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'Yak Dash' is the Game About Yak Racing You Didn't Know You Wanted

Mutant Labs, creators of Half-Inch Heist [Free], the challenging survival game, have announced their latest title, which promises more yaks than any of their previous releases: Yak Dash: Horns of Glory. This is a 2D racer in the vein of something like Hill Climb Racing, but with fewer cars, and more yaks. The whole game is inspired by Tibetan yak racing, which is an actual thing and is awesome. Check out the trailer for Yak Dash: ..

Rubicon's 'Epic Little War Game' Development Continues, Promising Big Things

Rubicon Development's latest entry in their Great Little War Game turn-based strategy series is still in development, and they recently posted an update on what is in the works for the title. The game has been renamed from Ultimate War Game to Best Little War Game and now to the allegedly final title Epic Little War Game. The AI for the game has been finished, though different options for each of the six factions needs to be added in. Here's a video of different AI factions fighting each other:..

Viking's Journey: The Road to Valhalla [$0.99], formerly titled Lost Viking, exists in an odd place in that the game is physically fun to play, but the actual game itself winds up being a struggle. It's a puzzle-RPG from the creators of Dungelot [$0.99], with a remarkably slow upgrade system, gameplay that feels like it's stacking the deck against the player in most every way possible to the point that it delivers far less fun than it should...

The whole simulator genre has gotten increasingly ridiculous as of late. Sure, Bossa Studios' I Am Bread sounded like it was ready to one-up the already absurd Goat Simulator [$4.99], but it looks like Coffee Stain Studios isn't done pushing the bar of simulations to ridiculous degrees, as they've announced Goat MMO Simulator. Coming as DLC to Goat Simulator on PC, this will put players into an MMO simulation, with five different classes, dozens of quests, and the ability to level up all the way to level 101 – all while being a goat. Sounds absolutely wonderful, and the trailer only confirms that:..

'Earn to Die 2' Releases This Thursday, Leaving More Dead Zombies in its Wake

Earn to Die [$0.99 / Free / $2.99 (HD) / Free (HD)] has been one of those games that has been remarkably popular, having hung around the top charts for a long, long time now. Seriously, it's been a consistent presence in the top games pretty much since its release two years ago. And now, a sequel, appropriately titled Earn to Die 2, is coming to the App Store this Thursday, November 20th, as revealed on our forums. Not Doppler and Toffee Games aren't looking to revolutionize the 2D vehicle-based zombie smash 'em up, but they are promising more vehicular zombie slaughter than ever. Check out the trailer for the game below:..

'Disney Infinity 2.0' Coming Soon to iPad and now iPhone

Good news for fans of Disney Infinity [Free (HD)] – at a recent mobile-focused event, Disney confirmed that Disney Infinity 2.0 is coming to iOS this year. The app has been rebuilt to support Metal, meaning the visuals will now be almost on par with console versions. As well, the app will support iPhones along with the previous iPad-only compatibility. Multiplayer is also going to be added to the app. This appears to be just the Toy Box app, based on the limited details from the event that are available, there's no word if the separate Disney Infinity: Action! [Free] app will be updated as well. ..

'Dodo Master Pocket' is Free Right Now

November 17th, 2014 12:30 PM EST by Carter Dotson in News, Sales
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Dodo Master [$0.99 / $0.99 (HD)] was a puzzle-platformer that our Andrew Fretz really loved, giving it 5 stars back in his review, saying that "The game is so carefully crafted, and so well planned, and so well tested that I want to be certain that each word I write about it is equally well thought out." Well, there's good news if you've been looking to check it out, as the iPhone version of the game is currently free, through an app promotion service and with the Android version of the game now out. The iPad version is available for $0.99 if that's more up your alley, or if you want to support the developer, as the game has no in-app purchases at all...

Are These the First Screenshots of Telltale's 'Game of Thrones' Series?

The first details of Telltale's upcoming Game of Thrones episodic series made their way out onto the internet last week, and now it looks like the first screenshots have made their way out into the internet. The screenshots show off digital representations of some of the cast of the HBO show based on the book series. Most recognizable are Cersei Lannister and Tyrion Lannister, looking all Headey-like and Dinlakesque, respectively. However, they'll be side characters in the story, as players will take control of multiple characters in House Forrester, who have not yet appeared in the TV series but are in the books, with events taking place between seasons 3 and season 5 of the HBO series...

Did you miss GBA4iOS after updating to iOS 8.1, or sad that you couldn't get it on your iPhone 6 or Plus because Apple closed the enterprise distribution loophole that GBA4iOS and other emulators used to be installed without jailbreaking nor App Store distribution? Well, never put anything past people wanting to play Game Boy Advance games when Apple won't let them, as GBA4iOS 2.1 can be installed on iOS 8.1 devices via iEmulators. While the old 'date trick' doesn't work any more, there appears to be a new enterprise certificate trick in play, as any iOS 8.1 device can install this version. Developer Riley Testut warns that Apple manages to close off the loopholes for distribution of emulators, so don't expect this to last for long. You can install it from iEmulators, but it requires trusting an enterprise certificate from an unknown Chinese company...

Time to get your Commander Video on at no cost. Bit.Trip Run [$3.99] has gone free on the App Store. This is a mobile-friendly adaptation of Runner 2 from the former Gaijin Games (now Choice Provisions), which stars Commander Video from the Bit.Trip series, which made aprevious appearance on iOS with Bit.Trip Beat [$0.99 / $0.99 (HD)]. This is an auto-running platformer, not an endless runner: levels are based around jumping, sliding, and kicking obstacles that get in the way, with a rhythmic component to the obstacles and the music. The game does have IAP for buying more gold, which is collected in the levels, but this is just to open optional new levels and for cosmetic upgrades. ..

Space Age [$3.99] was a game that intrigued me from the moment I heard of it. The Incident [$0.99] is still a great game (though currently broken on iOS 8!), and last year's Blackbar [$3.99] from Big Bucket's Neven Mrgan was a unique story-driven game that I loved. So them making a new game was well overdue, and I was onboard with the idea of a retro-futuristic adventure game. The game is stated as being inspired by point-and-click adventure games from the 1990s, and certainly that comes through. And Space Age is wonderful when it tries to create a world, populated with interesting characters, that I want to explore and see more of. But sometimes Space Age tries to be an action game, and the experience suffers, because it's just not built to be that...

Noodlecake's got a slew of new updates for three of their most popular games. First up, Super Stickman Golf [$2.99] and Lunar Racer [$1.99] have both been updated to support modern devices. This means widescreen support and support for the iPhone 6/Plus are available now for both games. This is their first compatibility update in a couple of years, so it might be time to take them for a spin again if you haven't in a while! Pixel Boat Rush [$1.99] fans might want to give Lunar Racer a shot, there's similarities between the two that even I wasn't reminded of until now...

'Cosmic Crown' Review - It's Good to be King

Cosmic Crown [$1.99] is just an undeniably cool game. It's a roguelike, particularly in the vein of Hoplite [$1.99] where there are occasional upgrades after levels to improve oneself with. But the uncommon twist about the game is that it's entirely one-dimensional, literally. The only movement is forward and backward, with traps, enemies, and slowly-opening doors serving as the things standing between the green protagonist and those sweet cosmic crowns...

'1-Bit Hero' Review - Back and Forth

November 13th, 2014 3:30 PM EST by Carter Dotson in $0.99, 4 stars, Free, Games, iPad Games, iPod touch games, Platform, Prices, Ratings, Reviews
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Auto-running solves a lot of problems for mobile games where virtual d-pads are suboptimal. While generally this is used for endless runners, platformers that use auto-running are an interesting breed to me. Meet 1-Bit Hero [$0.99 / Free]. It's an auto-running platformer that's just a nice little game. It's challenging, but has levels that are short enough that they don't get too frustrating, which strikes a fantastic balance. And it uses auto-running in a good way, that makes it worth playing...

Telltale Releases 'Tales from the Borderlands' Trailer, Coming to iOS by End of 2014

Well hey, just the other day we got some new details on Telltale's upcoming Game of Thrones series and promises that it was coming this year, but Tales from the Borderlands' future was still unknown. Well, good news: Telltale has just released a trailer for their upcoming series set in Gearbox's Borderlands universe, with a confirmation that the first episode will be launching on iOS by the end of the year...