Jam City's Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery [Free] is now out worldwide on the App Store. After being in soft launch for a few months, now everyone can explore Hogwarts for themselves. Instead of taking place in the books or movies, this game puts you in the position of being a Hogwarts student before Harry Potter attended the school, about four years after Voldemort tried to kill Harry. Which, I admittedly haven't read much Harry Potter, but I do believe his time at the school was eventful. This means that characters who might have died during the books are back for more. Dumbledore and Snape are here, for example. Several of the actors from the movies are reprising their roles in the game as well, including Michael Gambon as Dumbledore and Dame Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will have you creating your own wizard, learning to cast spells, flying on your brooms, and discovering more about the mysteries happening at Hogwarts. Your brother was expelled, and you're determined to find out why. Good news for those who think the Sorting Hat is a jerk: you can choose your house to be in. Choose wisely, or be a Hufflepuff, see if I care. I hope you're happy. The game has all sorts of morality choices with other characters that will impact the story and your experience throughout the game.

Considering how popular Harry Potter still is to this day, and the franchise's cultural relevance, this is sure to be a popular title. Check the game out now on the App Store and Google Play.

  • curtneedsaride

    The timers and energy are real in this one. It’s a very F2P husk of a game with Potter slapped on to sell.

  • LordVandal

    Nah pass and move on..waste of time ‘energy’ and money.

  • thejbe

    It’s just tapping, move along, there’s nothing to see here...

    • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

      Except the story is pretty good.

      • Brendan Charles

        It's really not. Random student is enrolled in Hogwarts and everything seems to randomly revolve around them. Why? Because the game needs to be about you, duh! Random other kid seems to know everything- why? Because the game needs someone to give you the tutorials. You go to classes where you meet a Slytherin kid who, big shock, is kind of a shit. And so it goes until you hit one story-stopping pay wall after another and here we are.

      • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

        Sounds like you haven’t played much of the game. I’m in Year 3 right now and the story is pretty much amazing. Have you dueled Bill Weasley yet?

      • Brendan Charles

        Nope, I didn't get that far because I was met with a paywall that asked me to wait 3 hours or pay for rubies (or whatever). It seems like you're confusing characters with story. Yes, I'll concede it has some good characters- but that's because the characters are from the fiction we all know and love and we already have a connection with them. The Story is mostly non-existent and the new characters are all non-entities.

      • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

        Well you see, after you duel Bill Weasley in Year 2, he teaches you the Incendio spell which you’ll need to explore the ice-enchanted cursed vaults which may lead to finding your missing brother. Of course Professor McGonagall is NOT happy about that but Bill deals with her in his own way. You’ll have to wait 3 hours to find out the next bit of story, but you don’t seem to have too much patience in life, so I don’t think this mystery is for you, no offense.

      • Brendan Charles

        I have a lot of patience in life, just not for a husk of a 'game' that uses the Harry Potter name to manipulate people into making micro-transactions while offering a shallow and empty experience. They could have made an actual game with the story you described above- but they didn't. They made stuff you click on and then wait for with a Harry Potter skin. That's all.

  • David Kuhmel

    Taping don't even work !! On Iphone X, I launch the game, and in the first screen, nothing work ! I can tap anywhere, nothing happen.


    • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

      No issues here on iPhone X.

  • Jay

    The long awaited and much talked about Hogwarts Mystery game is here. But I'm not sure whether this game has lived up to all the talk about it, maybe its still early days.
    Real Media Now Ltd

  • Stronsay

    Being surrounded by a family of Harry Potter fans this is going down well here. So far it seems like a very easy interactive story aimed at a younger audience, and is doing a good job capturing the atmosphere and charm of the original characters. It has the usual timers, though they have been replenishing comparatively quickly. There is a suggestion of duelling later on but hopefully this will be appropriately toned down.

    • Brendan Charles

      "It has the usual timers," Yikes, we've gotten there folks. Congratulations FTP devs- you've finally made people expect and grow accustomed enough to timers that they barely bat an eye when asked to wait 3 hours to play a game vs. drop buckets of cash. Bravo.

      • curtneedsaride

        Disgusting, isn't it?! And it'll keep getting worse until the majority of the money-spenders demand the older console/digital pay model of buying something outright, then playing it.

      • Jay Ess

        What do you mean "keep getting worse?" 99.9% of all new mobile games are F2P with either IAP or Ads. Why are you even here? Go play steam games or console games if you want premium stuff.
        Eli I love your site, but the last bastion of premium fanboys who flock here are idiots.

      • Brendan Charles

        Great idea! Oh wait, Steam doesn't run on my phone, in the metro. Do you think people wanting premium games on their phone do so because they don't know steam exists?

        No, they want to be able to play offline. They want to be able to play whenever, without running into timers or energy limitations. They want to be able to play a game without prompting them to pay $30 for 12 more gems ever 5 minutes.

      • curtneedsaride

        Virtual high-five.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Then go play those types of games and ignore ones like this. It’s not like there is a lack of premium games on mobile.

      • Brendan Charles

        Can't I play both?

        What, I only have the choice between blindly liking every single FTP game or not being allowed to play any of them ever? By that logic- I should never play PS4 games because the Ghostbusters game was so bad?

        I think it's a fair thing to call out games that don't work without needing to recuse ourselves from an entire genre. The fact that people like you reply with such hostility is part of the problem. We should be having discussions about what aspects work well with FTP and what doesn't- instead of just setting up camps of people completely for or completely against. That's how we get stuff like Hogwarts Mystery where they know people who are FTP fans will be used to the timers and paywalls and will commit no matter what and take advantage of that in the worst possible way.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Whoa. Maybe take a deep breath. If you thought my response was hostile, then God help you if you're ever in a position where you have to recognize when someone is actually being hostile towards you.

        You're basically saying that every game should be catered towards your specific needs. Because this game isn't to your liking, you shouldn’t just ignore it and play something more up your alley, but rather that this game shouldn't exist at all. Like if you loved rock music you would have a fit that musicians were making country or pop or rap albums.

        I don't see what's so difficult to understand here. Thousands of games come out on mobile every week. Many of them are very good and to my liking. I play those games. The vast majority are not to my liking. I don't play those games. I am a happier person for it and I don't have to waste my time and energy going around the internet telling people who DO enjoy those games that they're idiots. Funny how that works.

        In the most popular free to play games, 90% of people never pay a cent but play every day. A handful of them will drop a few dollars here and there over the course of months or years of playing the game they enjoy. Then a very tiny percentage of people pay a shit ton of money. So you're telling me you're SO MAD right now because hundreds of thousands if not millions of people will be able to play a cute kid-friendly Harry Potter game here and there to keep themselves busy, and never have to pay a dime if they don't want to, and you're somehow against that?

      • Brendan Charles

        90% of your points here have nothing to do with what I said. It's like you're trying to argue with someone else that doesn't exist.

        "this game shouldn't exist at all."

        I never said anything like that. I do think the game should be better- and as a Harry Potter fan, believe that I have the right to try out the game and be disappointed with the results. Because I didn't like it 100% I don't get to have an opinion? Come on, get real.

        "telling people who DO enjoy those games that they're idiots."

        Again, I never said anything remotely like this. I never called anyone dumb for like FTP games. I never called anyone an idiot. How about instead of inventing stuff you actually address things I did say?

        "So you're telling me you're SO MAD right now "

        Once again, I never said I was mad. I also never said that people can't or aren't allowed to enjoy this game when I don't. I might be annoyed with the FTP tactics in this game but it's very rare I get legit mad at something like this. But go ahead and think that if it helps you win this imaginary argument you're having in your head.

        Your entire argument seems to stem from the point that because I didn't like this game completely, I should ignore it entirely and not give an opinion. I'm saying that's a terrible tactic to take with anything. I'm allowed to have an opinion about it. Just like anyone is allowed to have an opinion about a movie they saw that they weren't fond of. Or a TV Show. Or a game. Ever heard of movie reviews? Game reviews? No? If people didn't give their opinion about stuff then none of that would exist. We would all be walking around blind buying games that suck and paying $20 to see movies like Jack and Jill.

        Maybe you don't like my opinion, that's fine and you're entitled to your opinion. But don't tell me I shouldn't express mine with a game that I was deeply disappointed by. I downloaded it because I like Harry Potter- and was disappointed with the result. I posted about my disappointment. This is a thing people do online. Try not to break your head over it.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Ok. Well keep on fighting the #resistance. I'll be playing video games.

      • Brendan Charles

        "I'll be playing video games." - Yep, that's what I'll be doing too- despite your overly active imagination.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Is there some game I don't know of that has somehow gamified writing screeds in internet comment threads?

      • Brendan Charles

        You haven't heard of Clash of Comments? It's a game where you have to kill trolls and save the internet, pretty fun.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Well I guess if you want to play that way:

        "What, I only have the choice between blindly liking every single FTP game or not being allowed to play any of them ever?"

        No, I never said that.

        "I should never play PS4 games because the Ghostbusters game was so bad?"

        I never said anything even remotely close to that.

        "The fact that people like you reply with such hostility is part of the problem."

        My reply was anything but hostile.

        "We should be having discussions about what aspects work well with FTP and what doesn't- instead of just setting up camps of people completely for or completely against."

        Is that what we should be doing? Because the comment of yours I replied to was a snarky and condescending takedown of the guy who replied to you.

        "That's how we get stuff like Hogwarts Mystery where they know people who are FTP fans will be used to the timers and paywalls and will commit no matter what and take advantage of that in the worst possible way."

        Except that, like I said, 90% of people never pay anything and still play and enjoy the game. You being mad at that is like being mad that a Sudoku game isn't a first-person shooter. Again, this game was not intended for people like you, just as a People magazine is not intended to be a sequel to Moby Dick.

        "Because I didn't like it 100% I don't get to have an opinion?"

        Again, something I did not say. Weird how you seem to hate when other people do that to you, but have no problems doing it yourself. Really weird.

        "Once again, I never said I was mad."

        Oh I know. Your multitude of comments in this thread makes it obvious you're not mad at all. Not one bit.

      • Brendan Charles

        "Your multitude of comments in this thread makes it obvious you're not mad at all. Not one bit."

        So by that logic you're equally as mad having written about as much as me on the subject? Why you so mad bro?

        The difference between your comments and mine are that you specifically said "You're basically saying that..." and "telling people who DO enjoy those games that they're idiots" and "you're somehow against that?" specifically putting words in my mouth and saying I said things when I didn't. I was merely asking rhetorical questions- there is a difference.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Oh, is there a difference? Please tell me more in a condescending manner. At least replying to comments is part of my job, not sure what you're getting out of any of this.

      • Brendan Charles

        Are you saying you don't want people engaging it the comments? Wouldn't that put you out of a job?

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Actually, once again, that's not something I said at all. But your comments certainly have been "engaging" so far.

      • Brendan Charles

        You're welcome.

      • curtneedsaride

        Wow, Jay Ess @disqus_Z7r7hU5erp. Biggest jerk I've encountered yet today. Do you insult people who have different opinions than you often? I was supporting @brendancharles:disqus and agreeing with him. Then you come in and just jerk this whole thread up. If there's a problem with the site, it's obviously not those of us who are supporting each other. It's people who insult others and ask why they're here. I'm here because I spend hundreds on mobile games every year. And I want to see good, quality games come to my favorite platform. So, I come here to discuss with others and share in our hopes and disappointments. Then every now and then someone calls me an idiot because I'm not supporting this disgusting gaming culture people are buying into these days. I don't think very highly of those who are perpetuating the free-to-play model instead of demanding something better. But I don't ask why they're here or call them idiots. Sure, I play some F2P games. But I put my money into what I believe in: quality gaming experiences. Dude, try to make peoples' days better instead of worse, and share your opinions without insulting others.

      • Jay Ess

        You're probably the type of person who complains about digital games because you want to collect physical copies and think loot boxes harm children. Don't worry dinosaur. Extinction will come soon for your ideals.

      • curtneedsaride

        Haha. Nice story bro. I own thousands of dollars in premium, offline digital games on my PS3, PS4, Vita, Mac, PC... and of course, mobile. Lootboxes are fine if they’re cosmetic. And actually, gamers will always want real gaming experiences, free of this soulless plague.
        You’re probably excited to hear the new Call of Duty will be battle royal only, and you’re hoping you can buy your way to the top, huh?

      • Brendan Charles

        I love how every one of your comments is filled with completely baseless assumptions. I haven't owned a physical copy of a game since KOTOR 2. That was in 2004.

        I've paid for IAPS and played FTP games and there are some good ones out there- but HP: Hogwarts Mystery is not one of them. In fact it may be among the worst.

        I also find it interesting how instead of making valid arguments you go straight for outlandish assumptions and insults. Doesn't really work for you.

  • Stetch

    What a load of cr*p 🙁

  • Mike Walko

    I played until it asked me to spend some currency to continue in the middle of a battle. new lows.

    • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David


      • Brendan Charles

        I think he means randomly clicking places while the plant wraps around his leg.

      • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

        Thankfully Hagrid was just around the corner and hears your cries for help. You’ll get your revenge on Merula by the end of the year, though, when you make her eat dirt in an illegal duel on school grounds.

  • zeemonkeyman

    All of you should do yourselves a favour and delete this then go download Oddmar, it’s a measly $5. I spent 3 times that on fast food at work today! People complain about these crappy F2P games but then won’t spend church change on a fantastic game...so what are you waiting for??!

  • Aoife

    How come this game is not compatible with Samsung J3 2016?

    • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

      What version of iOS does that phone run?

      • rere

        i think its 5.1.1 i have the same problem too. please help

    • Rangerbrook

      Same here, I ahve the smae phone and the same issue. Mine has Android 7 and the game is said to work with 4.4 and up. But I get a message that my device is not compatible.

    • Rangerbrook

      I found out that the J3 only has 1.5 ROM. That is why the game wont even display in the Play Store. You need to have at least 2 ROM.

  • country_gal2002

    I have a Samsung J3 emerge and it says my device isn't compatiable. What does that mean? Is there anyway I can get this on this phone or am I just not going to be able to play it till I get a new phone?