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Eli as been obsessed with mobile gaming his entire life. Originally starting with Tiger Electronics handhelds, graduating to the original Game Boy, and upgrading to nearly every handheld platform leading up to modern day portables.

We've got a lot of crazy stuff over on TouchArcade Deals, and today's deal is super cool if you're the kind of person who wished Guitar Hero came with a real tiny electric guitar. Well, the Jamstik wireless smart guitar sort of realizes that dream, in that it's a full-blown electric guitar that hooks up to your iOS device and then lets you play... Well, actual music. Check out how it works in this demo video:..

New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: 'Battle Copters', 'Chromatic Souls', 'Hop Hop Hop', 'Carmen Sandiego Returns' and More

Wednesday again, and barreling towards the holiday iTunes freeze these release lists are getting crazier and crazier. This list includes some games that came out last night, some New Zealand games that should come out tonight, a couple games that could potentially be soft launched, and a bunch of other goodies. We've also got a small list of new games we know are coming this week (Like Goat Rider and others [Update: Added Goat Rider])  that haven't popped up on iTunes yet, so be sure to stick around for updates on those. Oh, and there's a new Carmen Sandiego game!..

Last week we posted about a vague teaser for Imangi's Temple Run 2 [Free] and something called Frozen Shadows. Well, since then, more details have emerged in the form of physical swag. They've sent us (and presumably other members of the media) a post card with some more details and a actual Temple Run idol. It's heavy as hell, and feels like it could totally be cursed, potentially. Check it out:..

Comments Work Again in The TouchArcade App

November 17th, 2015 11:46 AM EST by Eli Hodapp in News
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Here's a thing! A sort of a, uh, "note," I guess: As many of you have pointed out in emails, forum posts, tweets, Facebook messages, telegrams, smoke signals, messenger pigeons, and more comments have been broken on The TouchArcade App [Free] for the past couple weeks. I was worried that fixing this might require an update to the app, which is something Apple won't let us do as it violates rules 2.25 and 2.26, so it could've been one more nail in the coffin for the ol' app, but our developers figured out a way to get comments working again entirely on our side...

'Castle Croc' Is the First Apple Watch Game We've Seen in a While

The hype around the launch of the Apple Watch, like most new Apple products, was sky high. On day zero of the Apple Watch launch, it seemed like everyone and their brother was pushing hard into having some kind of Apple Watch app ready to go. Studios like Everywear Games even popped up with the goal of making games exclusive to the Apple Watch. Since then though, things have fizzled out to say the least. Watch OS 2 didn't do much to reinvigorate things, and it's gotten to the point where it's pretty rare to even see new games coming to the Apple Watch...

If you read TouchArcade daily and find yourself thinking how much you'd like to execute on some of the game ideas rolling around in your head but no idea where to get started, this e-learning bundle courtesy of TouchArcade Deals is worth tossing $20 bucks at. It'll teach you how to build 20 different iOS games, using all the Apple iOS developer tools and Apple's new Swift programming language. Here's the topics that are covered:..

'Goat Rider' Is the Next Game From the Maniacs at BeaverTap Games

You've dodged walls in Radical [Free], you've moved walls in, well, Move the Walls [Free], but are you ready to ride goats in Goat Rider? Whether you are or not, the game is hitting the App Store this week, and there's even a trailer featuring the guy with the beard:..

LogoOn this week's episode, as promised, we spend quite a bit of time talking about what it's like to attend Blizzcon. It includes a lot of chat about Blizzard's whole lineup of products, which isn't supremely mobile focused, so if you don't care about that just skip ahead a little bit. From there we dive into discussing the iPad Pro along with a discussion on The Room series of games before briefly mentioning a couple other titles and hopping feet first into the news.

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TouchArcade Deals: SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller for $29.95

If you grew up on the Super Nintendo, and nothing has really scratched the same itch as holding a SNES controller, today's offer via TouchArcade Deals is something that should be on your radar. The SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller is available now for $29.95 with free shipping. We saw them at E3, and they're the real deal. It's like having a Bluetooth-enabled SNES controller...

This has been a busy week for me between Blizzcon, a Hearthstone expansion, Apple hardware releases between the Apple TV and iPad Pro, a bunch of behind the scenes stuff at TouchArcade, oh, and the release of Fallout 4 on PC and consoles. In the past we've covered the Pip-Boy App [Free], so it seemed like a good idea and come full circle writing about both Fallout 4 as well as what it's like playing the game using the companion app...

Calling all adventurers, the brand new Hearthstone single player adventure, The League of Explorers, is now live. Players who are brave enough to join Reno Jackson and journey through the Temple of Orsis will earn a bunch of new cards and one piece of The Staff of Origination. ..

Imangi Studios Teases 'Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows'

November 12th, 2015 12:24 PM EST by Eli Hodapp in News
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Temple Run [Free] kicked off the behind the back runner genre on the App Store, and Temple Run 2 [Free] picked up that torch and ran with it. If you haven't played a Temple Run game by now, well, that's pretty weird and you should think about fixing that problem. Today, Imangi is teasing something new called Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows. Here's the super brief trailer:..

We've posted about the Titan Cable before on TouchArcade Deals before and people totally dug it. If you've ever had a cable get eaten by your cat, frayed, or otherwise messed up, the Titan Cable is the answer to all of that. Today we're offering a really cool bundle that not only features a Titan Cable, but also the smaller Titan Loop cable. First off, check out the kind of crazy things you can put the Titan Cable through:..

I picked up an iPad Pro from my local Apple Store this morning, which was largely uneventful aside from the bafflingly inefficient system they had of retrieving web orders. But, hey, it wouldn't be an Apple product launch without some kind of weirdness, right? If you too go to an Apple Store today, even just to look, you'll see a load of iPad Pro's on display. I'm not sure how anyone can walk away with a first impression that's any different from, "Wow, this is comically large." Unboxing my iPad Pro and getting it in my hands for the first time brought all the memories of the original Xbox rushing back, as everything about that console (particularly the launch day unit) from the size of the Xbox itself to how huge the controller is just felt absurdly huge. In the case of the iPad Pro, that's the whole point though, isn't it? Hell, the iPad Pro is so big it makes my proper MacBook feel small in comparison...

This Morning's New iPhone Games: 'Amazing Loot Grind', 'Blade Waltz', 'Heroes Curse', 'Artificial Defense' and More

It's Wednesday again and it's also the day that the iPad Pro comes out. Normally I'll hold off on posting these stories until I've collected a decent amount of games, but, with new hardware on the horizon I wanted to get something up just so people had a list of games to look at even if it's just the very first wave. Typically these appear on the App Store in batches, leading all the way up to the last group which typically shows up around 11:00 PM Eastern...

Hands-On With 'Hearthstone' and 'The League of Explorers'

November 10th, 2015 4:00 PM EST by Eli Hodapp in News
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We've already covered the announcement of The League of Explorers, but I actually got to sit down at Blizzcon to play a part of the new adventure. The whole expansion is gloriously Indiana Jones-y, which was flawlessly exhibited in the Blizzcon demo. The Hearthstone team is getting super clever with these days with these single player encounters. In this particular one, you're not even fighting an enemy as much as you're fighting for your very survival. You're escaping from a crumbling temple, and it's going to take you ten turns to get out. You've got your normal load out of 30 life, which you might need all of to make it...

The TouchArcade Show - 230 - FedEx Finally Arrives

November 6th, 2015 9:00 PM EST by Eli Hodapp in Podcast
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272085_largerThis week we're basically having the podcast I wanted to have last week, as Jared finally got his new Apple TV. We discuss both of our impressions with the device after using it for a more significant amount of time, as well as go through some of the more obscure control methods that developers have been trying to implement. This episode is a tiny bit shorter than most, as we recorded it on Wednesday since I'm at Blizzcon right now. We'll have an extra long episode next week to make up, including more game discussion and Blizzcon chat.

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This week's episode of The TouchArcade Show is sponsored by…

Sum More Gems, $1.99 - Do you like matching games? Have you enjoyed games like Tetris, Bejeweled or 2048? Then you will want to check out Sum More Gems.

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New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: 'Nuts! The Battle of the Bulge', '7 Seas', 'Wheelie 2' and More

It's Wednesday again, and even though this list of new games is a little on the scant side compared to the last two weeks, I've got a feeling things will turn around by tonight. So many games have been coming out lately we need to rejigger how we're doing the Out Now post as last week featured so many games it was crashing browsers. I know for a fact there's more games coming too, including some really high profile ones, so consider this list fairly incomplete as of this posting...

'League of Legends' Finally Is Getting an Official Chat App

League of Legends is a free to play MOBA that's also the biggest PC game in the world, by a large margin. It's one of my favorite games, and one I've somehow spent thousands of dollars on over the years. (Skins = wins, right?) One thing that has always bugged me about League of Legends is there's never been a great way to know when your friends want to play short of them just sending you a text message. But, if you've got friends in game, who don't have your phone number, you're sort of out of luck...

November Patreon Update: Very Close to Making "Over 9,000" DBZ Jokes

This has been a wild ride for The TouchArcade Patreon last month, with us fluctuating close to $9,000, then barely going over, and coming back down under as people adjust their monthly contributions. So, the Dragonball Z "Over 9,000" jokes will need to wait for another month. But, there is substantial news in that we got another major backer who threw their hat into the ring on one of the highest tiers of our campaign...