th, 2014 4:44 PM EST by Eli Hodapp in 5 stars, Free, Games, Puzzle, Reviews
Free Buy Now

There's been a lot of super popular free to play games on the App Store, but the original Candy Crush Saga [Free] completely redefined the meaning of App Store success. The game was huge on Facebook, and the leap to mobile sent the popularity of Candy Crush to a level I'm not even sure the wildest dreams of anyone at King could have imagined. It's become part of pop culture to the point that the game is even referenced in unrelated TV commercials now, and it's almost rare to be out in public and not see someone playing the game...

There's a Duck Dynasty Tower Defense Game Coming Out Tomorrow

I'll be the first to admit I just don't get the appeal of Duck Dynasty. If you've never seen an episode on TV, you might assume it's about the science behind and the craftsmanship of duck calls, which is about 0.1% true. It's actually one of those pseudo-reality shows with a bunch of people always doing pretty crazy things… Of course, this doesn't stop Duck Dynasty from being immensely popular. This popularity has lead to a ridiculous amount of merchandising, and now, the tower defense game Duck Commander: Duck Defense-..

The App Store operates at a blazing pace it seems, as it doesn't feel like that long ago that Monument Valley [$3.99] was released. It then proceeded to win an Apple Design Award, and the developers teased the potential that there'd be more content on the way. That tease turned into an actual announcement, and as of a few moments ago, the expansion content is now available...

New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: 'Crystal Siege HD', 'Framed', 'Golfinity', 'Random Heroes 3' and Tons More

Whoa, this is a Wednesday here. 31 games as of this posting have dribbled their way out on to the App Store and are either available now or will be available for download at 11:00 PM Eastern. There's some great stuff in here too...

FDG Entertainment's Oceanhorn [$8.99] has been a graphical benchmark title since it was first released late last year. Since then, it's received a number of updates which have continually tweaked the game to look better and be more awesome. The "Game of the Year Edition" update added fishing and a bunch of other stuff, and there's another substantial update on the way for Oceanhorn version 2.5, which is scheduled to be released on December 11th...

The TouchArcade Show - 180 - Clicking 24/7/365

November 7th, 2014 10:02 PM EST by Eli Hodapp in Podcast

LogoHaving Brad was a nice suprise last week, but this week we're b ack to the far more sleepy and far less muscular Mike Meade. Sorry, everyone! Regardless, we've got a great podcast for you this week with a lot of talk about game design and what makes a clicker like Bitcoin Billionaire so weirdly appealing even though the core gameplay element is nothing more than watching a number go up.

Don't forget to shoot us emails with any questions, feedback, or anything else relevant or irrelevant to We read 'em all, even if they don't make it into the podcast. As always, you can listen to us with the links below... And if you like what you hear, please subscribe and/or drop us a review in iTunes. Much appreciated!


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  • Jet Run: City Defender [Free]
  • Bitcoin Billionaire [Free]
  • Day of the Viking [$2.99]
  • 1-Bit Hero [Free]
  • Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes [Free]
  • Adventure Age [Free]
  • Super Secret Service [$1.99]



Best iPhone and iPad Games of the Week: 11/7/14 - 'Bitcoin Billionaire', 'Drift'n'Drive', 'Puzzle to the Center of the Earth', 'RPG Asdivine Hearts' and 'Talisman'

Further ramping into Q4 and barreling towards the "holiday season" (or I guess now the day after Halloween is technically the holiday season) it's not a surprise we're seeing better and better games. Developers are going to continue to jockey for position over the next month before the iTunes freeze... So if you think these last few weeks have been good, you ain't seen nothin' yet...

Eric Ford is on the scene at Blizzcon and just got a hands on with the new expansion, which will be posting soon. In the meantime, here's the 28 cards Blizzard has revealed so far from the expansion. This. Is going. To be. ...AWESOME. I can't wait. I hope you're been saving your in-game gold for boosters...

Blizzard Announces 'Hearthstone' Expansion "Goblins vs Gnomes"

Just as all the teases have sort of indicated, Blizzard just announced a new Hearthstone [Free (HD)] expansion during the opening ceremony at Blizzcon. It's called "Goblins vs Gnomes," featuring over 120 cards that centralize around different engineering gizmos from World of Warcraft. Exploding Sheep, Annoy-o-Trons, and other similar things will be featured as cards...

'Tony Hawk's Shred Session' Postponed Indefinitely, New Console and Mobile 'Tony Hawk' Game Coming in 2015

Earlier this year, I sat down with Tony Hawk himself to hear about his new mobile game, Tony Hawk's Shred Session at his HQ in San Marcos, CA. At the time, the game was near release, and it was a big deal to get it in the hands of mobile games media to start the high profile game launch process. I was even able to get some video of Tony walking me through the game:..

'Monument Valley' Expansion Launches Next Week for $1.99

November 7th, 2014 11:23 AM EST by Eli Hodapp in News
$3.99 Buy Now

It's not difficult to describe ustwo's Monument Valley [$3.99] as something truly special. We loved it in our review, particularly as the game both looks and plays beautifully. The puzzles are clever, and in one of the original Monument Valley videos the designers mentioned making every screenshot you could take of the game a work of art, which I feel they executed on fully...