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Crush Your Friends with Boulders in 'Mazecraft'

Hyper Liger has announced their newest game, Mazecraft. The concept is simple enough: you have to make it through a maze of deadly traps to reach the end in safety. You'll be customizing your character, and playing levels, trying to find where the dead ends are, avoiding boulders and minotaurs, finding swords to kill skeletons with, and whatnot. The game has a whole Greek mythology thing going for it, which makes sense because, hey, labyrinths. But that's not where the really clever part of Mazecraft comes in...

Noodlecake's 'Avoid' Shows the Decline of Civilization Since 'Avoid the Noid'

Say what you will about kids these days, but apparently when it comes to games, you can entertain them with simple names and themes. The 80's had Avoid the Noid, a Domino's Pizza tie-in game and commercial campaign. Noodlecake's Avoid isn't trying to sell you pizza at all! It has you moving a ragdoll dude around, avoiding buzzsaws to try and lose as few limbs as possible, because when you run out of those, you can't avoid anything. The Noid is going to straight-up freeze your pizza and you can't do anything about it, because you're dead. ..

There are a lot of casual physics-puzzlers on the App Store, and the thing that I think a lot of developers fail to realize is that if you're making one, you need to stand out in some way. Having a stylish and compelling visual style along with fun gameplay is key. Think about it: would Angry Birds [$0.99 / $2.99 (HD)] be the phenomeneon it was if it weren't for the compelling characters? Sometimes it's luck to find something that clicks, sometimes it's having a talented artist behind a game that can take something that might otherwise be ignored and make it stand out...

Sometimes, mobile game crossovers make no sense. Like the Sonic Dash [Free] and Angry Birds Epic [Free] stuff. That seems very corporate. At first, the WWE vs. MMX Racing [Free] crossover, an update to the existing MMX Racing, feels like the same thing. But, let's think about it. WWE is all about loud spectacle, right? Monster trucks are the epitome of loud spectacle. There seems like a huge crossover there. And hey, I know one person who enjoys WWE, and enjoys vehicular mayhem to the point that he buys tickets for destruction derbies in advance. Add in the fact that it's free to play, and I'm pretty sure Eli Hodapp's squealing like a schoolgirl over WWE vs. MMX Racing...

Oh no. Bitcoin Billionaire [Free], the clicker that once ruined my life by compelling me to just sit there and tap away at stuff for far too long, has a big update out now. Noodlecake and FizzPow are promising that this triples the amount of content in the game, to which I say: oh no. If you invested in time travel in the original game, you can now travel back to the prehistoric era, mining bitcoins in the era of dinosaurs. Want to use a woolly mammoth as a vacuum cleaner? You do that, champ!..

Moon Kid's Satellina [$1.99], a solid game that challenged players to complete its sets of levels as quickly as possible by collecting different color dots in sequence, while said dots moved in chaotic patterns, is getting a big update on August 13th. There's double the levels, bringing the total to 50. If you've beaten the game already, then you've got more to do just from that, but there's some new surprises inbound too...

'Gnomium: Pocket Edition' is a Smaller Version of the Upcoming Word Game 'Gnomium' Coming This Summer

We talked about Gnomium a while back, as the game looked like it was going to be quite entertaining for a word game on the App Store. Not that there's anything wrong with being a word game, it's just like every other crowded genre, games need something special to stand out. Well, the plans for Gnomium have changed a bit, as the game is getting split into two different releases. Gnomium: Pocket Edition is a simplified version of the larger Gnomium game, featuring just the word game part of the equation, as you work against the timer to rearrange words and score more and more points...

In a "blink and you'll miss it" moment, Papers, Please [$7.99 (HD)] disappeared from the App Store on Tuesday night in the US, gone without a trace. It even disappeared from users' purchased libraries. Did Apple have a change of heart again about its nudity? Did they ban it for something else? No, actually, the reason is quite innocuous: according to developer Lucas Pope, the Apple developer contracts were updated, and needed his acceptance. He's been traveling out of the country, and the app got to a point where it was removed "pending contract" until he signed the new contract. He's done so, and the game's back on the App Store right now...

Masayuki Ito's .Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne [$4.99 / Free] is out now on the App Store. It had kind of an odd release, where the Lite version was out last week ahead of the full version's release today, but now the full paid version is out worldwide. There was briefly a bug that affected the game view, but that's been addressed and the game is running perfectly fine now...

'Monsters Ate My Metropolis' is Adult Swim Games' Latest, Watch Their Debut Stream

Adult Swim Games is revealing its latest collaboration with PikPok, and the latest game in the Monsters Ate My Condo [$0.99] series – it's called Monsters Ate My Metropolis, and it's a radical departure for the series. If you're interested in checking out more about it, Adult Swim Games will be streaming the game on their Twitch channel in a few minutes at 1pm eastern time, so you can get a first look from them on just what this is...

Check Out Near-Final Footage of Retro Racing Game 'Horizon Chase'

Aquiris Game Studio has been pretty forthcoming about their upcoming game Horizon Chase, posting early screenshots on our forums, and talking about how they hired the musician from the game Top Gear to do the soundtrack for their tribute to the late-80s/early-90s racing games that Horizon Chase takes after. Aquiris has just released a new trailer that shows off some actual, near-final, gameplay footage, and promising a release date this month!..

'The Guides' and its Puzzles Will Drive You Mad This Month

Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford have announced that their enigmatic riddle-solving game The Guides is coming on August 17th. This game tasks you to solve different riddles on each screen, with 50 different "pages" in two journals for you to try and solve the mysteries of. For example, some early puzzles involve a cipher centered around binary code that you must try to decode to make it to the next puzzle. Thankfully, you have the ability to easily save screenshots and built-in decoding tools will help you along, though you'll still need to take notes on what's happening to solve all the puzzles...

The Trailer for 'Astra' Looks Astounding

Astra was a game that looked promising when the first footage was revealed. But the first trailer for the game has me really excited, as Astra is looking like it could be a ton of fun. There's plenty of orbital runners/platformers on iOS, but I'm digging the varying level design on display here. Plus, the game's combination of sci-fi and colorful Greek wall paintings seems like an interesting mix that just might work. The trailer has me hyped:..

Gamevil's 'Afterpulse' is a New Multiplayer Shooter from the Developer of 'Respawnables'

Here's something way out of left field for Gamevil. The company known primarily for their RPGs is jumping into the mobile third-person shooter fray with their new game Afterpulse, currently in soft launch in Australia. Developed by Digital Legends Entertainment, known for developing Respawnables [Free], this is promising top-notch visuals powered by Metal with countless advanced effects. Somehow, it's less than 400 MB to download. Oh, and it's going to boast online PVP matches, to boot. Here's a little teaser of the game:..

PikPok Soft Launches 'Breakneck' in Australia

It seems like high-speed endless ship-runners are becoming a thing now, what with Race the Sun [$4.99] and Kayos [$1.99] each releasing on mobile in the last few months. But it looks like PikPok has decided to get in on the trend, as our forums have discovered that they soft-launched a game called Breakneck in the Australian App Store that fits well in that genre. You'll be piloting a ship that flies at high speeds, trying to get as far as possible, while being chased by unseen malevolent forces. So, you must keep going forward, not crashing into walls, hopefully not getting abducted into space. Good luck!..

My Shooting Stars [$2.99] review turned out to be a bit controversial among people who really liked the game, like many of my three-and-a-half star reviews. But what recourse do these people have besides our comment sections and forums? For Shooting Stars, the people finally have something they can do: shoot me in the face. That's because in the game's latest update, they've added some new bosses, including me. Take three-and-a-half stars to the face:..

Nitrome Teases Mysterious New Game, 'Beneath the Lighthouse'

Nitrome's been on a game-releasing roll lately, with their interesting take on the auto-runner Vault [Free] seeing release recently. But while they're making a lot of games with whimsy and arcade flavor, they seem interested in branching out a bit. That's at least what the trailer for Beneath the Lighthouse seems to indicate, a more atmospheric experience from Nitrome, perhaps? The teaser isn't saying much, but it's more than enough to have me intrigued:..

Oh God, 'Blood Bowl' is Free Right Now

July 31st, 2015 3:30 PM EDT by Carter Dotson in News, Sales
$4.99 Buy Now

If there is one thing that I have learned in my time at TouchArcade, it is this: Blood Bowl [$4.99 (HD)] fans are really, really defensive. Seriously, you call the game esoteric, complicated, and hard to understand if you're not familiar with the game already, and people are at your throat. Do you want to find out if my many haters from the review's comment section are right, or if I'm once again correct? Well, Blood Bowl for iPad is free until August 23rd...

'Angry Birds 2' Out Now Worldwide

July 30th, 2015 3:23 AM EDT by Carter Dotson in News, Release
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Angry Birds 2 [Free] is out now worldwide. The first numbered sequel to the original Angry Birds [$0.99 / $2.99 (HD)], this was announced earlier this month, and teased in various forms, and it's now available worldwide. Some of the big changes? You can select the order of the birds you use, there's special multi-stage levels, and even bosses to fight. If you wanted a premium game, well, it's 2015, there's little reason for games to sell at 99 cents any more...

'Dropsy the Clown' Gives You Hugs on September 10th

Devolver Digital has announced that Dropsy the Clown is being released on September 10th, and iOS will be among the launch platforms. Developed by Jay Tholen, this is a point-and-click adventure game that has you playing as Dropsy, a clown who can't speak – but he can hug. Dropsy has to clear his name after a circus fire seems to implicate him, but the game is otherwise in an open world, where it is possible to pursue different parts of the story at your own leisure. ..