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'PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist' is the Latest YouTuber Game in Development

There's a curious trend happening where YouTube gaming personalities are releasing mobile games. There's Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards [$4.99], and CaptainSparklez has the upcoming Fortress Fury, for example. PewDiePie, the arch-YouTuber, has got a game of his own in the works. PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist is coming to mobile, developed by Outerminds. PewDiePie featured the latest build of the game in a video just posted to his YouTube channel, showing off the action-platformer with pugs, brofists, and shark-punching...

'Drift Draft Destroy' Will be a Top-Down Racer with Rockets and Online Multiplayer

Top-down racers are fun, sure. There's a bunch of fun ones on the App Store. Top-down racers with online multiplayer and the ability to shoot rockets at other racers to destroy them? Why, that sounds quite interesting. Thankfully, Gripati has decided to bring this idea to life with their upcoming game Drift Draft Destroy, where you'll be racing against three othe players, picking up powerups, and trying to out-race and annihilate your enemies. Check out the trailer:..

If you're picking up an Apple Watch, or just want a rad freebie to check out, you can get Rules! [$2.99] for free right now. It was the first game to officially support the Apple Watch when it was updated in March. Now, Apple is giving it away for free. It's not just free on the App Store, though: you have to obtain the freebie through the Apple Store app. [Free] To do so, launch the app, go to the Featured section, then scroll down and look for the thin banner as pictured below:..

Robot 5 Studios Announces 'Football Twos' and Two Other Apple Watch Games

We're starting to see more unveilings of Apple Watch games ahead of its April 24th launch. Robot 5 Studios has announced that the have a trio of titles on the way: Football Twos, Blackjack Mini, and Berry Quest. Football Twos promises to be a football game where you play both offense and defense. Of course, you'll be doing so in short spurts and using simple tap controls...

Big news coming from Unite 2015 Tokyo, the show run by multiplatform engine Unity: Unity is coming to the New 3DS and New 3DS XL. This means that except for the standard 3DS, every console and handheld will have access to the engine that powers countless numbers of games. You've seen all the games with the "Made in Unity" splash screen, and there's plenty more "white label" games without it. It's a massive, massive thing in gaming right now...

Last Voyage [$0.99] joins the craze of abstract puzzle games that Monument Valley [$3.99] helped spark thanks to its massive success. And this game makes for a spectacular universe and artistic experience. Yet, Last Voyage winds up being less than the sum of its parts, as it tries to connect five different experiences as one package. Each part has value, but it doesn't do a great job at making the package into a cohesive whole. Its myriad forms of gameplay are fascinating, as its existence as a beautiful thing. But the story, narrative, and message parts of its existence fell flat for me...

'The Quest Keeper' Review - Not a 'Crossy Road' Clone, But Something Fresh

Crossy Road [Free] has inspired a lot of games recently, which is natural because it's been a huge success. It's made Hipster Whale millions of dollars on a game made in three months and without aggressive monetization. There are countless developers in similar situations that would kill for a tenth of its success. There are many straight-up clones, we're now starting to see games that try to iterate on it and make their own unique experiences. The Quest Keeper [Free] has an obvious inspiration, but it adds in RPG tropes, its own movement rules, and plenty of cool new things that make it its own fun game...

Skullduggery [$4.99] is a game that features a skull as a tax collector, so with the income tax filing deadline next week on April 15th, it would make sense for ClutchPlay Games to do something to commemorate that. And what are they doing? Well, they're launching the game's fourth world, "The Village of the Scammed" next Thursday, April 16th. Thankfully, it'll be a free update, in case you owe Uncle Sam big-time. Check out the trailer below:..

Backflip Studios Releasing 'G.I. Joe Strike' Featuring Snake Eyes This Summer

We have two pieces of news for you. One is that GIJoeCon is a thing that exists, and is happening this weekend in Springfield, Illinois. In fact, it's been an event since 1997. That is genuinely fantastic. People who love something enough to sustain an annual convention that travels the country? That's pretty cool. The more relevant news to you, though, is that with GIJoeCon happening, Backflip Studios (which is 70% owned by Hasbro, the owner of G.I. Joe) has announced a new game called G.I. Joe Strike for mobile. This will put you in control of Snake Eyes, as he fights his way through the Arashikage Clan to eventually take on his arch rival, Storm Shadow. We don't quite have any media from the game yet, so enjoy this video of the mayor of Springfield meeting Cobra Commander:..

Blackbeard's 'Mega Drift' Powerslides into the App Store on April 16th

Chillingo and Blackbeard Games have just announced a new title that promises to combine auto-runners with car drifting, in Mega Drift. The game's goal is to race through levels, trying to drift successfully around corners. It's a one-tap game, as you tap to start a drift, and release when necessary, trying to come out of the turn in a straight line, giving you a boost that will let you reach the next checkpoint. If you're good at drifting and understand the mechanics of it, you'll likely be good at this game! If not, then you'll need to learn in order to do well!..

Next Games, fresh off of releasing Compass Point: West [Free], have just spilled some more details on their upcoming The Walking Dead: No Man's Land game coming to mobile. They revealed this game last year, but they've just now revealed some new details about their upcoming game based on the mega-popular TV series adapted from the comic series of the same name. Next Games is being quiet on what exactly the gameplay will involve, but they are talking about trying to make this about survival strategy with moral choices to make. And as Compass Point: West proved, the studio has some graphical chops. Here's some art of some of the people in the game:..

'Garfield: Survival of the Fattest' is the Garfield Simulation Game You Always Wanted

There are some games which represent the pinnacle of artistic creativity, combining aesthetic beauty with the power of interactivity to create experiences that emotionally resonate with a person in a way that music or movies just cannot do. Anyway, Pixowl just soft-launched Garfield: Survival of the Fattest, where someone thought, let's lather on a spoonful of relevant cultural institution Garfield onto layers of Farmville. It's a natural fit: when reading Garfield comics, I desire to create a food camp empire with optional in-app purchases to enhance my progress. I really think that fits in with the ethos of the series, a perfect melted finish for this savory dish...

Everywear Games Announces 'Runeblade' RPG for Apple Watch, Releasing Later This Month

With Apple Watch preorders in full swing now, expect to hear about a lot of new apps and games that are making their way to the watch. While many games will be adaptations of existing ones, Everywear Games is announcing a brand-new title called Runeblade that will be debuting exclusively for the Apple Watch. Runeblade is an RPG meant to be played 5-15 seconds at a time, where you play as the High Priestess of the War Mages, fighting enemies from your wrist. Battling enemies will require you to use attacks that may take long periods of time to recharge, so you'll have to come back over time to defeat enemies. ..

Zen Studios may be best known for their Zen Pinball [Free] tables, but that's not all they do. They released CastleStorm: Free to Siege [Free] last year, combining physics puzzler gameplay with strategy elements. Well, Zen Studios has decided to update the game to include PVP multiplayer. You'll be choosing one of four factions to fight for, choosing one of four regions to fight in (with different bonuses), fortifying your defenses, and then going after different online opponents to try and take them down. It seems to add a raiding-strategy component to a game that's perfect for it, since CastleStorm has always been about building castles and attacking others' castles...

One of Kabam's games that they demoed at GDC, Spirit Lords [Free], is out worldwide at last. This is their take on the isometric action-RPG genre that's been really popular on mobile as of late, complete with real-time online multiplayer. Kabam has promised this is "white hat" free-to-play where everything will be earnable without paying money, and premium currency can be earned in-game as well. A former BioWare writer in Daniel Erickson has done a lot of work on this one, and has tried to make art and story a key part of the game. Check out the launch trailer for the game:..

'Must Deliver' Takes 'Touchdown Hero' and Replaces Football Players with Zombies

The developers of Touchdown Hero [Free], Cherrypick Games, are iterating on that game's concept with their new game Must Deliver, which is releasing next week. The game starts out the same, as you control a running fellow, who has to dodge a number of enemies in their path. Scoring is similar, as each checkpoint you reach is a point, similar to how each touchdown was a point in that game. But where things change is that you have an ability you can deploy to help fend off your enemies, like a charging kick to clear through foes. These abilities require the pickup of items to charge them up, so it's not just something you can deploy with impunity...

Gamevil's Dot-Linking RPG 'Dungeon Link' Releases Worldwide This Month

Gamevil's just announced that they're publishing another new title along with the recently-announced Dragon Blaze. Dungeon Link, a game that has been in the works for a while – I saw it at GDC 2014 – is finally making its way out worldwide on April 21st. This game combines connect-the-dots puzzle games with RPG battling. You have four heroes on one board, and can draw lines connecting them from their starting point to the goal spot, with the line being drawn showing the path that will do damage to enemies. There are bonuses for filling up the board and for linking multiple colors together. Essentially, the plan is to make the best matches possible, dealing with the various scenarios that pop up in puzzle games, but with enemies to fight, and heroes to collect and level up...

Get Ready for 'Upthing' and 'Trap Tower' from 'Superhyper' and 'Wrassling' Developer Folmer Kelly

Folmer Kelly, known for Superhyper [$1.99] and his work on Wrassling, which we previewed last week ahead of its release next week, has a couple more projects in the pipeline that should release soon. Today sees the release of Upthing, a vertical platformer where you control a little dude who can only jump vertically. Said dude can't move at all, they just have some mad hops. Thankfully, many of the platforms can move left to right, so you're relying on their movement, timing your jumps to land on top of them, avoiding spikes and other hazards that pop up beneath your feet. This one isbe available on Thursday with an IAP to remove ads. It's a fairly simple game, but a fun challenge! Here's a goofy short GIF trailer for the game that undersells the game a bit:..

Inkle's Hotly-Anticipated 'Sorcery! 3' Releases on April 23rd

Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents, the game series by Inkle that's spun off from Steve Jackson's Sorcery! books from the 80s, finally has a confirmed release date: April 23rd. This is far from a gamebook, though: much like Inkle's 80 Days [$4.99], they've taken the gamebook concept and built on it in a way that only digital games can provide. You can explore an open world, and experience the dynamic usage of text in the world. It was one of the most impressive games of GDC 2015, and this should be one of the most promising games when it comes out on the 23rd. Inkle has a released a new trailer for the game:..

CivCrafter [Free] is quite the curious little clicker game, and it's not quite the one that you expect. It's a resource management game with raiding-strategy real-time multiplayer, all wrapped up in the veneer of a simplified clicker game. But it has countless things to track and upgrade on your way to becoming the greatest civilization known to humankind. This has to be the pinnacle of the clicker genre and its logical end, right? How do you further deconstruct gaming to its simplest form while also making something this deep?!..