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'Space Colors' Successor 'Superchroma' Blows Up the Galaxy This Thursday

Last year's Space Colors [$0.99] was an entertaining romp of space action and plenty of pretty colors in its many explosions. Well, developer Trent Polack at Team Chaos has been hard at work on a successor to that game that starts with the same basic formula but adds in so much more. Superchroma is that follow-up, and it's hitting the App Store this Thursday, January 22nd. You'll be building and upgrading bases, collecting parts for your ship to upgrade it, and just generally wreaking havoc all over the galaxy. Here's a trailer showing off an earlier version of the game, but the final version looks similar:..

'Her Story' Wants to Reclaim the Reputation of the FMV Game

FMV games are one of those genres that kind of died off. Pretty much all of them were more interesting for being goofy B-movie-grade quality, like Night Trap and Sewer Shark and other mediocre games from the Sega CD. But Her Story wants to try and help reclaim the genre, and will be coming to iOS as well as PC. The game is created by Sam Barlow, who is known for his work as writer and designer on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, one of the more notable titles in the horror series. Her Story's setup involves having access to a vault of video interviews with a woman who is being questioned about the disappearance of her husband. You can search the game's database for different videos to try and put the mystery together...

'Jelly Reef' is the Last Game from 'Fingle' Creators Game Oven

Sad news to report today, as Game Oven Studios is shutting down in April. The creators of Fingle [$1.99 (HD)], Friendstrap [Free], Bounden [$2.99], and the upcoming Jelly Reef, which is still coming out, say that a conflict between being able to maintain their artistic freedom and needing to pay the bills is the reason for the shuttering. Adriaan de Jongh of the three-person studio says in a blog post that they are "at a point where we are in need of another vision for a beautiful game, but where we don’t have one, and don’t have the financial resources to find one and make one."..

'The Witcher Battle Arena' Starts Witching Worldwide This Week

Good news for those of you who haven't checked out The Witcher Battle Arena in one of its many pre-release forms yet: the free-to-play MOBA will be available worldwide on Thursday on both iOS and Android. The game has been kicking around in beta and soft launches for the past few months, and it looks like the game is finally ready for primetime. CD Projekt RED, publishers of the game and of other Witcher video games, are claiming this one won't have pay-to-win mechanics, with mostly cosmetic items available. ..

App Store Classic 'Flick Fishing' Gets Long-Awaited Sequel in 'Fast Fishing'

Have you thought about Flick Fishing [$2.99 / $2.99 (HD) / Free (HD)] recently? You probably played it back in the day, but haven't thought about it recently. It hasn't even been updated since 2011. Well, developer Strange Flavour is going to try and reel you in again, as they have just announced that Fast Fishing is releasing this Thursday, January 22nd, on iOS. This resurrects the classic fishing game, where you'll use simple controls to cast your rod and reel in bigger and bigger fish across 22 levels. Check out a trailer below:..

'Sid Meier's Starships' Coming Soon to iPad

Sid Meier's name should be familiar to anyone who's a fan of simulation/strategy/4X games, as he's the creator of the Civilization series, which most recently came to mobile with Civilization Revolution 2 [$14.99]. and his latest title with his studio Firaxis is coming soon to mobile: Sid Meier's Starships. The 2K-published game will be a turn-based game, wherein you command a fleet of starships, trying to explore the galaxy and deal with alien races. Combat, technology development, and a number of missions with unique maps are promised in this one...

An interesting new game based on the Adventure Time license has just released today on the App Store. Adventure Time Game Wizard [$4.99] is a licensed take and expansion on Pixel Press Floors [Free], a game which allowed you to create your own platformer levels by sketching out levels. Originally revealed at PAX Prime 2014, This adds Adventure Time flavor to it, along with some expansions to the formula. It's now possible to create levels on iPhone as well as on iPad, and through an in-app creator as well as by sketching on sheets of grid paper that can be printed out via AirPrint, or from this site...

Combo Quest [$0.99] is a game that infuriates me and tantalizes me simultaneously. Its concept is pretty clever and fun to play with, walking a constant tightrope act to where you have to not screw up in order to succeed against increasingly-steep odds. But the balance of the game's elements feels out of whack, which I think keeps the game from being great, but causes it to remain endlessly fascinating...

DeNA has launched the third in their series of PC and console puzzle games being adapted and renamed for mobile. Unpixelate [$2.99] follows in the footsteps after Wavefront [$2.99] and Polyform [$2.99] were released on the App Store in 2014. Unpixelate is based on Puzzle Dimension, which released for Steam in 2010. The game's gotten a bit of a visual makeover, but is still about navigating 3D levels, trying to collect all the flowers in the level and reaching the exit, while dealing with various traps and hazards on the 3D courses. There's 100 levels in total to check out. Here's a trailer for the PC version that shows off some of what to expect:..

From the "Wait, no one's done this already?" files, comes Bust-a-Move Islands [Free]. This is a free-to-play version of the popular bubble-popping platformer also known as Puzzle Bobble, a pun on the arcade game Bubble Bobble which the series is a spinoff of. The game has a heavy King influence, which I suppose is ironic considering that they have their own take on Bust-a-Move with Bubble Witch Saga [Free] and Bubble Witch 2 [Free] being out there...

Puzzle and Dragons [Free] is a big deal. Not so much in the US, where the game does sit in the 100s in top grossing games, but in Japan it's the second top grossing game right now. Obviously, it's free-to-play on mobile, but the game has a curious secondary existence: it's been available on the 3DS in Japan as a retail game. And now it's coming to the US in two different versions bundled as one: Puzzle and Dragons Z and Puzzle and Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, coming in May...

Seriously, if you're a big Warhammer fan, you need to count your lucky stars that Games Workshop is willing to spread their licenses out far and wide. Fan of the NFL? Hope you like the Madden games! Fan of Warhammer? Well, you get many, many games, all across many genres to play. The latest is the now-worldwide The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault [Free], published by Crooz and developed by Complex Games. This is basically a Clash of Clans [Free] take on the Warhammer universe, which feels kind of surprising that no one had done that already. ..

'Monument Valley' Has Been a Total Success For Ustwo

January 15th, 2015 4:30 PM EST by Carter Dotson in News
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Ustwo Games has just released an infographic showing off how Monument Valley [$3.99] has done in the marketplace. Thankfully, the game has been a smashing success, pulling in over $5.8 million in revenue from the sale of over 2.4 million copies and over 575,000 sales of the Forgotten Shores DLC. The base game cost $852,000 to produce, and the DLC $549,000, meaning that the game has made a hefty profit for the studio. This is rather heartening considering that the game was particularly beloved both critically and by players, and since paid games are such a risk these days, seeing a well-crafted paid game like this be successful is heartening...

'WWE Immortals' Out Now Worldwide on Android

January 15th, 2015 1:52 PM EST by Carter Dotson in Android, News
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WWE Immortals [Free] snuck out yesterday afternoon worldwide suddenly, but only for iOS. Android users had to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the game, but wait no longer: WWE Immortals has just launched on Android worldwide. This is, as mentioned in our launch announcement and hands-on yesterday, essentially a WWE take on Injustice [Free], featuring simplified fighting game combat, 3-on-3 battles, and plenty of collectable characters, except this time, they're all WWE stars presented in stylized versions, like a golem version of The Rock...