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'Golf is Hard' is Exactly That, as You'll Find Out Soon Enough

Golf is Hard is a game releasing on Wednesday that is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. From developer Colin Lane, and featuring art by Folmer Kelly of Superhyper [$1.99] fame, this is a 2D golfing game that can be kind of described as a cross between Desert Golfing [$1.99] and Super Stickman Golf 2 [Free]. It's a side-scrolling golf game, where you have to set the angle and power to launch at the hole. The problem is that you're playing on a course with draconian rules – you can't actually walk on the course if you don't get a hole-in-one. So yeah, good luck with that. Better master the mechanics, buddy!..

I don't think there's enough good roguelikes and roguelike-inspired games on mobile, given how much sense the genre makes for mobile, since it's so highly-replayable. The first Bit Dungeon [$0.99] was a roguelike-inspired game I enjoyed in my Android days, and now developer Kinto has just released a sequel, Bit Dungeon 2 [$2.99], on several platforms, including iOS. This is a challenging action-RPG where there's a unique permadeath system: when you die, you lose your soul, and must go back to the spot where you lost it to get it back. If you don't, and you die again, then it's game over and you start all the way over from level 1. You start off basically naked, and must find or buy a weapon pretty much from the get-go...

Kemco's Discounted Eight of Their RPGs Down to $0.99

December 15th, 2014 12:15 PM EST by Carter Dotson in News, Sales
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Touch Arcade's own Shaun Musgrave describes himself as "apparently the world's foremost expert on Kemco RPGs so that's something for the ol' tombstone." And there's nothing to really disprove that assertion – he has reviewed a plethora of Kemco's prolific RPG output for us. The games can be hit or miss in quality, but if you've ever wanted to try them out without paying a lot, as the games do run high for the App Store (which is still cheap in general, let's not forget), then this $0.99 Kemco sale is for you. Eight different Kemco RPGs are on sale right now. We've helpfully linked Shaun's reviews so that you can gaze upon his expertise before making a purchasing decision. Have at it, folks...

Several App Store Classics Are Free Today

December 15th, 2014 11:21 AM EST by Carter Dotson in News, Sales
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A few oldies-but-goodies are free on the App Store early this week, in case you want to dive into the days back before Retina Displays. First up is Ezone's Galactic Gunner [Free], a favorite from 2009. This on-rails shooter has you tapping on screen to fire at targets in space, trying to take out as many as possible. Plus, there's Aussie voice acting! This one even still runs on modern devices, which is impressive! This game hasn't gone free in 5 years, so pick it up while you can. Speaking of classics, here's a video of how Eli Hodapp used to record footage of games before iOS devices actually output video:..

'Respite' is a Promising Upcoming Fantasy First-Person Shooter for Mobile

First-person shooters tend to check off at least one of three boxes: zombies, military, sci-fi. Some games check off all three. So the upcoming FPS Respite looks particularly intriguing because it's promising to be none of those. It's a fantasy-styled FPS that's coming to iOS devices. You will play as a dwarf, using a crossbow, a shotgun/blunderbuss weapon, and magic spells to help defeat orcs, goblins, and other fantasy creatures, all in order to retrive your lost helmet...

'Reckless Racing' Creators Pixelbite Announce New Dual-Stick Shooter, 'Space Marshals'

The developers of Reckless Racing 3 [$0.99] at Pixelbite are already hard at work on their next game, Space Marshals. This is Pixelbite's escape from racing games, and into dual-stick shooters. Taking place in a sci-fi western setting, players control specialist Burton, who has to hunt down escaped prisoners. Space prisoners! The game will allow for a variety of tactics – want to use stealth to hunt down enemies? Go for it. Want to blow them away with superior firepower? Do it...

One of the things that's made Spider-Man Unlimited [Free] stand out among a slew of other licensed games and endless runners is the number of Spider-Men (the best plural term ever) that are available to unlock and level up. Spider-Men that only dedicated comics nerds have ever heard of are in the game now. It's absolutely appealing to Spider-Man fans, as our Shaun Musgrave pointed out in his review and his handy dandy guide. And now, the latest update to the game brings in Spider-Verse events, integrating elements in the current series of comics, and bringing in new Spider-Men for Spider-Man fans to get excited for...

'Frozen Synapse' Coming to iPhone in January

Mode 7 Games' turn-based strategy game Frozen Synapse [$9.99 (HD)] has been on iPad for a while now, but iPhone gamers can soon get their hands on this acclaimed strategy game starting in January. The iPhone version was announced on Twitter by Paul Taylor of Mode 7, who later confirmed that it would be coming in a separate iPhone version. Quite often, adaptations of PC games like these with complicated interfaces often require such extensive work to operate on such a small interface, as well as to adapt to touchscreens. While universal versions are certainly preferred, it's also hard to fault the developers for wanting to get paid for the extra work a separate version almost two years after the original version's release...

'Spoiler Alert' is the Reverse Platformer Messing with Your Brain on December 16th

TinyBuild Games and Megafuzz are releasing their PC platformer Spoiler Alert on iOS next Tuesday, December 16th. This one flips the script on the platformer, about as literally as possible. You start off by beating the game, and then go through and play it backwards to the beginning of the game, with auto-running, going backward. Oh, and not only do you have to navigate the platforming sections, you also have to collect all the coins and bop the enemies that were bopped the first time around in order to prevent time paradoxes...

It's always kind of sad when a game stops being updated and stops working. When you combine the chaotic and unpredictable effects that an iOS system update can have, along with the fact that updating a game might not be worth the time and resources to actually do so, sometimes games just die off. Sometimes developers and publishers pull the games, or just leave them in the store, and caveat emptor. Look at Geometry Wars: Touch [$0.99], for example: it's got issues on iOS 8.1, which is sad as it's got all the cool modes from Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2. Some may have thought Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light [$4.99] was consigned to a similar fate. It even disappeared off the App Store at one point, and hadn't been updated for three years. Well, out of nowhere, the game's been resurrected and updated for compatibility in 2014!..

Your Life was Meaningless Until the 'For Eternity - The Game' Entered Your World

I feel like we need to talk about this trailer for this game called For Eternity - The Game, because we can't not talk about it. It's an upcoming game by an electronic artist called Etostone, who's turning the music video from his song "For Eternity" into the most impressive platform RPG game for all mobile devices/tablets. Which ones? All of them, apparently. Just watch the trailer already, and despair at what you life has been before this:..

'Bean Dreams' Review - Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Holy heck, does Bean Dreams [$2.99] knock it out of the park. The first Bean's Quest [$2.99] game from Kumobius was a solid game, with inventive ways to approach platforming on a touchscreen-based device. But after they applied their time-traveling take on Tiny Wings [$0.99 / $2.99 (HD)] with Time Surfer [$0.99], and gave the challenging arcade game genre an artsy twist with Duet [$0.99], now they return to their original game. And it's clear that the studio has picked up on a lot of lessons from the past few years, as Bean Dreams is possibly Kumobius' best game yet, streamlining the original's concept into a tight and concise experience that they can only further build on and make better...

Oceanhorn [$4.99] has always been a gorgeous game, but now it's even more so in the latest update, optimized for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2. The visuals feature four times the polygons on these latest devices, with ambient occlusion, and new lighting effects to make everything look pristine. As well, the game is running at 60 fps on these latest devices. While we can't show you the 60 fps in still screens, here's what the update looks like on the iPhone 6 Plus:..

'WWE Immortals' Coming in 2015 from 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' Creator NetherRealm

A new WWE game is on its way to mobile, and it's coming courtesy of NetherRealm Studios, who are of course known for the Mortal Kombat series, but also for Injustice: Gods Among Us [Free]. The game likely won't be a realistic take on WWE action, based on promises that the game "will feature epic Superstar battles in a fantastically re-imagined WWE world" according to the press release. That's probably a good thing, as NetherRealm is not exactly known for their subtle realism. I mean, have you ever played a Mortal Kombat game? No images of the game are available yet, but I'd imagine something like Injustice but with WWE characters:..

Two more awesome free games have crossed our radar for you to pick up that you should go after as soon as possible. The Nightmare Cooperative [$3.99] is a puzzle-roguelike from Lucky Frame. It's got a Threes [$1.99] influence to it, where swiping to move in a cardinal direction moves all characters at once. This is about collecting treasure, keeping your heroes alive, and getting as deep in the dungeon as possible. This game is actually a lot better on mobile than it is on PC because swiping works so well for it, so definitely pick this one up even if you have played it elsewhere...