Fortnite [Free] is a game that needs absolutely no introduction at this point. Celebrities are playing it, it has taken over Twitch, and the fervor surrounding getting mobile invite codes so you can play the game on your iOS device is absolutely off the charts. We met with the guys from Epic at GDC, and they hooked us up with over 50 Fortnite mobile invite codes. We'll be giving them away today on our Discord server in the #fortnite_codes channel at 7:00 PM Eastern (4:00 PM Pacific).

Using Discord [Free] is super simple, and you can either use the mobile app, or go to the Discord site to either use the web client or download the desktop version. Once you're all set, you can either click this link or use the widget below to join:

All we ask is that if you're going to hang around and snag a code from the giveaway that you play the game, stick around, and share the three codes you'll get to invite other people in our Discord server. It'd be really awesome to keep the chain rolling as with these 50 invites people will have 150 invites to give away, then from those people will have 450 invites to give away, and so on. If folks stick around and be cool members of the TouchArcade community, there's no reason why everyone who wants one can't eventually have an invite inside of a couple days if everyone is paying it forward!

If you want to get ahead of the game, register for an Epic games account (you'll need this to claim invite codes), get Discord set up, be in the channel, and download Fortnite. The code giveaway will begin today at 7:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Pacific.


    2 months later I’m still permanently banned from the discord channel and none of the admins know who did it. I didn’t break any rules. I wasn’t even given a warning about what I was doing wrong.

    Good luck everyone on the codes!


    Good luck everyone!

  • Milotorou

    Share the love people !

    Im one of these of was licky enough to be given one by a fellow TA members, I relayed it to 3 others, the more the merrier get the ball rolling !

  • Texasbourn

    Can I get one?

  • Santo Polanco

    Share the love. My email is sntpolanco@yahoo.con

  • ZViking

    I’d love a code if anyone has one.

  • Blaze

    I have some to give.

    • Devin Martin

      Can I get one please?

      • Blaze

        Done! Check your email

      • Austin

        Do you have another one blaze?

      • Blaze

        Yes, I do.

      • Jay Bsnj Mayez

        Could I please have one?

      • Blaze

        Check your inbox!

      • Austin

        Can you please send it to

    • aisha salifu

      if u have anymore can u give me one

  • chicksforfortnite

    my discord got hacked and now im baned from the server on my phone. is there anyway to undo the ban

  • Sara Ekwall

    does anybody have a code to me?