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Pixelnest Studio's rad shoot 'em up Steredenn [$3.99] has just hit the App Store. Originally released in 2015 for Steam and consoles, it has finally arrived on mobile. And what a game it could promise to be: a shoot 'em up with roguelike elements, where you get upgrades as you play, but start out fresh each time. As well, there's a thumping heavy metal soundtrack that plays throughout the entire game. Too many games don't have metal soundtracks. And as someone whose wardrobe is mostly black t-shirts with metal bands...I am excited...

Interesting news from the VR front today: Owlchemy Labs has been acquired by Google. Owlchemy Labs made Snuggle Truck [Free] and Jack Lumber [Free] for mobile, eventually branching out early into the VR space, where they likely have the number-one selling VR game in Job Simulator. It's a lot of fun, and has been a launch title on the three major console/PC platforms: HTC Vive, PS VR, and Oculus. They also made the Rick and Morty VR game for Adult Swim:..

What is Butterscotch Shenanigans up to now? Well, they hid a teaser in a recent newsletter. Now, I feel like there's two rules regarding secrets. Either they're gonna be found right away, or they're gonna take forever to be found if ever. Like, what the heck are the Nazca lines about? We've taken too long to find out. Thankfully, a couple of internet sleuths took less than 24 hours to figure out and unearth this image:..

'Monster Metropolis' Wants to Combine City Building and Monster Battling

Faceroll Games, who developed Call of Duty: Heroes [Free], are hard at work on an original title called Monster Metropolis. They're describing it as Sim City meets Rampage meets...Grandia? Yes, that's the plan here. You'll be building up a city of your very own, and trying to protect it from your many, many enemies. But you'll also have a bunch of different creatures to collect and upgrade. And then, you'll do battle with them against opponents in JRPG-inspired battles, including raids of opponent cities...

'Skullgirls Mobile' Releases on May 25th

The long and winding path for the Skullgirls mobile adaptation is set to come to an end, as the mobile adaptation of the 2D fighting game releases in several territories on May 25th. It's not a true worldwide launch, but players in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines will get access to the game. This is a mobile, free-to-play adaptation of the popular fighting game by Lab Zero, featuring an all-female cast except for a guy named Big Band for some reason, and detailed animation along with a visual style that recalls the cartoons from the golden age of American animation...

'Kalimba' Co-Op Puzzle Platformer Coming to iOS, Needs Beta Testers

Flashbulb Games is bringing Kalimba, their puzzle-platformer, to iOS, and they need the community's help to beta test the iOS version of the game. This game has you playing as two colored totem pole pieces – at the same time – trying to solve tricky puzzling, platforming challenges. The desktop and console version of the game involved co-operative play as a feature, and Flashbulb wants to keep that alive on the iOS version. The iPad version in particular will support two players on one iPad, facing each other. Check out the iOS trailer for the game:..

'Titanfall: Assault' Soft Launches in Philippines

When Titanfall: Assault was announced on May 3rd, it seemed like a soft launch wasn't far away. In particular, the screenshots looked like they were ready to serve as the App Store or Google Play screenshots for the game. Well, it turns out that the game has soft launched in the Phillippines, and thanks to a tip from a Twitch viewer last night, we got to check it out live on stream:..

Cyberpunk Endless Runner 'Retroshifter' Needs Beta Testers

Murdercloud Studios, a duo that must really not like Cloud from Final Fantasy VII [$15.99], has announced their new game Retroshifter. Described as a cyberpunk-themed runner, you'll have to change the color on your Retroshifters to match the lasers that appear in your path, in order to keep running. Do well, and the focus ability will let you catch your breah a bit through the difficult sections. This is described as an endless runner, so high scores are the goal. ..

'Castleparts' is a Fresh Take on 'Rampart' and Needs Beta Testers

I feel like Rampart is one of those games that probably should be more iterated by modern developers. A multiplayer arcade game about building defenses in one phase, and then unleashing weaponry hell on your opponents in another, it felt kind of like it was before its time. But thankfully, in the age of independent development and digital distribution, the time has come for Rampart games to flow...well, maybe not freely since there's not an obvious flood of them out there. There was Zen Wars [$0.99] which had 3 player online multiplayer with Game Center voice chat (amusing anecdote: the developer was shocked that fewer games had voice chat since it was supposedly really easy to implement). Now, Pixelpocalypse Games is set to unleash a build-then-attack game onto the world called Castleparts, and they need help beta testing...

'Touchdowners' is The Next Wacky Sports Game from the Developers of 'Golf Zero'

Colin Lane is out to deliver unique interpretations of every single sport on Earth. After his floppy-armed takes on wrestling with Wrassling [Free] and basketball with Dunkers [Free] in collaboration with Folmer Kelly. He's started working with Brad Erkkila, and they did Golf Zero [Free] earlier this year, and it was good. Now, the duo is set to take their talents to the gridiron with Touchdowners...

'Armor Riders' Unleashes Feathery 'Contra'-Style Run and Gun Action on Thursday

Back in 2016, developer Macrojoy released Armor Riders, an intense side-scrolling shooter in the vein of Contra. Well, since then, Appsolute Games has decided to re-release the game, and has given it a fresh coat of paint, and are re-releasing it on Thursday, May 11th. The game looks mildly tweaked, perhaps, but if you missed this the first time around, the new footage looks definitely smoother, and showing off a promising, feature-packed game in the Contra vein. Plus, you can get what looks like feathered armor?!..

'Spaceplan' Review - Delicious Potatoes

The clicker genre can still surprise and delight, it turns out. Jake Hollands and Devolver Digital have delivered a fantastic narrative clicker in Spaceplan [$2.99] that is well worth checking out even if you're clickered out on clickers. While the core hallmarks of the clicker genre are here with lots of clicking and idle energy generators, with waiting outside the app playing a role in the game. But it also features a unique sci-fi story that reveals over time that has an incremental narrative game influence, and a finite scenario to enjoy. Plus, there's lots of potatoes...

Survive a Spike-Filled World in 'Hellmet', and Sign Up to Beta Test

Welcome to your spiky doom!Hellmet will have you jumping upward, ever upward, as you bounce back and forth trying to avoid wall spikes, floor spikes, ceiling spikes, retractable spikes, spike balls, spike buzzsaaws, spike trap doors, and probably some dude named Spike. Thankfully, you do have shields! You can also change direction in midair, and slide down walls, all to get that perfect spike-avoidance strategy working for you...

'Raster Prime' Will Fry Your Brain With Obelisks

Punk Labs, the cool cats behind Skeletomb [Free] and Kerflux [Free], are back at it again with their third title, Raster Prime, hitting next Friday, May 12th. It's described as a "pixael sci-fi mystery" and pixael is not a typo, no. It's what Punk Labs is calling their way of rendering pixels in the game, and it gives it a cool look. Check it out in action:..

Sometimes there's a good reason for games to go on sale. Usually a holiday, or an aniversary, or something similar. But Noodlecake has decided to do a sale just for the heck of it. They didn't use the word heck, but this is a quasi-family-friendly website, so y'know, you figure out what they might have said. Let's call it a Cinco de Mayo sale. The point is that they've got five games on sale for iOS for only $0.99 until Tuesday, May 9th:..

'Steredenn' Heavy Metal Roguelike Shmup Hits Mobile on May 11th

**Do you ever see soemthing and wonder, "How did I not have this in my life already?" Well, Steredenn is what has been missing from my existence, it turns out. The game is a roguelike, pixel art, shoot 'em up...with a heavy metal soundtrack. If you were trying to make a game specifically for Carter Dotson, you would do pretty well to make exactly what Steredenn promises to be. The problem is that Steredenn isn't on mobile...yet. But that is set to be rectified really soon, as Pixelnest Studio has announced that Steredenn hits mobile on May 11th...

'Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo' Hits Mobile on May 11th

If you enjoy blackjack and Street Fighter 2, then I have good news: Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo is set to hit the App Store on May 11th. The game is basically blackjack meets an homage to Street Fighter 2, with art, sound, and interface that resembles the 16-bit fighting game era. It's a fun idea, and I enjoyed my time with it back at PAX South 2017. ..

Can 'Titanfall: Assault' Succeed Where 'Titanfall: Frontline' Failed?

A while ago, Nexon and Respawn Entertainment announced a deal to make Titanfall mobile games. The first game, Titanfall: Frontline didn't make it out of soft launch, being a Hearthstone [Free] style CCG. It probably could have released and been fine, but all parties involved decided to cut their losses. But despite Titanfall 2 not meeting sales expectations and seemingly putting the franchise in jeopardy, Titanfall's mobile titles are still coming along. Next up is Titanfall: Assault, a "real-time PvP mobile strategy game" where you'll build a deck of Pilots, Titans, and Burn Cards to fight in various maps in the Frontier War...

'Wilds' Will Be a Character-Driven Puzzler From the Creators of 'Dots'

Dots, the studio behind, uh, the Dots games, has announced a new game called Wilds that has a rather interesting approach to it. According to VentureBeat, Wilds is intended to build on the Dots gameplay, but will be a character-driven game featuring similar mechanics as the puzzler series. Dots has released a live-action teaser for Wilds that hopes to set the mood for the game: ..

BeaverTap Games is set to update Mikey Jumps [Free] with some new content, and they've started teasing what's to come. One new mechanic in the update will be a teleport, which will teleport you elsewhere in the level, naturally. It's easy to see where this could be used for some devious level challenges. It'll be part of a whole new world of 200 levels. The original Star world has a modified difficulty curve, so if you couldn't beat it, you've got a shot now...