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'Shadow Bug Rush' is an Endless Take on Swipe-Based Action Game 'Shadow Bug'

The original Shadow Bug [$3.99] is a pretty cool action-platformer with a great control scheme. The developers are set to rework the core of the game into an endless action game called Shadow Bug Rush, set to release in October. The idea is that there will be endless levels to play through, with your score being based on how many enemies you kill in one run. Check out early gameplay footage:..

PikPok Soft Launches 'Shadow Wars', Their Take on Puzzle-RPG Battling

PikPok should be well-known among mobile gamers for not only making some good games, but also ones with solid production values. So even when they do something that seems familiar, it's worth paying attention to as it might not be what it seems. It's easy to take a quick look at Shadow Wars and think that "oh, this looks like another match-3 battling game" but there's some fun stuff going on here. It does follow the Puzzle and Dragons [Free] formula, but the big difference with the puzzles is that they're more like Collapse, where any of the same-color tiles that are adjacent in cardinal and ordinal directions will also be detonated, and if enough gems are busted in one turn, a more powerful gem is left behind that can trigger various combos...

'Sorcery! Part 4: The Crown of Kings' Launches on September 15th

Inkle Studios has been playing a bit coy with the Sorcery 4 release date up until now, including announcing that they would be announcing the release date soon. Now, soon can mean any number of things, but for Inkle, soon means a couple of days later, as they've announced that Sorcery! Part 4: The Crown of Kings will release on September 15th for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Check out the new trailer:..

See How 'Party Hard Go' Controls in New Gameplay Video

tinyBuild's upcoming Party Hard Go was announced via a search for beta testers on our forums, but now the game has been officially announced all-PR style by tinyBuild. But for those who didn't get into the beta, or are just curious about how the controls work – because that seemed to be the real issue with bringing the game from console to mobile – tinyBuild has decided to release some details and video of the game being played on an iPhone. Check out the entire first level of Party Hard Go on iPhone, with the virtual control options: ..

'Disco Dave' Soft Launches, Worldwide Release Soon

If you missed out on the beta for Amused Sloth's Disco Dave, good news: you can still give it a spin and provide feedback before the game's worldwide release, as the game has soft launched in the UK, Netherlands, Romania, and Singapore. The game is set to launch worldwide soon, but if you're in one of those countries or feel like registering an iTunes account in one of them, we have a guide for that. Singapore gets a lot of soft-launch games, that's always a good country to have for soft-launch games...

'Deus Ex GO' Releases on August 18th

'Deus Ex GO' Releases on August 18th

August 11th, 2016 6:00 PM EDT by Carter Dotson in News, Upcoming Games
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Square Enix Montreal's Deus Ex GO – which isn't an augmented-reality version of Deus Ex, it's a puzzle game from the studio that was using "GO" as a suffix well before Pokemon GO [Free] ever was – finally has a release date. It's next Thursday, August 18th, releasing on both iOS and Android on that day. Square Enix Montreal confirmed the date through this classy tweet:..

The developers of Warbits [$3.99] at Risky Lab minced no words in the start of their postmortem (mirrored on Dropbox here) that it was a "dumb idea." Warbits would take 6 months, they said. It would be easy, they said. Well, it took over 4 years to finish Warbits, and this was no joke, the first major game for both of the key principals behind the game. "The scope was too big, the mechanics were too complex. Absolutely everything we did was a grueling journey of trial and error...Thinking back, just about every issue we ran into could be attributed to inexperience." But yet, this isn't a story of failure. Warbits was eventually made, turned out fantastic, and actually managed to make ten times its cost, though the costs don't include income for the principal developers, necessarily. A game made by a full-time indie studio might not be profitable given the same circumstances, but as Risky Labs states – their circumstances were borne of a two-person team biting off a lot more than they could chew. That it worked was a miracle...

Taco Illuminati's Looty Dungeon [Free] can be descridbed in shorthand as a Crossy Road [Free] dungeon crawler, but with the game's 2.1 Indie Heroes update, that description just became literal. The Crossy Chicken is now a playable character in Looty Dungeon. There are a bunch of other heroes in the update, including Flux and JuiceBox from Crashlands [$4.99], who can build over pits. Check out a trailer with all the heroes:..

'Oh...Sir! The Insult Generator' Will Bring Online Multiplayer Insult-Hurling to Mobile This Summer

Publisher Gambitious and developer Vile Monarch – who recently released Crush Your Enemies [Free] on to iOS, are set to release Oh..Sir! The Insult Simulator to iOS and Android later this summer. If this game sounds familiar, that's because it's an expanded followup to Oh...Sir! [Free] which released late last year. That was the product of a game jam, but the plan with this version of the game is to make it bigger, better, and more insulting than ever...

Retro Shoot 'em Up 'Z-Exemplar' Lives, Game Set to Release This Year

There's been two particular retro-inspired side-scrolling shoot 'em ups that I've been particularly intrigued by: one is Hyper Sentinel, which showed some massive improvement with a new demo for a Kickstarter campaign, but the team is regrouping after they weren't funded. Meanwhile, there's Z-Exemplar, another game that's had a great demo but kinda disappeared. Well, the game lives! The developer has posted an update on SlideDB talking about how the game is entering its final stages of development, and is aiming for a release by the end of the year...

Crescent Moon's 'Legend of the Skyfish' Grapples onto the App Store Next Week

Prolific mobile games publisher Crescent Moon Games has announced that their next title Legend of the Skyfish, developed by MGaia Studios, is set to release on August 18th. Now, there's a whole plot and story to the game, but why should this game intrigue you? Well, the protagonist uses a fishing rod as their primary utility, and it seems like a fishing rod created by Hephaestus himself, since it can be used as a sword-like melee weapon, but also as a hookshot. You can use it to pull remote items, and grapple to faraway locations. That, the general Zelda-inspired look, and "Skyfish" being close to "Wind Fish" from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening makes me wonder if that game was a key inspiration for this:..

'Reigns' Review - Reign in Blood

The core concept of Reigns [$2.99] on paper seems intriguing enough. It's basically dating service Tinder, with swiping left or right to make decisions, combined with ruling a kingdom. Seems interesting enough, but Nerial and company have managed to imbue Reigns' concept in such a way that each decision feels weighty. As well, there's an intriguing long-term game here, with secrets to discover and an overall goal to reach that gives each session a unique purpose beyond its amusing concept, and elevates the whole experience above an amusing concept...

Spunge Games' Faily Brakes [Free] has wound up being quite the popular game for Spunge Games, and they've already given it a few big updates, but they're prepping what they're calling the game's biggest update yet on August 11th. You'll be able to pickup crash effect powerups that cause different things to happen when you wreck your vehicle. Like, winding up with a jetpack or in a hamster ball. Not only do these provide goofy new things to happen to you, but thy also increase your final distance. Everybody wins!..

Force of Habit, the developers behind the fun Toast Time [$2.99] and Sinking Feeling [$0.99], are working on a new game for iOS called makenines. The plan is for the game to release on September 9th, which makes a lot of sense. What does not make a lot of sense is what the game is about. A Vine seems to show that it's about combining tiles to make nines:..

Solitaire Roguelike 'Solitairica' Hits iOS in Late August

We heard about Solitairica last year, and while it missed the early 2016 release timing, the roguelike card game from ex-AAA game developers at Righteous Hammer Games eventually released on Steam earlier this year. The good news is that the mobile version is finally set to hit, and you'll be able to play it on August 25th. The core of the game is basically solitaire. You know how to play it. The cards you play have different elements that power up different spells that you can use in battle to help turn the tide. Each run lets you spend the currency you earn toward better spells and abilities, though you have to start fresh when you die. It's a pretty cool combination, using a familaiar, classic game as the base for something new...

Finally, Blitz Breaker [$2.99] is home where it belongs. After initially getting released on PC, Reece Kelly's fast-reaction platformer is on mobile. It's always felt like a perfect fit for phones in particular, what with the ability to simply swipe in the cardinal directions to launch your hero that way. Sure, it works perfectly fine from a keyboard, but it was easy to imagine doing all this with a thumb on a touchscreen. Lo and behold, it works beautifully...

'Kerflux' is a Waveform Puzzle from the Developers of 'Skeletomb'

Punk Labs, the fine folks behind Skeletomb [Free], are back at it with a new game called Kerflux set to release on Friday, August 12th. The concept is a bit tough to grab on to just by looking at t, but the idea is that you have to manipulate different waveforms in order to make the final wave match its prescribed pattern. So, you'll be messing around with trying to match up wavelengths precisely. Or at least that's what it looks like from here. If observing the game seems difficult, the 99 puzzles should be even harder to figure out:..

'Bobblehead College Football' Could Be the College Football Game We've Always Needed

Ah, college football season. It's the best. Sure, the sport is run by a corrupt cartel exploiting young men's bodies for minimal compensation while everyone else gets rich, not to mention that the culture around programs is often morally reprehensible, where the players are often above the law because the towns and colleges put so much stake into the success of their football team to a fault. Still, there's something about the raw emotion of the sport, where tens of thousands of people pack into a stadium, and with this event being the biggest deal in town, combined with student sections fueled by the irrational hatred of a student body letting loose upon some poor saps who go to that other school, and the pure exhiliration of when your team pulls off a major upset against a hated rival, that makes the sport so worth it. Like, when my Texas Tech Red Raiders beat the #1 Longhorns back in 2008. The celebrations on the field and parties around the city will live in infamy. It was pure joy...and pure inebriation. A reminder of that fact is sure to disappoint David Sassen of Longshot Games, who graduated from UT, but his company is why we're talking about college football on TouchArcade. Namely, Longshot is set to bring an inriguing college football game to mobile called Bobblehead College Football. It's been available on Facebook, but a big update is coming to the game and releasing with the mobile version on September 1st. Check out the trailer:..

I Just Can't Wait to be King in 'Reigns'

I Just Can't Wait to be King in 'Reigns'

August 5th, 2016 12:15 PM EDT by Carter Dotson in News, Upcoming Games
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Nerial's Reigns is looking like quite a unique title, that could be best described as Tinder for the enterprising king trying to command his kingdom. The entire game gives you a series of binary decisions to make based on people making requests of you, which you answer by swiping left or right. You're trying to stay alive for as long as possible, making the decisions that will keep the church in check (lest they burn you at the stake), keep your advisers happy (lest they overthrow you), and find love (even a monarch gets lonely from time to time). When your reign inevitably ends by malfeasance, or hopefully old age, then you can continue on as the next king in your line. It's a pretty cool concept. Check out the trailer:..

Jussi Simpanen's fun platformer Super Dangerous Dungeons [Free] is set to get a new dungeon on August 11th, the Sand Dungeon. This is meant to be about the same difficulty as the fire and golden dungeons in the original, so yeah, good luck with that. Expect lots more deaths and tricky time trials to try and traverse. The good news is that you can now record your gameplay footage, so when you pull off those amazing platforming feats, you can show them off to the world...