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With Pokemon GO [Free] having a very staggered rollout worldwide, this means that while it's quite possible to play the game since the backend exists, it doesn't mean that it's perfect. Namely, in South Korea, players are flocking to a seaside town called Sokcho in the northern part of the country. Already a popular hotspot for tourists, Sokcho also happens to be the only major city in the country where Pokemon GO works. As such, reports are coming in of people making pilgrimages to the city so that people can play the game, and all sorts of cottage industries are starting to pop up around this surprise extra tourism. It's a lot easier than trying to go into North Korea, which does have full Google mapping data, and PokeStops and Gyms do exist:..

How to Create or Change a PokeStop in 'Pokemon GO'

July 14th, 2016 12:30 AM EDT by Carter Dotson in News
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It was once impossible, but you can request new PokeStops, and to report PokeStops for various reasons, in Pokemon GO [Free]. The game's developer, Niantic, has created a support form where you can submit addresses to create new PokeStops or Gyms, either as a general request, or if there are none near you. As well, it's also possible to report a PokeStop if it's dangerous, if it's on your personal property, or if there's an issue with that location's PokeStop or gym...

One minor difficulty with Pokemon GO [Free] is that some of the Pokestops are not always convenient to get to. Some may be in the middle of the ocean. But some may be in buildings that aren't always accessible to the public, such as sports stadiums. Like, minor league baseball stadiums. Thankfully, minor league baseball teams are constantly looking for new and crazy ways to get people out to their ballparks, and the Double-A San Antonio Missions have decided to let Pokemon GO players specifically into their stadium two hours early with the purchase of a ticket. They conveniently have several Pokestops including a Gym at their park. Seems like a clever way to sell some tickets and get people out to a stadium that's not really convenient for a lot of people, and in the middle of July when even at 7pm, first pitch is gonna be 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you can own a Gym that is tough to otherwise access, that's worth the steep cost, no?..

'Riptide GP: Renegade' Hits Apple TV on August 2nd, iOS Shortly Afterward

Vector Unit's latest entry in their fun Riptide GP series of water vehicle racing games, Riptide GP: Renegade, has been in the works for a while now, with our latest major look at it being at PAX Prime in 2015. The good news is that the game is set to finally release, with Apple TV and the Nvidia Shield Android TV set to get the game on August 2nd for $9.99. A mobile version is set to hit "shortly after" the TV versions. ..

The Carter Crater: 'Pokemon GO' Shows Why Nintendo Needs to Go Mobile-First Now

Nintendo should cancel the NX and go exclusively mobile as soon as possible. I admit that is a hot take after a few days of Pokemon GO [Free], but why shouldn't they be making a major mobile push right now? The Pokemon Company releases an app that has server issues, eats your battery, has loads of concerns as to its long-term depth being a more shallow experience than Ingress [Free], whose database it capitalizes on. That's not to mention that the game has had tons of server issues, is only available in a few countries, is a privacy nightmare that's probably sending all your embarrassing photos to your exes, oh and it has gotten absolutely zero acknowledgement of its existence by Apple nor Google. If literally anyone else released a game in this state, it would be a massive failure. None of that mattered: the app shot up to number one in downloads and grossing in the US, and it became a massive cultural phenomenon literally overnight. Nintendo is so popular it doesn't play by any of the rules that everyone else in the market has to play by. Why is Nintendo wasting time trying to sell hardware when they can print money on mobile without even trying that hard?..

I know everyone is in the midst of Pokemon GO [Free] fever, and maybe even some Super Stickman Golf 3 [Free] when they're not out trying to rule their local gym, but Double Fine has just dropped a cool release on us: Day of the Tentacle Remastered [$4.99] has just released on iOS. This classic point-and-click adventure game cmae out in a remastered version earlier this year, but a mobile version was conspicuously absent despite other games such as Grim Fandango [$9.99] getting mobile versions. It seemed really only like a matter of time, and well, time has come!..

The launch of Pokemon GO [Free] has been a bit odd as it's not gone by the "soft launch then worldwide release" formula that most games of this ilk go by. With the game proving to be popular in its launch territories, people yet unable to play will not want to hear this: the international rollout of the game has been "paused until we're comfortable" according to Niantic CEO John Hanke, as players in the US, Australia, and New Zealand have overloaded the game's servers in the first 48 hours. Niantic is working on getting the game back up and running reliably so that more people can play this, but there's gonna be some more time to wait to play this...

While Pokemon GO [Free] players likely know the name Pokemon, there's another name to know: the developer, Niantic. Namely, because they made another geolocation game called Ingress [Free] that served as the foundation for Pokemon GO. And as it turns out, there's years of advice in playing Ingress that's useful for Pokemon GO. We already know that you can use the Ingress map for Pokemon GO, since it's based on the same data. As such, it's worth heeding tips and tricks from Ingress veterans. What you may not know is that it was once possible to submit data for where Pokemon and various gyms would be, but this was shut down. Still, if you want to know why some Pokestops are what they are, these guidelines explain why. In particular, so many churches are Pokestops because of the connection to Ingress' lore. Turns out Pokemon wasn't Satanic, it was gonna drive people to church! Literally! The point is that if Ingress grew too large for further portal submission, don't expect to be submitting your own Pokestops any time soon...

'Crypt of the NecroDancer Pocket Edition' Review - Let it Steal Your Heart

One of my favorite games of the past few years on PC is Crypt of the NecroDancer [$4.99], a rhythmic roguelike that I tried out with a friend, and I fell in love with the whole concept of the game. It's a roguelike where movement is set to the beat of a fantastic soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky, with the idea being that the entire game can be controlled by the four directional inputs on a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad. After enjoying my first time with the game, I rushed out and bought the game with its soundtrack on Steam. ..

'Super Stickman Golf 3' Review - Another Great Day at the Sticky Links

It's been a few years since Super Stickman Golf 2 [Free] first released, and there's been plenty of time for that game to kind of fade into memories to a certain degree, what with the constant deluge of releases that mobile gamers are beset by. So even huge fans of that game might have forgotten just why it was so much fun. And really, that's what Super Stickman Golf 3 [Free] does best: it advances the franchise with its new spin mechanic, but also shows just how solid the core established by earlier games was. It's just better than ever...

'NBA Live Mobile' Now Available Worldwide

July 5th, 2016 6:45 PM EDT by Carter Dotson in News, Release
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Perhaps all this NBA free agency news has you jonesing to play a basketball game, and trying to construct a super-team of your own to rival the potential basketball juggernaut that is the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors with Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson. Well, EA Sports has conveniently launched NBA Live Mobile [Free] worldwide today on iOS and Android. In a similar vein to the FIFA Mobile [Free] and Madden NFL Mobile [Free] games that are out right now, this is an evergreen version of EA's basketball franchise, with current Thunder point guard and likely future "most shots taken in a season" record holder Russell Westbrook on the cover of the game...

'Super Stickman Golf 3' Launches Thursday; What is the Game's Premium Mode?

You need one final reminder, as you'll want to pay attention to this game: Super Stickman Golf 3 launches on Thursday, July 7th. Noodlecake is in North American time zones, so expect this one late on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, not necessarily super-early . Though App Store releases are often really weird, so it could pop up at any random point in the near future. But just a heads up on that. If you need to know a bit more about this one, check out our preview coverage and watch our lengthy Mobcrush stream that discusses a bunch of aspects of the game with Noodlecake's Ryan Holowaty, that wound up split into part 1 and part 2...

The entire Infinity Blade trilogy has just all gone free. While you could have gotten the various games in this notable franchise for free at various points, right now on July 4th you can get all 3 games for free. These games were all must-play titles when they released, and if you haven't checked them out, or only played one or two entries in the series, then here's your chance to complete your collection for free:..

'Skullgirls' Mobile Adaptation Enters Beta Test, Releasing Later This Year

Hidden Variable Studios and Autumn Games are bringing fighting game Skullgirls in a free-to-play mobile version, as announced at Anime Expo 2016 in Los Anageles. A straightforward mobile release would be...challenging, to say the least, so the plan is for the game to tackle more of the Injustice [Free] model of creating teams and sending them into battle against opponents' teams. The game will of course feature the fantastic 2D, classic-cartoon-inspired artwork and animation that the fighting game is well known for, as the trailer shows off:..

Brace Yourself Games has just launched the fantastic rhythmic roguelike Crypt of the NecroDancer [$4.99] for iOS and Apple TV. The game's been out on desktop and console for a while now, but finally you can play this game on mobile. The hook is that it's similar to many roguelikes in that you go from tile to tile, and bump into enemies to attack them, but you have to move and act as according to the rhythm of the music. Oh, and each level has its own music tracks with their own beats, the enemies all have their own predictable yet complicated behaviors. There's secrets to discover, permanent unlocks to be had for the main campaign, and characters with different behaviors that will alter the way the game works...

Both of the major Puzzle Quest games out there right now are getting some nifty new updates. First up is Marvel Puzzle Quest [Free], which has added a new Captain America: Peggy Carter. Yes, the character who has become a standout among the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making appearances in several Marvel movies, getting her own underappreciated TV series, and being part of most pressing question currently facing America: "if you're frozen in suspended animation for several decades, and you make out with the great-niece of the woman had a mutual romantic interest with back before you were frozen, is that weird? Especially if y'all just kissed like days after her great-aunt died? Like, what's the protocol here?" ..

'Cat Quest' is a Promising Action-RPG from the Developers of 'Slashy Hero'

The Gentlebros is the studio that brought you the fun Halloween-themed action-RPG, Slashy Hero [Free], which Kongregate wound up publishing last year. The ex-Koei-Tecmo developers aren't resting on their laurels, as they're hard at work on a brand new game, Cat Quest. You play as a customizable hero adventurer cat, exploring the world, fightnig enemies, and explring various caves nad dugneons for loot. Check out the trailer, and see how many cat puns you can spy:..

'Quell Zen' is the Latest in Fallen Tree Games' Popular Puzzle Series

Fallen Tree Games is set to introduce the latest in their popular series of Quell games, with Quell Zen. A followup to 2015's Quell Memento [$2.99], this game where you slide a ball around puzzle mazes, using walls and endless looping walls to help solve the tricky puzzles ahead of you, this will feature plenty of new mechanics to puzzle you, which you can sample in the new trailer:..

Square Enix has just put Adventures of Mana [$9.99] on sale, and if you've been looking to play this one, the $9.99 price point is the game's first sale. If you're used to mobile game prices, that might not seem cheap, but it's still less than the regular $13.99 price. Which is a normal price for a video game, not just the weird warped world of mobile gaming pricing. But not only is this one on sale, there's also a cool new feature: you can choose between the new arranged soundtrack, but also the original Game Boy soundtrack. Huzzah!..

'Combo Quest 2' Features More Heroes and Combo Meter Action This Week

Tapinator has published a couple of really cool games from Boarding Party Games in Combo Quest [Free] and Dice Mage [Free], each showing some cool pixel art with interesting game ideas. Now, the publisher-developer combo is set to return to their first game with Combo Quest 2, and the first trailer is looking combo-ier and quest-ier. Sadly, they didn't call it 2 Combo 2 Quest like I want all appropriate sequels to be called, in the vein of 2 Fast 2 Furious...